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I loved this song “Ajab Si” originally performed by playback singer Kay Kay, lyrics by Vishal Dadlani,  from the 2007 movie Om Shanti Om.  I’ve tried to upload the song from the actual the movie here, but noticed the videos keep getting removed from youtube once they’re up, due to copyright infringment. This one video of the song has remained because it’s not from the actual movie, but from the show  Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007. I must make the point that India kicks our collective American asses in the music competition shows, like Idea Star Singer and  SRGMP .  The Indian shows have better sets, better themes, a better respectful and often weeping audience, and judges who actually listen to the singers on headphones!  They have raised the bar indeed. I want American Idol outsourced! Here contestant Amanat Ali  performs “Ajab Si” for guest judges from OSO: producer Farah Khan, actors Shreyas Talpade and Deepika Padukone, and the song’s writers, Vishal-Shekhar

AMANAT ALI, a contestant of the Zee TV Sa Re Ga Ma Pa musical show, brought tears not only in the eyes of all the judges and guest stars present there in the show, but also in the eyes of all television viewers with his song “Tujh se Naaraaz Nahi Zindagi” from the movie Masoom. His soulful song absolutely mesmerized everybody. (amanatali.net)

deepika.jpgHere Ali brings tears to Deepika as he sings the beautiful “Ajab Si” and she is so moved by the intensity of the emotion he evokes that she must remove her headphones. Enjoy how Farah Khan tells Ali, “You are looking so much like Shah Rukh Khan.”


Thanks to zagoo2000  for the Youtube video!

Lyrics in Hindi with English translation.

For some more Amanat on BFC, click HERE.

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blow_hum_dil_de_chuke_sanam.jpgToday’s video is “Tadap Tadap” from Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam (1999), but even better than this song is what happens just before it. This is such a wonderfully dramatic scene, and it’s what happens right before intermission, and the movie only get BETTER after this scene! How can anyone refuse the lure of Bollywood after seeing today’s clip? Watch how Nandini’s mom questions her about how far she’s gone with Sameer and just where he’s touched her and how she replies hysterically, “He has touched my soul. His eyes follow me everywhere. Don’t separate us! I won’t be able to live without him!”


Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam (1999) is an Indian Bollywood film. It was released in the English-speaking world as Straight from the Heart. It was filmed throughout the GujaratRajasthan border region, in addition to Budapest, Hungary, which was used to represent Italy. It stars Salman Khan, Aishwarya Rai, and Ajay Devgan and is centred around a love triangle. Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam was well received by most critics. However Aishwarya Rai was lavishly praised in her role which many critics considered to be sensitively played by the actress. The film also became a hit at the Indian box office but moreover in the foreign box office which was mostly credited to Aishwarya Rai’s box office draw among NRIs. As such the film is considered to be a breakthrough role for her not only winning her critical acclaim but also cementing her box office stature. (wikipedia)

The BFC blog has posted the song “Nimbooda” from the same movie, and now here’s “Tadap Tadap,” with music by Ismail Darbar, playback singers Kay Kay, and Dominique.

Thanks to toorad for fantastic the youtube video!

Lyrics from BollyWhat?

What an excellent song!  Would you like to hear it again?  Amul Star Voice of India’s contestant, Irfan does and excellent version of the same song.


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p3.jpgAre you excited to see Madhuri Dixit again on screen in Aaja Nachle opening this weekend? As part of our Madhuri Dixit countdown, watch “Maar Daala” with playback singers Kavita Krishnamurthy, and Kay Kay from Devdas (2002). 


Thanks to  TheGreatAmir  for the youtube video.

Thank you BollyWHAT? for LYRICS in Hindi and English. 

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Are you excited to see Madhuri Dixit again on screen in Aaja Nachle opening this weekend? As part of our Madhuri Dixit countdown, watch “Dola Re Dola” with playback singers Kavita Krishnamurthy, Shreya Ghoshal, and Kay Kay from Devdas (2002).


A peerlessly beautiful courtesan, Chandramukhi ironically made the world dance at her feet. She revelled in the gravitation of admirers and wealth galore. Indeed, she had everything until she met Devdas (and then she got peace) She gave it all up for the love of a man who could never be her’s and yet feels enriched with the legacy of loving him. Here is an actress who was born to be one! Hindi Cinema became richer as it got bedecked by the intense performances, stunning looks and plethoric expressions of Madhuri Dixit. Saluting her talent, author-backed roles were written especially for her. For her winning awards has graduated from being a happening to a habit. Her expertise in classical dance holds her in good stead as she gets all set to dazzle as Chandramukhi. Giving her role the same devotion that Chandramukhi gave Devdas. (Devdas website)

Thank you BollyWHAT? for LYRICS in Hindi and English.

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