I love the uTv hand, do you? Plus! I have a stigmata, maybe…

I just love that uTv hand the graces the beginning of the Indian movies, don’t you?  I love the tune that plays as the hand goes it to dip its fingertips into the paint.  That song castes its spell on me every time along with that hand.  I believe I’ve had so many positive experiences with uTv films that it’s a Pavlovian response: I see the hand, hear the tune and I’m transfixed!

Here’s how it starts…

Then she hovers just above the paint

She gentely dips her delicate digits into the paint and starts to drag her fingertips…

and it continues all the was across the surface until the film starts.

So who is this woman?  Who wrote the jingle for the uTv hand? How much are those bangles worth?  Does she own them or was she just given them for the shoot? Is she a hand model?   Is it the hand of a famous actress, perhaps that of a playback singer?  Who do you think this hand belongs to? So many questions.  If anyone out there knows the woman behind the hand, let me know because I’d love to interview her about her work.

I have a stigmata!

Now on the topic of hands, I don’t mean to brag, but I woke up a couple week ago and noticed a stigmata on my hand.  Yeah, that’s right a stigmata!  I haven’t done any hard labor to yield a wound to my hand, so it’s pretty obvious to me that it’s a stigmata and I may become sort of saint. (I coincidentally have an astigmatism.)  Now so far it’s just the one hand that has it, but I’m waiting for one to appear on the other hand perhaps in time for Holy Week. I’m also not counting out the possibility of being raptured, so If I disappear suddenly from earth and the blog, you know why.

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32 thoughts on “I love the uTv hand, do you? Plus! I have a stigmata, maybe…

  1. The good : You are officially a saint.
    The bad : You must now become celibate.
    The ugly : Well, not sure a drop of blood counts as a beauty spot, ya know :P

    • Beth-ji,
      Someone had to feature her hand! I think I’ll try and contact uTv to see what they tell me. I should alter to post to ask what actress to people think the hand could belong to.

  2. Good to have you back, Sitaji. Yes, yes, the hand … it’s lovely, I agree. I think it could be Sushmita Sen’s hand. She is tall and willowy and that hand really couldn’t belong to anyone like Rani Mukherjee. I think Rani probably has fists that could wrangle horses, or at least keep a tight rein on some errant school girl’s pigtails.

    Go for it! Track down that hand model and that Eros guy. It’d be fascinating, though they’ve probably never done anything quite so glamourous since those ident jobs.

    The good vibes they both bring, however, are often spoiled for me when the stars come on and ‘Say Noh to Piracy’. They have that way of looking you in the eye and making you feel guilty even when you paid good money for your disc. Then to make the guilt trip even worse you can also see behind the eyes sadness then bitterness then resignation – because the stars know full well that “the Bollywood industry loses $100 million annually in loss of revenue from pirated home videos and DVDs” (Wiki) They know too, those girls who are adored like royalty and worshipped like gods, that the rupaye will only keep rolling in for a few good years before their waists start thickening and their braids become thinner. What to do? Well, invest of course, and take on more advertising … but save that ‘look’ for the convicted.

    What were we talking about before?

    • Joss-ji,
      Wow, to find the Eros guy AND the uTv hand would be a dream. WHAT IF THEY WERE MARRIED!?!

      Thanks for bringng up the “Say Noh to Piracy” ads, because they make me want to sass back! I want to say, “HEY! BAS! Vhat do you big fancy star say at me!? Dis is no piracy! Put this privacy ad on PIRATE filum! Dis von not! Go Avay! I vant to vatch filum now!” Yes, as you say, “save that look for the convicted” indeed. Now I will suck in my thicken waist and prepare to oil my hair, while still quite thick, it is in need of some oiling now!

      Thanks for stopping by my dear with your vonderful comment!

  3. Here’s another fan of that hand. Matchless work indeed. I remember earlier when UTV was making only TV series, a 3D animation was there. And to my best knowledge, Rang De Basanti was among the first one to feature this. Everytime I hear this, and it completed, my mind automatically plays ”ab bhi jiska khoon naa khaula…..” [the RDB opening dialogue] :)

    • Darshit-ji,
      Thanks for coming by to add to the party! Glad you like the hand too, how could one not? Interesting to know the you know the hand’s history and how your mind couples the hand with the RDB dialogue.
      All the best!

  4. Happy St. Patrick’s Day. ;)

    This I’ll take any day over Eros and Shemaroo, but some days I like to skip to the actual movie and the dvds never let me. :(

    • Anirban-ji,
      Thanks for the St. Patrick’s Day wishes. I hope your was nice. I agree, it woud be nice if the DVD’s enable us with the power to skip ahead, until then my friend, we can dream of that world! YAAR! Maybe that’s what my stigmata is for, perhaps I will be sainted for having the power to skip over the beginning mandatory film ads! I’ll let you know if that happens. :)

  5. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one obsessed with the UTV hand. And now I’m even more obsessed with the bangles, and her great nails.
    (I seem to remember a similar tri-color logo from the 70’s, it might have been CBS or Magnavox or something else.)

    • Liz C-ji,
      The bangles and their graceful clinking is all part of the appeal, hai na? Her nails are also spectacular. She’s got the complete package as far as her hands go. I think it could have been Magnavox with those 3 colors too, maybe the appeal goes even deeper into our reptilian brains than realized. thask for pointing the 70’s ads out. Stop by again behen!

  6. Oh yes… I adore the uTv hand as well. Ever since I saw it in the Jodhaa Akbar -trailer (I know, I am a newbie, but still). I don’t think it is any famous actress, we would already know if it was. It must be a producer’s wife or something like that.

    If anyone ever find out the truth, I want to hear about it :)
    And good luck with the stigmata! Did you know that St Catherine of Sienna, my favorite saint, had INVISIBLE stigmatas? I think that is pretty cool.

    • Chandrani-ji,
      Here’s hoping that if it is the hand of an actress, we’ll find out, since we are creating quite a buzz about the hand. Thanks for telling me about Catherine of Sienna’s invisible stigmata. This really opens up some possibilities that many of us may have them and simply don’t realize it. I’ve always been partial to St Martin of the poor, St. Francis, and St. Lucy, since I found out she plucked out her own eyes and carried them on a tray. Yaar! How are things over in Finland? That’s where you are, right?

      • Sita-ji,
        You have a good eye, to be able to tell where I am from. Things are fine here in the north, snow is melting and birds are singing. My heart might be broken, but that does not stop spring from coming.
        Most Saints are great. So are most Bollywood movies. <3

      • Yes Chandrani-ji,
        I simply followed your name back to your blog, where I’ve been before, but had to be reminded via google translator what the language was. Don’t worry about the broken heart, it will mend. They seem to break often in the Spring, in my experience, and perhaps it’s s stepping stone for you upcoming sainthood. ;) . The movies make it better! <3

      • Oh, shukriya, didi, for your kind words. Bollywood is a good cure for any problems one might have. And of course you visited my blog and had modern techonology to help you. :)

  7. I love this hand – when the bangles knock gently from side to side I always giggle happily. Thanks for a little sunshine on my sad Saturday. A thought occurred to me though – what if the hand was -actually- ::gasp:: a mans? What a scandal!

    • kamala-chan-ji!
      Yes, glad you keying into the gentle movement of the bangles, which is quite alluring, they aren’t gaudy, but classic, and simple in their look, but certainly valuable since they must be the finest quality sona..

      And what if the hand belonged to a man! Kya scandal hai! You may be on to something. Perhaps it is the haath (isn’t that hand?) of KJo!?! ;)

    • Sangeeta-ji,
      Thanks for stopping in to comment. Yes, part of my job here is to help others feel not so isolated in their obsessions. Don’t you feel better already, being obsessed with the uTv hand, but not so crazy as to take the time and effort to post on it? :) I’ve contacted uTv to ask who the hand belongs to and they had not dignified my request with an answer. Maybe one day they will. :)

  8. LOL! Great post, St. Sita-ji, and I love how you’ve made everyone confess to being secretly mesmerised by the UTV hand! And I agree with you – it would be beyond awesome if the UTV hand model were to turn out to be the Eros guy’s wife… mesmerising hand and jarring voice… super jodi hai!

    • DG-ji,
      I am glad to liberate us all in our love of the uTv hand. Together we can be stronger! I would love to find out if they are the super jodi we’d dream of. Imagine a trailer for the love story between booming-voiced EROS guy and uTv hand? Not a movie, just a preview and trailer, because that’s all they can contribute, and more would take away the mystery too much.

  9. My husband argues with me every time we see the hand. “It’s a man.”

    Me: “No. It’s not.”

    Him: “It totally is. Look at the bones.”

    Me: “Mine used to look like that before… Well, before.”

    Him: “It’s a man wearing a bracelet. It’s a secret message of solidarity to transgendered people everywhere.”

    Me: “That’s a lot of message for a hand with three lines of paint.”

    • ajnabi-ji,
      This is hilarious, now I will add this conversation you and your husband have in my head when I see the uTv hand. uTv has NOT contacted me yet to tell me aobu that darn hand, so for now both you and your husband are right. :) I will now look at it suspiciously for masculine componants. Fascinating! :)

  10. The uTV hand has mesmerised me ever since I first saw it. And I’m so glad to know that I’m not alone in the obsessed category. There’s something so classy and elegant about the paint, hands, bangle and nails!
    It could be a man’s hand as well, you never know, but I don’t think it’s KJo’s…his fingers aren’t that long ;-)

    • sunheriyaadein-ji,

      I hope to free you from thinking you stand alone in your obsession for the uTv hand. This is completely normal, and in fact is very common. :) It is classy, you’re right! It’s A-1, Tip Top classy! Good call on the finger length issue. Thanks for commenting. ;)
      Nice Meena Kumari post on your blog by the way. :)

    • Dishita-ji!
      You stand in good company with many UTV hand fans. I hope they bring the had back, since its sadly has seemed to be replaced by some animated dancers. I’m glad you think the had belongs to Aisywarya, and until I have proof it’s not her hand, I will join you in this belief. Thanks for stopping in to comment and I like your blog, took a little peek at it. :)

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