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What are they saying about Aaja Nachle?

The Uttar Pradesh government decided to ban the film Aaja Nachle in the state.


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The latest Bollywood chugli from our favorite correspondent, Suzi Mann: bolly.jpg

Salman Khan and Kaif Kat-fight – Shahrukh tops sexy poll – Madhuri Dixit returns in ‘Aaja Nachle’ Sanjay Dutt released from jail in time for ‘Dus Kahaniyan’

I’d write to Sanjay Dutt while he’s in prison, wouldn’t you?

Look what the site NAMASTE has to say about Sanjay’s release from jail.



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p3.jpgAre you excited to see Madhuri Dixit again on screen in Aaja Nachle opening this weekend? As part of our Madhuri Dixit countdown, watch “Maar Daala” with playback singers Kavita Krishnamurthy, and Kay Kay from Devdas (2002). 


Thanks to  TheGreatAmir  for the youtube video.

Thank you BollyWHAT? for LYRICS in Hindi and English. 

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The latest Bollywood chugli from our favorite correspondent, Suzi Mann: bolly.jpg

The latest Bollywood chugli: Number’s up for Shilpa Shetty, Goal director cries foul – Christmas comes early for Akshay Kumar?

 And Mansi Mehta with a bit more on Shilpa:

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Are you excited to see Madhuri Dixit again on screen in Aaja Nachle opening this weekend? As part of our Madhuri Dixit countdown, watch “Dola Re Dola” with playback singers Kavita Krishnamurthy, Shreya Ghoshal, and Kay Kay from Devdas (2002).


A peerlessly beautiful courtesan, Chandramukhi ironically made the world dance at her feet. She revelled in the gravitation of admirers and wealth galore. Indeed, she had everything until she met Devdas (and then she got peace) She gave it all up for the love of a man who could never be her’s and yet feels enriched with the legacy of loving him. Here is an actress who was born to be one! Hindi Cinema became richer as it got bedecked by the intense performances, stunning looks and plethoric expressions of Madhuri Dixit. Saluting her talent, author-backed roles were written especially for her. For her winning awards has graduated from being a happening to a habit. Her expertise in classical dance holds her in good stead as she gets all set to dazzle as Chandramukhi. Giving her role the same devotion that Chandramukhi gave Devdas. (Devdas website)

Thank you BollyWHAT? for LYRICS in Hindi and English.

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kiss.jpg “Kiss Kiss Bang Bangalore” (2006) from The Simpsons explores  India outsourcing.  The song that plays at the end of the episode is “Pal Bhar Ke Liye” composed by Kalyanji-Anandji, and performed by Kishore Kumar, a famous Indian playback singer. The track is from the 1970 Hindi movie Johny Mera Naam starring Dev Anand and Hema Malini. (wikipedia)

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I’d never heard of Silk Smitha until seeing this video on another blog the other day. Watch the video about her HERE, it even includes a glimpse of Rajinikanth!

Pratibhaa, Chennai: She was 220px-silk_smitha.jpgthe Helen down South at a time when South Indian heroines were slowly emerging out of their saris. Silk Smitha scorched the big screen with her item numbers. Eleven years after her tragic death, she is back on the silver screen. Her last film before her death in 1996 – Thangathamarai is getting ready for a release this Pongal, and the producer is hoping for a great opening. “Her height, her body structure and the look she had in her eyes is what endeared her to the audience. So many other actors have their films releasing after their death, they all have fans, but as far as Silk Smitha is concerned all the people are her fans,” says Director and Producer, Thangathamarai, Tirupatiraja. Smitha made an entry into films through Veenayum Naadamum but it was after the character in Vandichakram that she got ‘Silk’ pre-fixed to her name. She’s done over 200 films in all South Indian languages and even years after she’s gone her fan base remains intact. “She’s not just a bomb. She’s a good actress too,” says a fan. Another fan adds, “In her Malayalam film Spadikam, she gives Bipasha Basu competition.” Though she did roles that portrayed her like a sex bomb, she’s proved herself to be a reasonable good actress with films like Moondraam Pirai and Alaiygal Oyvathillai. And whatever be the reason, the fact remains that even 11 years after her death, her fans haven’t forgotten her. (“Silk Smitha’s Coming to Charm You,” indiowo.com)

Then I looked around and had the luck of finding this gem.  It’s a bit PG-13, but it’s worth a watch.  Not sure of the movie, but the actor with Silk Smitha is Vijayakanth:

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asha.jpgHere’s a good song to put on a loop for home cleaning inspiration:

Asha Bhosle singing 1 2 Cha Cha Cha” from Asha Reveals Real RD.

The album pays homage to her late husband. The song is from the movie Shalimar (1978). Thanks Punjab Central!

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The latest Bollywood chugli from our favorite correspondent, Suzi Mann: bolly.jpg

Bolly bedtime with John Abraham! Insider exclusive as we wrap up warm and cosy with the star of ‘Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal’ – and Shilpa Shetty.

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Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving with today’s video starring Helen dancing to “Mehbooba Mehbooba,” sung by R. D. Burman from Sholay. Here are the LYRICS.

180px-y_gabbar_thakur.jpgSholay (Hindi: शोले, Urdu: شعلے) (advertised in English as fire is the biggest blockbuster in the history of Bollywood, India’s Hindi film industry. It was released in 1975 and starred Dharmendra, Amitabh Bachchan, Hema Malini, Sanjeev Kumar, Jaya Bhaduri and Amjad Khan as the timeless villain, Gabbar Singh. It is the highest grossing film of all time in India. It has earned Rs. 2,36,45,00,000 equivalent to US$ 60 million, after adjusting for inflation. In 1999, BBC India declared it the “Film of the Millennium”; in 2005, the judges of the 50th annual Filmfare awards awarded it with a special award called Filmfare Best Film of 50 YearsIndiatimes Movies ranks the movie amongst the Top 25 Must See Bollywood Films. When first released the film was declared a commercial disaster. Word of mouth convinced movie-goers to give the film a chance and soon it became a box-office phenomenon. It ran for 286 weeks straight (more than five years) in one Mumbai theatre, the Minerva. Sholay racked up a still record 60 golden jubilees across India, and doubled its original gross over reruns during the late 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s. Sholay was the first film in the history of Indian cinema to celebrate silver jubilee (25 weeks) at over a hundred theatres across India. To date, more than 1,100 prints of Sholay are in circulation-the highest number for any Hindi film. (wikipedia)

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