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How do I explain my blogging drought?

Well on a recent trip to the local mandir,  The Hindu Temple of Minnesota,

I was faced with a sign that my non-Hindu reality-American side could scarcely live up to, let alone my fantasy Hindu traditional side could aspire to. Check these rules out that are posted within the Mandir and ask yourself which do you follow:

So I’ve been quite busy focusing on living up to expectations  as described in detail above, integrating my gori human shell with my inner Hindu atma. I was so confused because I already was following most of them, such as high educational pursuit, but then realized that it may not actually count because I’m not a doctor, or an engineer, and then I felt bad, but then I was pragmatic and realized hey I can still rely on myself with the education I have, yet then I suddenly felt violent, lacking all self-restraint, which I was able to temper just in time (due to my sense of time) and respect my own individual rights, and finally I felt a sense of duty and loyalty to the blog, and came back here again. I think I’m all set, so now I can blog again! Let me gather inspiration and strength first.

Nicki, aka Apunbindaas, the Hmong Chick who loves Indian Cinema, made a pilgrimage on Minnesota for a shaadi, but was kind enough to allow new blogger, Tollywood is my Bollywood,  and Kamala Chan of Daydreaming Lotus,  and me to show her around our fair city.  It’s always fun to meet fellow cyber friends in the flesh, and despite her attire, (see photo below) the monks did allow Nicki into the mandir, for her spirit is pure. I altered their images slightly to preserve anonymity, but pictured below are Jjake, Sita-ji, Apunbindaas, and Kamala Chan in the Hindu Mandir of MN.

Here’s another one of Nicki and I ouside the Mandir. 

Apundindaas posted more about the trip on her blog post Minneapolis Desi Style . Earlier in the year some Hindi movie enthusiasts traveled from The Dakotas to Minneapolis in order to see My Name Is Khan on the big screen, and also make a temple visit. Pictured below are Octoberzine, her escort, her compatriot, CL, and me, Sita-ji.

On that visit we also spied the Retaining Hindu/American Values declaration sign, and yet another sign on the door to the bathroom which captivated Octoberzine.

Please enjoy some more photos I took at The Hindu Temple of Minnesota, and if you ever visit the Twin Cities, look me up and I’ll take you on a field trip to the mandir.

Artists working behind the scenes at the mandir:

Nandi, waiting outside the mandir for  Lord Shiva:

Finally, I think another reason for my blogging drought is taking time to  mourn the loss of Briyanshu’s (A white, American gay guy looking at Indian men) blog, which he announced in a post last month HERE.

When I fall in movie-love with an actor, I could count on Briyanshu to have posted plenty of photos of the actor to satisfy my curiosity, and now what to do!?  I enjoy Briyanshu’s witty comments even more than his insanely delightful and meticulous screen capping of the actors, or in some cases, cricket players.  Briyanshu is a true connoisseur of lovely images. Thank goodness for his digital reference library of lustful imagery. Long may that live!  I offer a puja to the memory of Briyanshu’s blog…maybe I need another trip to the mandir, or maybe I’ll just search the word mandir, or temple, or pooja at Briyanshu’s blog to see what I find… or what about cricket?  Now I need a cool drink.

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