Ram Jaane (1995) featuring a mini SRK tribute.

I love a good orphan film, and there’s not much more I can say about Ram Jaane than hasn’t already been said so well by Fortune City and Post Punk Cinema Club, but I can show you some of the parts that I really enjoyed.  Just look at the cool movie poster from the film with bloody fisted, red headband wearing SRK and I think there’s ample evidence that this is a good film.

Ram Jaane (1995) translation: “Ram Knows” or “God Knows”) is a 1995 Indian Bollywood movie directed by Rajiv Mehra about an unnamed kid (portrayed by Shahrukh Khan) who grows up to become a gangster. He uses the name Ram Jaane after meeting with a priest who in response to the kid asking about his name said “Ram Jaane” (God knows). The movie ranks the 8th highest grossing Hindi movie of 1995 and is also the fourth time Shahrukh Khan is playing a negative role after BaazigarDarr and Anjaam. (source)

So here we start with a feisty young street lad, Ram, who meets his childhood companions who he continues to befriend into adulthood.  Prior to being named Ram, short for Ram Jaane, he was known as Footpath.

Eventually he becomes officially known as Ram Jaane.

He’s a small time hustler with lots of style, the bad boy you can’t help but love.

Sometimes his goonda living and dacoitery catches up with him and he lands in the clinker, and he suffers and bleeds from the mouth, which is something that I firmly belive King Khan does better than any actor!  Dekh:

One day I’ll do a post on a collection of SRK screen captures from various films where he bleeds from the mouth. Devdas would have some good mouth bleeding  material, na?  The story has the love triangle plot between the 3 life long friends.  After a bit of jail time, Ram reunites with his childhood pals Murli (Vivek Mushram) who helps the street kids, and Bela (Juhi Chawla).

Ram falls for Bela, but realizes that his pal Murli also loves Bela, or is it Bela who loves Murli, details.  Either way, Ram Jaane becomes a tad jealous and insecure as a result of this situation.  He begins to question his self worth.

Ram eventually is overtaken by what the viewer may think is blind rage and he roughs up Bela, and eventually gives her a tight slap to the face, which he immediately regrets.

BUT, but, but did he hit her out of a jealous rage? Did he hit her because of his inability to soothe his own psyche independently of his love object?  Nahin!  As it turns out he hit her out of love, because he knew his friend loved her and by hitting Bela she would turn to Murli for love.  Problem solved!  Hey, I’m not saying it’s a good idea, but it worked.  Now clear your mind from the disturbing image of SRK’s character being violent with his love interest, and enjoy the title track from the film Ram Jaane with playback singers,  Alka Yagnik,  Sonu NigamUdit Narayan, and music by Anu Malik.

A while back I did a post on B.Rohrer’s SRK Fantasies in which the artist pays tribute to SRK in a series of creative pieces.  Recently I was lucky to run across another such creative fan on youtube and Breaking Free of the Box has taken things to a whole new level with this video tribute to Ram Jaane.  How can my humble collection of screen captures from the films measure up to the devotional nature of Breaking Free of the Box‘s work? It can’t, so now, I’ve saved the best for last so sit down and get ready to be entertained.  In the words of Breaking Free of the Box:

Here’s a miniature tribute to Shahrukh and Juhi . . . Let’s hope that someday they make another romantic film as intense as their earlier ones. . . Enjoy!! (source)

Did you notice the Central Jail on the mini set?

To wrap things up neatly as Bollywood so often does,  let’s take a moment to empathize with our film’s orphan:

Let’s now go on to be uplifted by the orphan, who has been enlightened through his suffering, only to go on to inspire us all!  Jai Bollywood wisdom:

P. S.  Due to heavy international pressure from the blogging community, and to avoid further mutiny from blog commenters, I must make mention of SRK’s style of wearing a suit jacket without any shirt underneath (think of the ring around the collar!) in the film and link in the song Pump Up the Bhangra.  Thanks readers for keeping me on my toes! Now pump up some bhangra!

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43 thoughts on “Ram Jaane (1995) featuring a mini SRK tribute.

  1. OMG! How could you not mention the BEST SONG EVER! Pump up the Bhangra! The costumes! The fringe! the lampshade hats! Shahrukh in the suit coat with no shirt and the disapearing sweat stains! Plus the song ROCKS! and the dancing Rocks! (Except for the background dancers doing that step at 1:19 I call “the Mummy”)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fisM7A5-b6E

  2. I agree with Jill, Pump Up the Bhangra was awesome! (and almost lead me to believe SRK was on crack or something). I also love, love, love Chori Chori o Gori, because Juhi looks amazing in it and SRK is not dressed in one of his ‘cool gangster’ outfits.

    P.S. how do you find all those tributes to SRK? I almost feel like I’m not a SRK fangirl for not knowing these people exist.

    • Anishok-ji,
      Behen, I had to go in to amend the post due to heavy international pressure from the blogging community! Fixed it! Pump up the Bhangra girl. I have been lucky to find that mini Khan tribute video. What a great world we live it, na? I don’t know, I kind of like those “cool” outfits for their vast uncoolness. :)

  3. Surprisingly this is one of those very few SRK movies that I have missed. The songs are very catchy and everytime I listen to them I think I should watch it, but haven’t been able to see it yet.

    • sunheriyaadein-ji,
      Well I think you’re safe just watching the songs from the filum on video, not to say you aren’t missing anything, but there are certainly more pivotal SRK films. This is a fun one to see tough. Thanks for stopping by to comment yaar. :)


    P.s I’m not shouting at you..lol I realised my caps lock was turned on at the end and i’m too lazy to retype all over again in small case, is there a trick for doing this without having to type all over again, do let me know

    • bollywooddeewant-ji
      IT’S NOT YELLING, YOU’RE ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE POND AND WE NEED TO DO SO IN ORDER TO HEAR SO FAR, YAAR! Isn’t that Breaking Free of the Box person hilarious!? Love the tributes. Yes, I will get to the “SRK bleeding from the mouth” post one day and glad to see you agree that he’s the best at it. Thanks for the comment. :)

  5. Loool I love a little orphan loving! Ram Jaane was one of the nicest roles I thought Shah Rukh ever did before he turned into the Rahul/Raj! But you should definitely do a bleeding from the mouth post on SRK, he just lets it flow, i can imagine it takes ages for the makeup artist to apply all that stuff!
    None more disgustingly in Koyla, that gives me the heebie jeebies with his fugly mullet and constant bleeding from his neck and everywhere!

    • Rum-ji,
      The bleeding from the mouth SRK idea seems to be a hit since it’s so familiar to us all. Koyla did have bahut bleeding, and also a headband like Ram Jaane. And speaking of Koyla, are you familiar with the The International Mute Stable Boys Advocacy Group on twitter which is dedicated to the care and protection of mute stable boys everywhere?


      You should follow @IMSBAG

  6. ahh.. good old 90s orphan film :D
    This reminds me angry young man movies of Mr Bachchan. Which I am never a fan of. So, i haven’t seen this one too. But your ‘orphan love’ making me intersted. :) Given a chance, i might end up watching this next time when its on TV. Oh yes, the songs were so famous when it were released. And the style of Suits !!

    • dunkdaft-ji,
      It’s definitely worth a TV watch in your Mother India. Glad to learn that the songs and (maybe) even the suit style were famous in India too. Thanks for the information and the comment yaar. :)

  7. I am not much into SRK, but that “Pump Up The Bhangra” song may just change that. Absolutely over the top, loved it.
    That and the usual fomulaic masala of orphans, blood-on-mouth, love-triangles (I wonder if any other film industry focuses so much on love triangles/quadrilaterals/polygons); makes me wonder as to why I missed it.
    I will rectify my mistake some day.
    Also noticed Tinnu Anand and a couple of possibly worthy successors to Kader Khan & Prem Chopra in the “PUTB” song.
    Am I on the right track with that ? (Enquiring minds want to know.)

    • Samir-ji,
      “Not much into SRK,” is sooo stereotypical NRI, which your heavy shame over SRK’s spectacular overacting which goris are completely free to enjoy, free of cultural chains. And don’t even give me that, “Oh but I did like him in Swades,” line either. ;) LOL @ (I wonder if any other film industry focuses so much on love triangles/quadrilaterals/polygons) As far as the supplementary dacoits/don bosses in Ram Jaane being on par with the banditry of Kader Khan and Prem Chopra in older films, I’d have to saw not quite, but still very evil. Maybe some other commenter can give us feedback on that. Love the abbreviation too for Pump Up the Bhangra. :)

  8. I am impressed by the pathos portrayed by doll Ram Janne in the second video. The way the pictures blur as doll Ram spirals further into alcohol abuse and confusion about his place in the world is sheer genius.
    Also, I love the bongos in Pump up the Bhangra…reminiscent of the Manilow’s Copa Cabana, hai na?

    • Christy-ji,
      I know, right!? How can such a small doll emote such angst and pathos? But it can and it does! Brilliant! Good observation of Ram’s spiraling drunken despair being captured so well by the cinematographer, not to mention the spectacular miniature set. The “PUTB” number is like Copa Cabana in nature, another great observation.

  9. I love this post — insightful, entertaining, provocative. Provocative because once again you force your reader to acknowledge the occasional utility of a targeted tight slap to the face. I think the key is not to do it out of anger. Right, right: It’s still wrong, but can you imagine how much more heartache she’d have endured if he hadn’t slapped her? Plus, he was an orphan and an alcoholic. They do NOT mix. I know! The other things is, if you bleed from the mouth long enough, your mental and motor skills alike will suffer. That’s Anemia 101. Think about that: You not only do stupid things, but you execute them poorly. Tight slap to the face: imprudent. Tight slap that actually turns out to be some kind of haymaker: potentially tragic. A lot to think about, Sitaji. Thanks!

    • Brahmanadam-ji,
      Many thanks to you for validating my need to show the usefulness of the tight slap to the face, not only for plot development, but also to show the good can come from bad. As you say, “but can you imagine how much more heartache she’d have endured if he hadn’t slapped her?” Correct! He had to slap her out of her silly love fantasy, slap her into her harsh reality, which eventually will lead to acceptance and ultimately to freedom. LOL on “Anemia 101″

  10. I just bought this a couple of weeks ago and now am very excited to see it! I much prefer this nothing under the suit look to the much too big suit look, which is what I often see in these early films.

    Did Breaking Free of the Box also do the Rizwan & Mandira Khan first night of sex? They are too similar to be done by different people.

    I think I am bumping this up on the cue list!

    • Shellie-ji-ji (I think I have to add another ji in this case, right?)
      Nothing under suite is waaay better than being giant boxy suit, agreed. Breaking Free of the Box had done lots of videos. I saw the one where Rizvan shows Madira the sunrise over San Francisco, but not the Suhaag raat one. I’ll go and look for that one. I will have to build posts around all of Breaking Free of the Box’s videos. Thanks for visit and comments. :)

  11. I wish the PUTB video was just a bit longer so we can see him take a gun from her hair!

    That was so awesome.

    I don’t have RJ, but s-s-sita, I do have Darr. Off to watch that.

  12. Oh, if you do a bleeding-from-the-mouth post, you must include the DDLJ final fight, esp. when he’s looking out the train car longingly at Simran and Bao-ji. EXCELLENT bleeding. The whole hitting-the-heroine-to-turn-her-toward-the-friend thing reminds me of seventies-era romance novels. This must have been a thing at one time.

    • ajnabi-ji,
      yes, glad you appreciate SRK’s specific talent for mouth bleeding. You are correct that DDLJ is one of the greatest examples, as I Darr. He does some nice “special appearance status” mouth bleeding in Shakti the Power. Maybe a better post would be movies where SRK does NOT bleed from his mouth? Does he bleed from his mouth in Swades or in Chak de India?
      And the hitting (or worse) the heroine does seem to be a theme in some of the movies and now that you’ve pointed it out in some 70s romance novels too. Thanks for you visit and observations. I’m bleeding from my mouth as I write this. ;)

  13. LOL – it’s currently available at Half Price! I saw it packaged with another film on a dual disc, but didn’t want either of them. . .

  14. I just watched ram jaane agAin for the 8th time It’s such a great early slimming SRK flick. Love the songs especially Chori Chori which he’s just fabulous in. He like kills a dozen men in his first scene in the movie. And it’s another Srk movie where his character gets into some S&m stuff. That relationship he has with the corrupt bald cop. Is that sick or what?

  15. That’s supposed to be slumming. He’s more into slimming now as he’s like 2/3 of the size he was during ram jaane. Another film where his character injures himself purposely…. Rather twisted

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