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So I thank you for figuring it out that Sarla Yeolekar played Sita in Dance Dance, so I search her naam and find this and read a fabulous review of the movie Farz, written by a kindred spirit! This author is a genius, just read a short excerpt from the 10-2-07 post:

“It’s especially odd to me, though hardly surprising, that so much of what is written about Indian cinema in English is so bland and academic when the cinema itself is so dedicated to populist approval, melodrama, and celebration. If anything, this dedication to eliminating the popcorn film severely limits the quality and variety of discussion, and thus our understanding as a whole, in deference to making everyone think the history of Indian cinema is comprised entirely of Mother India, The World of Apu, Deewar, and Devdas (and Disco Dancer, of course). Plenty to write about many stars, yet almost none of the books so much as mention Mithun Chakraborty, though he was wildly popular (and continues to be one of Teleport City’s most popular search terms). I mean, you don’t have to praise the guy, but pretending a huge hunk of popular cinema doesn’t exist just because it doesn’t jibe with some overly romanticized and over-intellectualized delusion of what an industry is hardly sounds like solid historical work to me. Somewhere, a spirited, good-natured book about crazy Bollywood action films, swank spy movies, and horror films is waiting to be written. And Mithun will be on the god-damned cover, baby!” farz.jpg

OK, let me include a bit more,

“And while the world of print may still be thin (disregarding all the celebrity gossip tabloids), there have been several exceptional Bollywood related film review sites launched over the past few years (including two — View from the Brooklyn Bridge and The Bollybob Societythat spend a healthy amount of time on cult films from the 60s and 70s — and thanks to an obsession with Sashi Kapoor and an admirable respect for swanky 60s fashion, Beth Loves Bollywood is on board as well, even if she sticks to the romantic movies instead of stuff full of spies and mummies). “

Ok, so I didn’t include any of the parts about Farz, except here, Farz was India’s first real attempt at making a James Bond style espionage thriller, but if you want to read about this 1967 film,” for more follow the link.

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We discussed Dance Dance in yesterday’s post, but that’s not enough! I must add more. WOW! Look what happens in the opening credits of  Dance Dance ! First there’s the fabulous song, “Zooby Zooby Zooby” sung by playback singer, Alisha Chinoy AKA the “Indian Madonna”, and currently a judge on “Indian Idol 3.” Who is the actress that plays Sita?  Look at the evil A.M. Singh, played by Amrish Puri. Look at the special powers ring he wears! All this in the opening credits! And some say they don’t have time for Bollywood! Forgive them father, they know not what they say, they hath not seen the opening credits for  Dance Dance .

and the bummer re-mix, part II of “Zooby Zooby Zooby,” after Sita is kidnapped! Sing along with the lyrics!

For a bit more about the movie, click HERE.

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