Amitabh vs. Lady Gaga: Bollywood did it better!

There was a lot of hullabaloo last week regarding Lady Gaga hatching from a giant egg at the Grammy Awards before her performance of a song too reminiscent of Madonna’s Express Yourself to be considered original. With all the attention about the song being a copy of another, I say WAIT!  The egg hatching is also a copy!  Bollywood did it first, and Bollywood did it better.  You already know of  Amitabh Bachchan’s big egg reveal from Amar Akbar Anthony (1977) in My Name is Anthony Gonsalves and if not, here it is:

So readers, please vote: Who had a more magnificent hatching from a giant egg, Amitabh Bachchan,

or this other performer?

Vote karo!


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14 thoughts on “Amitabh vs. Lady Gaga: Bollywood did it better!

    • liz-ji,
      I know, right!? Looks like it’s time for someone to do a mash-up of My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves with Born This Way. Now get to work! Thanks for being the first to vote in this dwindling democracy! Jai collective bargaining in Wisconsin! Unions Zindabad! All the best my friend.
      p.s. I opened the poll so that anyone can vote repeatedly and poll won’t follow cookies, so vote away. I am the corrupt autocratwalli of this blog! Vote karo!

    • Samirji,
      I shall never do a recount! LOL on the chads, remember all that baqwas? I have made voting so easy, removed the cookies from it so you can vote often, over and over! And thanks so much for enjoying the Johnnie Walker post and new page. I also appreciate you telling me about this new Double Black Label! WOW! I will have to add that to the new page. How marvelous the day will be when we see the double black in a film. I have not see the fancier green, blue or gold labeled JW either, but keep my eyes peeled for those as well. Thanks for your visit and Jai masala 70’s!

  1. Just did a group rewatch of AAA a week before the Grammys and can’t believe I missed this!!! Chor Squared Lady GaGa! Stealing from Madonna is bad enough but stealing from Bollywood (especially 70’s Bollywood) is downright unforgivable…

    • Sanket-ji,
      Drji, LOL on the “Chor Squared” comment. :) You know it didn’t occur to me while glancing at the awards show at all, but later in the week I heard the ridiculous story on her getting “stuck” in the egg, the oxygen canisters used having not been paid for yet, and the egg being used as a means to reflect upon her new artistic expression and “incubating” on that concept…and POP! Into my mind came Anthony Gonsalves and his ORIGINAL egg hatching! I think I was rolling my eyes so hard about the attention being paid to her egg antics that the original egg entrance popped into my head. I wish I’d thought of it right when I first saw the Grammy performance, but I was so focused on the song being a copy of Madonna’s that I wasn’t ready to remember until later. Thanks for understanding her transgression and being able to put it into appropriate words, “unfogrivable” !!
      Dhanyavaad for your comment, and all the best!

  2. Sitaji ur so smart- thats a brilliant post!!!! Come to think of it, Amitabh’s costumes in Jadugar, Shahenshah, Toofan (among others) may give gaga a run for her money :D

    • Shwetaji,
      Oh you flatter me so. Love your comments on Amitabhji’s other costumes. Now we can be on the lookout to see it she goes on to steal those looks for her future coolness attempts. All the best! :)

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