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I just love that uTv hand the graces the beginning of the Indian movies, don’t you?  I love the tune that plays as the hand goes it to dip its fingertips into the paint.  That song castes its spell on me every time along with that hand.  I believe I’ve had so many positive experiences with uTv films that it’s a Pavlovian response: I see the hand, hear the tune and I’m transfixed!

Here’s how it starts…

Then she hovers just above the paint

She gentely dips her delicate digits into the paint and starts to drag her fingertips…

and it continues all the was across the surface until the film starts.

So who is this woman?  Who wrote the jingle for the uTv hand? How much are those bangles worth?  Does she own them or was she just given them for the shoot? Is she a hand model?   Is it the hand of a famous actress, perhaps that of a playback singer?  Who do you think this hand belongs to? So many questions.  If anyone out there knows the woman behind the hand, let me know because I’d love to interview her about her work.

I have a stigmata!

Now on the topic of hands, I don’t mean to brag, but I woke up a couple week ago and noticed a stigmata on my hand.  Yeah, that’s right a stigmata!  I haven’t done any hard labor to yield a wound to my hand, so it’s pretty obvious to me that it’s a stigmata and I may become sort of saint. (I coincidentally have an astigmatism.)  Now so far it’s just the one hand that has it, but I’m waiting for one to appear on the other hand perhaps in time for Holy Week. I’m also not counting out the possibility of being raptured, so If I disappear suddenly from earth and the blog, you know why.

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