Bollywood orphan collage

What’s an Indian filum without an orphan?  A while back I whipped up this little orphan collage from screen captures of orphans  and thought I’d share it with you here.  I’d say about 45% of all Bollywood films have at least one if not two orphans, right? It makes a marvelous screensaver. Enjoy my fellow orphans!

  For maximum viewing pleasure, click on the image to see it in its full glory.                Jai Bollywood!

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11 thoughts on “Bollywood orphan collage

  1. Excellent collage…and so true about the 45% orphan content…

    Do you have any thoughts about which stars were the ultimate orphan(s)? I think maybe Baby Naaz…

    Or maybe I’d give the prize to Nutan, just for Seema

    • Richard-ji!
      No that’s a good question, Who is Bollywood’s ultimate orphan? I expect you to do a post on that, or the best orphan of each decade maybe, since there are so many one would need to add as many categories as necessary to accomodate the abundant orphanry! Thanks for your commentji.
      All the best!

  2. Good to see you again, Sitaji. What a great new collection you have going. Actually it’s not just Bollywood or the movie world that loves orphans: children’s fiction is full of them. They are just a plot device that allows the writer to give the protagonist a bit more freedom than they would have if the parents were around. If the parents haven’t been killed off, then they’ll probably be working away, in prison, in a psychiatric unit, working long hours, or paralysed from the neck down. All of which makes me think that by giving my son a stable home I have been doing the worst possible thing. Should I have abandoned him years ago and made his life richer and more exciting? I don’t know, but we could have had an amazing family reunion afterwards, and that is definitely very Bollywood!

    • Joss-ji!
      Thanks! So busy, neglecting the blogosphere ii both contributing and in reading; I’m treating blogging like an orphan in fact! Indeed the orphan theme runs through literature and films worlwide. I do agree that by giving your son a stable home you’re really ruining his life. I’m so sorry I’m so late in responding, because we just had a HUGE state fair, which would have been a fantastic place to “loose” him. Maybe you can catch it next year, otherwise, try dropping him of to trick or treat in a new neighborhood this Halloween, one many miles from home. That would work. ;) As always, I appreciate your comment! :)

  3. Killing myself laughing! I can picture them all with pitiful faces, sitting in a little orphanage in a rural village & the directors picking one out each time they needed to make a tragedy! Hilarious!

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