Does Katrina Kaif resemble Kim Zolciak?


Have you ever thought that The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kim Zolciak resembles Katrina Kaif ? I have.


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21 thoughts on “Does Katrina Kaif resemble Kim Zolciak?

    • dishoomdishoom-ji,
      Details bhai, details! ;) If Katrina can learn Hindi, can’t Kim? Maybe since Kim’s a southern belle, she’s be better suited to South Indian filums? She can learn some Telugu or Tamil, maybe Kannada, at least to the level of moving her lips enough to have scenes dubbed. Adab, and, don’t be tardy for the party!

  1. She sure does. well spotted. does Katrina chain smoke, gold digg and sing tacky, but catchy songs? hahah…maybe the last one.

  2. Poor Katrina – her real crime seems to be being A-I, which means I’m obligated to stick up for her, of course! :)

    I actually think she looks A LOT like Cobie Smulders from “How I Met Your Mother”. As for enhancements, who knows – no massive mammaries and no razor sharp rhinoplasty on display, so anything done must have been relatively discreet.

    • stuartnz-ji!
      Welcome back bhaisahib! I do like Katrina and think she’s lovely, but I suppose that could be misconstrued by lining her up with Kim, but no insult meant. I don’t know who Cobie Smulders is, but whe I was researching my Katrina/Kim theory and fishing around for any one else who thouhgt that too, I came across this post at Pink Villa:

      so you’re not alone in that. There’s another image at Pink Villa of a regular commoner asking if she resembles Katrina, and she does a bit, but what was interesting in the photo of Katrina used to compare, her nose does look a bit different than it does not, perhaps the angle? Has she had some rhinoplasty at least? See what you think of the photo here:

  3. It’s the nose and mouth, isn’t it. I can never decide whether KK looks highly intelligent or the total opposite. I guess I ought to look out for an interview with her in her native tongue, and that will decide it. I think one Londoner could size up another pretty well. Whatever, she’s done very well for herself and I’m hugely envious. It should have been me!

    • Joss-ji,
      You have captured the essesce of her appeal in your comment regarding the nose/mouth and her look being,” highly intelligent or the total opposite,” since it’s a mixture of both. Her frequent expression (which I think is appealing to men) is often one of confusion, just woke up from a nap, or someone who is lost and needs directions, or is trying to remember a locker combination of an old lock, or something like that.

      And you’re right, I SHOULD have been you! I’m thinking of a trailer now, “First there was Katrina Kaif, and now, introducing, a friendly appearance by Joss!”

      You’re in luck hai, here’s an interview of Katrina with Raj and Pablo from love Bollywood and most is in English:

  4. It’s possible, I guess. I’m no expert, and am used to seeing nose jobs that are strikingly obvious. If she has had hers worked on, it doesn’t seem to have had much done.

    On the subject of her accent, the link above was very helpful. I watched a brief clip featuring her speaking English yesterday, and was struck by how much her accent changes in it

    In her intro piece, from about 0:30-0:50, there is much more of an Indian English intonation and rhythm, but at about 1:40-1:45 she sounds just like she does on that Raj & Pablo piece, an indeterminate sort of trans-Atlantic English. It made me think she might have tried to sound more Indian initally then forgotten to put it back on the second time.

    • stuartnzji,
      How interesting to hear that change in language style in the clip, and you’re fight she probably got so comfortable that she relaxed enough to let it slip. Thanks for the link.

  5. There is nothing special about Kim or Katrina’s looks. Both are average attractive white chicks with the help of some plastic surgery – nose, lips and maybe some other body parts.

    That dim confused look works well on men since they assume she must be a nice helpless girl. Go figure.

  6. Tussi great ho Sita-ji.
    Aap ne comparison kya kar diya, [u just did a comparison] and comments started raining.
    yes, yes, they do look like ‘bichhda hui behan’ in Kumbh ka mela.

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