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Have you ever seen Dance Dance (1987) ?dancedancedvd1.jpg  I was inspired by this movie to choose the name “Sita” for myself after watching how his mother survived after being banished into the forest.

Radha (Smita Patil) and Ramu (Mithun Chakraborty) are siblings. Their parents Shyam and Sita (Sarla Yeolekar) are singers. Once, Shyam and Sita go to perform in Jalpaiguri to get some money, since they are in a poor status and they have to pay a monthly rent. While performing in Jalpaiguri, Sita catchs the eye of a rich and powerful man called A.M. Singh (Amrish Puri). He stops them in the mid way home, kills Shyam and rapes Sita. Radha and Ramu get the news that their parents are dead. The house proprietor banishes them and they become homeless. Years later, Radha and Ramu have achieved success and are popular singers now. Ramu falls in love with Janita (Mandakini) and Radha gets married to Resham (Shakti Kapoor), who is their troupe member. They all sing and perform together. However, Resham becomes different and strange…(wikepedia)

Watch  Mithun Chakraborty  dance here with Mandakini and his character has no idea his long lost mother, Sita, is watching from the sidelines:

and here’s another video from the same movie, this time Romeo is sharabi, and there are some tight slaps to the face:

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Let’s check out Mandakini again in Ram Teri Ganga Maili (1985), this time in “Sun Sahiba Sun!” 

This movie was great! “Sun sahiba sun, pyaar ki dun (Listen sir, to a love story)” – Sung when Ganga is declaring her love for her future husband. And if you’re so inclinded to sign along with playback singer, Lata Mangeshkar here are the lyrics.


Does anyone else think Mandakini resembles Melissa Sue Anderson who played Mary Ingalls on “Little House on the Prarie”?

We saw Mandakini earlier in the month HERE.




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 Ram Teri Ganga Maili (1985),  (literally translated into English as “Rama your Ganges has become dirty”)  What a hot movie! For an indepth analysis please check out Philip’sfil-ums.

This is a story of a young man from Kolkata, who falls in love with a very innocent girl in mountains and marries her. Before leaving for Kolkata, he promised that he will come back to get her. Unfortunately, he never returned due to family barriers. The girl becomes mother of his child and finally she decides to search her husband. The girl, who is named Ganga, travels from Gangotri to Kolkata to find him (this is also the real path the Ganges river takes). On the way, she only meets sinful and bad people. Though she left Gangotri, innocent and clean (like the Ganges river), her journey has led her into the path of people who try to exploit her for her beauty.  Cultural allusions: The movie is an allegory that “synthesizes classical and mythic narrative, soft-core political and social commentary (here condemning the corruption of politicians and capitalists and championing the nascent environmental initiatives of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi). The narrative recapitulates the Abhijñānaśākuntalam story—that first appeared in the epic Mahabharata in perhaps the 3rd or 2nd century BCE and then was reworked, some six hundred years later, by the poet Kalidasa.” (wikipedia)

Watch “Ram Teri Ganga Maili Ho Gayi.”  “Rama Teri ganga maili ho gayi papiyon ke paap dhote dhote (Rama your Ganges has become dirty by cleaning the sins of sinful people)”

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