Johnnie Walker bottles in Bollywood

Yaar, I had to call you and tell you the news…I’d like to send out the old year and welcome in the new year with a toast to all you readers with a peg of Johnnie Walker.

I always notice Johnnie Walker whiskey bottles in Bollywood films. Perhaps I have a very specific obsessive compulsive disorder that deals exclusively with finding Johnny Walker bottles in the films. I have photos of Johnnie Walker bottles sprinkled throughout this blog, but I thought I’d follow the lead of Shweta at Apni East India Company, who keeps a chronicle of Bollywood chandeliers and create a separate page for all the Johnny Walker.¬† So please click over to the new Johnnie Walker in Bollywood page and send me your photos to add.

 Have ek aur peg of Johnnie Walker now for our toast! I raise my glass to you, wishng you all the best in the new year!

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18 thoughts on “Johnnie Walker bottles in Bollywood

    • shweta-ji,
      Thanks, and to you I raise my glass, wishing you Happy New Year or New Year Mubarak 2011! Thanks for helping to realize via your chandelier page that a Johnnie Walker was needed. :)

  1. Yay!

    We met a friend for a pre-New Year’s get-together at the local Swanky Lounge, and en route, I thought, “I’m gonna have me some Johnnie Walker Black!” But when we got there, there was already a bottle of free wine on the table, so I had that instead.

    Now next time I’m out & about, I will get some Johnnie Walker for sure and toast your new venture. Cheers!

    • Anarchivist-ji,
      I believe you made the best choice in these times of austerity, isn’t it? I still fondly recall your trip to Minnesota to view the vile “My Name is Khan” and the ony way to purify ourselves after the event was to toss back a peg of Johnnie Walker. thanks goodness we’d also been fortified by our mandir visit prior to the film. On a related note, did you know Mama Jenny is on twitter?

  2. Happy new year Sitaji! While I do tend to observe Johnny Walker bottles more closely in hindi films now (after reading ur posts), I often don’t keep track of the films they appear in. Perhaps I will start now and send you some suggestions.

    Your post on The Girl with yellow boots and Anurag Kashyap was also interesting. Good thing you got a chance to speak to Anurag. I have Black Friday for ages now but some how I am yet to see that movie. other movies invariably find a slot! I too am a fan of Abhay Doel.

    • Filmbuff-ji,
      Namaste, and a very Happy 2011 to you too! I’m glad you’ve joined the forces tracking Johnnie walker in films, and while I’m too much of a fancy lady to engage in low class drinking games, many Bollywood films would lend themselves to drinking Johnnie Walker when ever it appears on screen, hai na? I will appreciate all images and suggestions to add here. I’m glad you also read the post on the Kashyap and That Girl in Yellow Boots & that you’re a fan of Abhay Deol. Deol is a fantastic actor, ans see how distracted I by him and managed to make the post about Kashyap about Deol? ;). I think you’ll enjoy Black Friday, it’s been a couple years since I’ve seen it, so maybe i should watch it again, look for some Johnnie Walker bottles.
      Thanks for stopping in to comment.

  3. Happy new year Sita-ji!!! I’ll be on the lookout for these, moving forward. Specifically, I want to see if any show up in period films … wouldn’t that be something? Like if the films were based in an era before they even started making Johnnie Walker? With our movies, you never know!


    • theBollywoodFan-ji!
      Adab! Now THAT would be a find: JW found in a film from an era that predates it. I can’t think of the word for that, but there is one. Thank you for your vigilance. Jai Hind!

  4. Did the Bwood star Johnny Walker (aka Johny Walker) get his name from the booze?

    Bollywood deserves its own cocktail, or a whole slew of cocktails. Does JW mix with mango or feni? How about JW, Thums Up, and a dash of grenadine?

    • sparkle-ji,
      I’ve often wondered that myself, but am not sure. If I find internet proof of this I’ll report back. Your cocktails sound delicious! I’m not sure of the compatibility of Johnnie Walker and feni, but I’m certain that JW, Thumbs Up and grenadine would be tasty, as would Limca, JW with some lemon zest, isn’t it? :)

  5. I think bengali films prefer VAT 69. Or at least there was a bottle of VAT 69 in Kapurush O Mahapurush whihc i was watching last night.

    Nice post btw.

    • Hades-ji,
      Yes, I’ve seen a lot of the VAT 69 bottle too in Hindi films. I’ve only seen about a dozen Bengali films, but I’ve made note to search for them now. I’ve seen lots of the VAT 69 bottles in the 60s, 70s and 80s masala. Thanks for coming by to comment! Cheers!

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