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Happy Independence Day India!


Here are Shashi Kapoor and Kader Khan from Ghar Ek Mandir (1984) wishing you you the same:




While playing on the internet I came across the South Asia Citizens Web and a set of resources on the partition which brought me to this set of photos from the BBC  News below.


And thanks to my Mumbaikar dost, Vaibhav, for sending the lovely images of prosperity of India, as he tells me, “these are the most beautiful words (Sanskrit) which all Indians are aware of.”  Enjoy!

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Happy Independence Day to you!  We all eventually get our freedom from the Brittishers, hai na? Since I recently watched The Legend of Bhagat Singh, I’m feeling a bit revolutionary, so I also wish you on this day celebrating your long fought struggle for freedom a very happy Inquilab Zindabad! To read more about The Legend of Bhagat Singh, stop over to Philip’sFil-ums.


If I somehow developed Tourette syndrome I would like to have a Bollywood-style Tourette syndrome, and the phrase I’d shout out most often would be Inquilab Zindabad! I’d also shout out the following, of course using a very heavy Hindi accent: Jai Hind! Shut up! Get out! All the best! Scoundrel! What would you shout out if you developed a Bollywood flavored Tourette syndrome?


On this Independence Day click over to TheBollywoodFan, where you can find a great post on Indian patriotic films.  Thanks to blog posters-n-friends, jen AND Brahamandam, who both sent me a link to this Amitabh’s India Poised, perfect for viewing on this Independence Day. Enjoy, and of course Inquilab Zindabad!  Jai Hind!

And with feedback from one of my NRI consultants, Milind-ji, I will also add Bharat Mataki Jay! and Vande Mataram!


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