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I was at my local library the other day when this DVD cover’s image mesmerized me: the art, the font used in the English version of the title, the Arabic font, the entire package, VAY!  Of course I had to check out  A Struggle on the Nile (1959) and watch the movie after the cover image enticed me oh so much. I can’t seem to get enough of this spectacular poster, so here’s yet another great version of the movie poster I found at Movie Poster Collecting: Omar Sharif’s Egyptian Films:

The movie is in Arabic, so it’s not technically not Bollywood, but it has the familiar love triangle theme of many Indian film industry movies.  The love triangle involves characters played by Omar Sharif, Hind Rostom, Roshidi Abaza.

Now HERE is why I was compelled to do a post on this film, because of this scene where Omar Sharif‘s  Muhasab character is frolicking in the Nile with Hind Rostom‘s character, Nargis, while Roshidi Abaza‘s Mujahed and other boat workers look on in lust and envy…

And here is what they say:

And once more en Francais, because it’s such a great subtitle:

I felt so proud of my own personal white plumpness after reading these subtitles, I wanted to eat some cake! As it turns out, I am not the only Bollywood fan who enjoyed Hind Rostom, because when I was looking around the internet for more information on the movie, I found that fellow blogger Richard from Dances on the Footpath wrote a post on Rostom which you can enjoy HERE.

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