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I loved Barbies as a kid. I admit, I still will take a detour down the aisle at Target to spy the new Barbies, so understandably I was delighted to see some recent blog posts regarding dolls. Both MemsaabStory and atul’s bollywood song a day paid tribute to a cute doll song from Bhai Ho To Aisa titled Bol Meri Gudiya Gudde Ke Sang Jaayegi. I have yet to see the movie, but will after seeing what both their great blogs had to say about it. In the meantime, here’s my photographic puja to bloggers Memsaab and Atul, Barbies, and to dolls in general. I took these gudiya/Barbie pictures for this puja during my recent trip to India. You can watch the living doll song HERE.


india0809-8522 india0809-9221

I’ve posted a few other Barbie pictures here before and if you’d like to see those click HERE, HERE aur HERE. Bollywood is my adult version of playing Barbies.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!           

This is about as close as I can get to having anything related between St. Patrick’s day and Bollywood: Kajol as Barbie in her DDLJ green dress.  St. Patrick was famous for driving those snakes from Ireland, and I did post about snakes the other day, and there is a Bollywood Ireland website, so I tried.


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motiba1.jpgI recently read Motiba’s Tattoos, a memoir by Mira Kamdar. Kamdar is an American born Jain woman and her book traces the life of her grandmother. I was reading along, not expecting anything Bollywood, but when describing her time spent in Mumbai as a kid Kamdar served up some spicy Bollywood dish:

The slum was still cloaked in darkness, but on the other side of the street, the mansions of stars were lit up here and there with the garish florescence of hundreds of high-voltage projector lights illuminating the last of the nightlong marathon of shooting. ‘Bollywood’ movie stars are rich people in a poor country. Their real-life homes provide ready-made back-drops for the improbable lives of the wealthy heroes, heroines, and villains they play in their films. We children would often go up to the rooftop terrace of our Jehu apartment building after dark and pick out the homes of the stars where scenes were being filmed. ‘Look! Over there. Tonight they are shooting at Amitabh Bachchan’s house over on Tenth Road. You know who is starring, Hema Malini.’ Star struck teenagers in the neighborhoods waited patiently outside the gates of these villas for hours hoping to capture a glimpse of a favorite actor. When shooting was going on late into the night at Meena Cottage, directly behind our apartment it was hard to sleep. The bright lights and the knowledge that just yards away from where we slumbered, one famous star or another was breathing, walking, sitting, or drinking tea was simply too enervating.(p.150)



Now everytime I see Bollywood movies, I’m going to wonder if the homes featured are possibly some star’s actual home. How exciting! Want to learn more about where Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Rekha, Aishwarya Rai, Aamir Khan, and John Abraham live? Click HERE, though it’s a bit dated, it’s still interesting. Remember what you see, because it could show up in a movie. I wonder if SRK’s home, Mannat, pictured here will or has ever been in a film?  For a thrilling and humorous account of seeing Mannat first hand, check out In Praise of All Things Dharmendra related.

In addition to writing about Amitabh, Kamdar also writes about Rekha’s romantic involvement with her cousin on page 165. Wow!  I also like Kamdar’s description of Bombay:

Bombay has been called a whore, a temptress, a slut. The city is a woman, enticing, betraying, extricating great sacrifice, sucking one dry. Indian speakers of Marathi, Gujarati, and Hindi call the city ‘Mumbai’ after a local female deity, Mumbadevi, whose distinguishing characteristic is the lack of a mouth. (p.131.)

Until I read this, I didn’t know anything about the Mumbadevi and that she has no mouth. Of course I this made me think of Hello Kitty, who also has no mouth. I fell in love withbarbielogo.gif as a kid, and sanr_icon_kitty_1.gifas a much older kid, and Bollywood is my adult Barbie-Hello Kitty. Now I feel more justified in this hobby, because the Mumbadevi has no mouth.
barbieganesh.jpg barbie.jpg


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