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Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge has a great encounter with my favorite bad guy, Amrish Puri, and my favorite movie weeper, SRK. Talk about a tight slap to the face! I don’t speak Hindi, and this clip has no English subtitles, but here’s a rough interpretation of what I recall was said during this riveting scene:

Baba-ji (Amrish Puri) says stuff like this between slaps: “You bastard! Leave my daughter alone! You thought you could sneak around with her? She’s supposed to marry someone else! Don’t disrespect our family virtue, player!”

Simran (Kajol) says stuff like: “We should have run off when we had the chance!”

Raj (Shah Rukh Khan) says stuff like: “If we get married it must be with your father’s blessing. We can hide from strangers, but we can’t run from those we love. Give me your blessings Baba-ji. Ok, well bye then, I refuse to take your daughter without your blessing”

Raj’s Dad (Anupam Kher) says stuff like: “Son, you can do it! You’ll get the girl.”

All my Hindi-speaking dosto, feel free to translate the dialogue for accuracy in a comment here!

Feast your eyes on this drama! (DRATS! they pulled the clip.  I’ll search for a new one and post it when I find it)

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