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For Holiday Wishes of All the Best from The BollywoodFoodClub click here, it’s worth the wait!

Searching the internet with the light of Rudoplh’s nose and found the perfect video prepared for you by Poptique of Youtube, and may I quote:

kalicapture05.jpgHello, Poptique here. This is the kind of Christmas Party I like best – funky themes from Kalyanji Anandji, a Mariachi band with toy space-guns, nefarious gangsters up to no good and best of all the legendary H-bomb groovin’ away in a festive dance number to beat them all! Keep watching for a surprise special guest…The clip this comes from the 1976 Hindi action-thriller KALICHARAN available on VCD from Ultraindia. It’s been uploaded for review purposes at www.poptique.blogspot.com – if you enjoyed the clip please consider purchasing the VCD from www.ultraindia.com

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! A Bollywood ChristmasHelen & Festive Guests in Kalicharan (1976):

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