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india0809-5151india0809-004Sat Sri Akal! I’ve returned from my whirlwind trip to India. It was my best trip ever and I’ll be posting about it more in the future and post photos on picaweb soon and provide the link if you’re interested. Imagine my delight when I boarded the plane and heard the man in the next row saying things like Iowa, professor, Hindi. Like a stalker I said, “Hey, are you Philip of Philip’s Fil-ums?!” india0809-2361Well of course it was him, since real life mimics Bollywood and is full of coincidences. Professor Lutgendorf kindly tolerated my many questions and it was a treat to speak with him. I’ve included a photo of us on the plane in Delhi. And to add a perfect ending to my trip, I arrived home to see that generous Beth Loves Bollywood had sent me a movie in the mail! So you can see that Bollywood bloggers started and ended my trip. I was able to attend a wedding, or as the Indians say, a function in Ludhiana. In addition to the marvelous array of wedding functions, I saw the Golden Temple in Amritsar (and drank the holy H2O), the Taj Mahal, the Red Fort in Agra, Fatepur Sikri (Hrihik and Aish’s pad in Jodhaa Akbar dude!) and Sikandra. I ate great food and was treated like a rani. Thanks India! Here’s a little visual proof of my visit:



india0809-234That was the M. S.  Anand Band of Lahore’s rendition of Aaje Nachle, complete with a Balloon Walla in the background. Now if you’d like to hear something very beautiful, click HERE, HERE, and HERE to listen to one of Ludhiana’s most famous citizens, the late Ishmeet Singh on Star Voice of India.

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Ok, this isn’t from a Bollywood movie, but I just think it’s a pretty song. I know it’s kind of cheesy and has a super “We Are the World” feel to it, but it drew me in. I am emotional putty in the musical hands of A. R. Rahman. Approximately 65% of his songs bring me to tears.  Damn him!

“One Love” (2007) Composed for Campaign to include Taj Mahal taj_mahal_small.jpgamong the Seven Wonders of the World. (wikepedia) Rahman has composed an ‘anthem’ to help gather support for the voting campaign to nominate the Taj Mahal as one of the seven wonders of the world. His song worked: The New 7 Wonders of the World.

Thanks to funda007 for the video.

Read more: It’s ‘Mission Taj Mahal’ for A. R. Rahman 


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