The wise man of Pardes (1997) Kaun hai? It’s Pavan Malhotra!

I watched Pardes (2007) this week and have not been able to find out who this man is pictured below. Kaun hai?

He plays the very wise friend to Shahrukh Khan’s character, Arjun.  At first I thought that maybe the sage was played by Arshad Warsi, but he’s not in the credits. Do you notice how wise he is?  While the others in this scene are dancing and playing with balloons, as is so typical of Hindustanis worldwide, he is still, taking in the bigger picture, and contemplating the inner workings of Arjun’s heart and soul. So please help me out and look beyond the Bollywood balloons and tell me what is the name of this wise, bearded man, playing with his mullet.  And maybe as your own personal challenge during this week’s Diwali and Halloween celebrations, you can take the time between balloons, cakes, costumes, candy,  parties, and lights,  to stand still, play with your hair and try to figure out what Shahrukh Khan and his various characters are really thinking, I know I will.

Updated 11/6/10

Thanks Shweta and Tapan for bringing to light in their comments on this post that the actor in question is Pavan Malhotra. I now realize that I’ve seen him in several movies before, including Earth (1998),  Black Friday (2004),  Don – The Chase Begins Again (2006), Jab We Met (2007), Delhi 6 (2009) and most recently in  Badmaash Company (2010), where once again he plays a sage (Uncle Jazz)  doling out timeless good advice to those in need.

But what about when one makes very big mistakes?

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11 thoughts on “The wise man of Pardes (1997) Kaun hai? It’s Pavan Malhotra!

  1. Wow, if we hadn’t heard from Shweta above, I’d have guessed he was Neil Nitin Mukesh before realizing Neil would’ve been as old as I was (in high school) when Pardes was released. And he does kinda look like Warsi too. Wack!

  2. I don’t recollect the face of this man in Pardes but I certainly remember the wisdom, much-needed there. What SRK was thinking I can not say, as my dvd doesn’t play any more. But I shall remember him this Halloween after reading your strange blog! Nice one.

    • Joss-ji,
      Yes there was a shortage of wisdom in Pardes, lekin, they were under the spell of the evil west, and that’s to be expected, na? ;) Thanks for playing along and even considering trying to channel SRK’s thoughts. :) Shukirya for stopping in to comment.

    • tapan-ji!
      Of Course! Now I remember Malhotra in that important roll of Tiger Memon. I can’t believe I couldn’t figure it out. Thanks for stopping in to comment. :)

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