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bikulpakka2jpg.jpgI bet you may recognize this woman.  Allow me to explain how she’s been an inspiration to me. I look forward to the day when I finally am able to travel to India. I envision myself at the customs counter in Mumbai, Kolkata or perhaps Chennai, and my passport along with my travel visa are being scrutinized.  It is then that I plan to use my Bollywood vocabulary learned from the Tilda rice commercial.   You know the one, where the mom tells her daughter to get the recipe to work she must be sure to be “bilkul pakka!”  This seems to mean, “just right” or “absolutely correct.”   It is THIS phrase that I will very confidently say in India, to the customs agent when they are pausing over my documents: “Sir-ji (or memsaab-ji), everything should be absolutely correct. (pause) Matalab, sub kuch bilkul pakka!” He or she will then look up and say, “Where did you learn to speak such absolutely perfect Hindi?” I’ll just tell them I learned from Shamaroo and Eros Entertainment and of course the Tilda Basmati Rice commercial.  Which reminds me, I really should get a book to learn some Hindi.


Too bad I couldn’t find the commercial I was talking about, but here’s another, it doesn’t say “bilkul pakka,” but it’s sort of cute and counts towards building up the “food” in  Bollywood Food Club.


Here’s another version of a Tilda commercial.

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