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A friend, clever enough to ferret out such work, and thoughtful enough to direct my attention to it, sent me this image the other day. 

I demanded to know its source, which was passed on to me, and now to you. For complete fan dedication to Shahrukh Khan, visit Shahrukh Khan Fantasies. You’ll find many images of SRK there and the artist, B.Rohrer, explains this extreme tribute:

I have the highest regard for Mr. Khan. He’s been a source of inspiration for several years now, kicking my own creativity into new directions. I therefore hope that in the unlikely case he should ever see one of these images, he will not feel insulted. For me Mr. Khan is like my favorite gemstone… an opal. At first sight there is so much bedrock it looks like a plain brown stone. But as you turn it in the light it displays everchanging colors, surprising you with their brilliance. And yet… the opal is a tender stone, a sparkler only when held to the light. Treat it wrong and it will break.

You can also check out the images through this video:

Thanks B.Rohrer.

And you thought YOU were a real fan. 🙂

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