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How would you like to be forced out of the theater while watching Aaja Nachle?

Watch what happened to these people due to the movie’s ban.


The movie was banned in Uttar Pradesh on 30 aajanachale.jpgNovember 2007, the day of release of the film, over alleged casteist remarks. Punjab and Haryana followed suit, banning the film the next day. However the ban was later lifted in Uttar Pradesh and Punjab, after a written apology from the producers and the removal of the disputed lyrics (bole mochi bhi khud ko sunar hai) in the title song of film. However, the ban in Haryana still remains in force. Dia, the character played by Madhuri Dixit, sings the lines Mohalle mein kaisi maara-mar hai; bole mochi bhi khud ko sunar hai ( translated “There is chaos in the neighborhood, even the Mochi calls himself a Sunar) with the alleged implied meaning that Mochis (cobblers, the Jatav caste – a caste of cobblers) were inferior to Sunars (goldsmiths, name of a caste of goldsmiths), offending to ascending Dalit community. (wikipedia)

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