Happy Birthday Pran!!!

Happy Birthday Pran!

What a perfect time for you to stop over to:

PRAN – The legend of Hindi Cinema: A Glowing Tribute to the “Villain of the Millenium.”

Born on 12th. February,1920 at Delhi, Pran is endowed with a super intellect and equipped with the natural gift of an artist. He is generous, noble, emotional and a sensitive soul. Refined and cultured in his outlook and habits. he commands the highest respect and is loved and admired by everyone. (source)

The site is a shrine to the  extrodinary  villain and has a lot of great information and a comprehensive photo gallery of Pran.  I am particularly fond of the paintings of Pran.

To honor Pran on his birthday, I offer my visual gift of screen caps of the villain, a little something I like to call…

Pran aur Flask

I first fell for Pran in Zanjeer (1973), but since he was a nice guy in that it doesn’t quite count.  I also loved him abandoning /losing his children, toting that box of gold around,washing shoes with whiskey, etc. in Amar Akbar Anthony (1977).  It is as the pure villain where Pran really shines, innit?  I adored his arrogance in Brahmchari (1968) and his cold, cold heart in Purab Aur Paschim (1970). Now duniya, tell me, what are your favorite Pran films? When did you first fall in love with Pran and why?

Pran’s website states:

Send letters to your favourite Actor on this address

Mr. Pran Sikand
7th Floor, ‘Eden Roc’ Building
25, Union Park, Khar
Mumbai 400 052

It’s too late to get him a birthday card on time, but I may just send him a little greeting telling him how much I adore his work.  Maybe you will want to as well.   Now let’s party with Pran for his birthday:

Yes Pran, it’s me Suzy (aka Sita-ji) and I do really love you!

Read a bit more about Pran HERE and watch a video of him in his home from 2008 where he’s looking fantastic, feeding his dogs some biscuits.

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43 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Pran!!!

  1. I don’t remember when I first began liking Pran (I’ve been brought up on a diet of old Hindi films – have been seeing them since I was this high), but my favourite Pran films are probably Gumnaam and Love in Tokyo… and yes, Upkar, for his superb acting.

    Happy birthday, Pranji!

    • dustedoff-ji,
      Yes, he was so great in Gumnaam, always with the flask, and I enjoyed him in Upkar as well as that sage, wise man, with one leg, almost forgot that:

      I have yet to see Love in Tokyo, but shall. I am envious that you were brought up on a diet of old Hindi films. I’m trying to catch up! I just added a video I found of Pran on YouTube that’s from a couple year ago. He looks fantastic, and if it was filmed near the time of it being uploaded to youtube (Aug 2008), that would make him 88 at the time. Here’s the link:

      What a great face.
      Thanks for your visit & comments.

  2. Aah Pran-love… Like dustedoff, I was brought up on vintage Bollywood, and Pran was part of the deal. I do remember HATING him in Madhumati (he was the villain, and such a hateful one) and was always scared that bad things would happen when he showed up onscreen. But I guess I didnt fall for him till be began to play the good guy – though I couldnt tell you which film it was. My favorite Pran film has to be Victoria Number 203 where he plays a small time crook and is one half of the best jodi, ever – him and Dada Mani. Happy B’day Pran-ji!!!

    • bollyviewer-ji,
      Yes I’ve seen Madhumati (and its predecessor, Mahal) and Pran was a real jerk in that, but still so great. Thanks for telling me about Victoria Number 203 (1972), which I will see since I also love Ashok Kumar. I also found this in the credits, making me want to see it all the more: “Ranjeet as Bandit.” Thanks for stopping by dost, and your country did a nice job with the opening ceremony for the Olympics. I had no real interest in watching the opening ceremonies, but somehow got tied in and enjoyed all the pageantry, and must have been under some spell, because I kept tearing up and or crying during the ceremony, at the Joni Mitchell song, at K D Lang singing, and even at Wayne Gretzky & Steve Nash lighting the torch. What is wrong with me?!? (tight slap to my own face!) Damn you Canada and your friendliness and maple leaves! I love you Canada! OK, I’m alright now. All the best!

      • You know what? I havent seen anything of the Olympics so far! People all round me have been going to Vancouver to watch the games with tickets they bought months in advance – and I forgot to even switch on the TV to check out the opening ceremony (or anything else after that)!

        And Richard and you should totally move to Canada – immigration laws or no! :-)

      • bollyviewer-ji,
        I started to watch the opening ceremonies and didn’t plan to, but I was somehow riveted, go figure. Hats off to Canada for the great job though, Sadly I missed the bhangra part:


        I hear Harbhajan Mann is popular there in Canada. If I need to fly under the radar, I may move to Canada too. ;) I’ve only popped into Windsor. Shameful! I need to get to Vancouver, and Toronto, and Montreal, to Kbec!

  3. Last night I was looking over some scenes from Jis Desh Men Ganga Behti Hai (haven’t done that for a while), and this re-confirmed my opinion that Pran was at his best in this (at least among the movies I’ve seen). I think the change in style helped – longer hair and a longer moustache!

    Canada – I have been thinking about moving there. Unfortunately, they have immigration laws just like everyone else, so I have to figure out how. (But as I see it, it’s worth the effort just for the universal healthcare – which obviously is not going to happen here for a long, long time.)

    • Richard-ji,
      Yes the hair and facial hair of Pran in is Desh Men Ganga Behti Hai amped up his mystery/dastardliness. Canada always looms as a hopeful possibility for a home, with us hovering so close to the border. I always have found Canadian humor the funniest, all that Second City stuff and Kids in the Hall, so there would be a rich heritage of laughter there, and health care. And on a side note that’s Canadian related, I think I may have written this before, but in case I haven’t: When I was in high school I remember hearing the word dyke used to describe Anne Murray. Prior to that I did not know what it meant, but used along with her I understood, even thought she may not be, but I think it was her hair cut? I dedicate this song to our friendly northern neighbor, Canada:

  4. “The Villain of the Millenium!” If I can’t be the Heroine of the Millenium, I would happily settle for that title instead. It’s so fun to see all these Pran tributes popping up!

  5. Nice writeup and thanks for the links. That song from Majboor is an underrated classic, and one of my favorites. To add to earlier mentioned films like Victoria 203 & Gumnaam, I would select Johnny Mera Naam, Dharma, Don, BeImaan and several others. Almost any 70’s Masala film was improved by the addition of Pran.

    • Samir-ji,
      Bhai, I have yet to get my paws on Johnny Mera Naam, but one day I will! LOL @ how you wrote this truism: Almost any 70’s Masala film was improved by the addition of Pran.
      Thanks for your visit sirji.

  6. I’d like to name my 1st born Pran (when I DO have a kid)- even mentioned ti to my hubby, who was strangely completely shocked. I dont understand yyyyyyyyyyyy

  7. Pran’s greatest role was in Dil Diya Dard Liya against Dilip Kumar. People should watch this movie. It was a real hatred between the two on the screen. I don’t mean real hatred in life. In Ram aur Shyam, it was little dramatic. In Zanjeer it was little dramatic. But Dil Diya Dard Liya was a germ in his tenure of acting. I stronlgy recommend people to watch this movie. I like his role in Jis Desh me Ganga, but it was also liitle overdo. Please don’t take me wrong. Pran’s contribution is just not debatable. He was a great villian.

    • Ratan-ji,
      Oh thank you for coming by and commenting, and I will see Dil Diya Dard Liya, appreciate the recommendation! Like you mention, he’s great with these overdone dramatic parts quite naturally, but I’d like to see Dil Diya Dard Liya for a less dramatic part. Clearly he’s an excellent actor with both the subtle and extravagantly emotional roles.

    • Ratan-ji,
      Right! Loved him in that too, sort of hovering in the background and so bad! I saw Mahal after seeing Madhumati, realizing then that it was a huge influence on Madhumanti, and Madhumati in turn on Om Shanti Om, especially their similar and spectacular reincarnation on the stairway scenes.

  8. Sitaji, standing against and delivering the dialouge facing the mega personality of Dilip Kumar is no joke. Dilip Kumar has literally destroyed many stalwarts on the screen. Not on purpose. But he was too naturally talented. Ashok Kumar, Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand, Manoj Kumar, Raj Kumar, Amitabh etc.. could not have stood up against Dilip Kumar’s extra ordinary performance. Pranji should get more appreciation since he has done wonderful in Dil Diya Dard Liya against the Titan like Dilip Kumar to be watched. Pranji’s character roles had not appealed me very much. May be I am among very few ones like that. At the end, Pranji’s personality is something to be cherished. He is just a gentleman. We don’t have such individuals anymore.

    • Ratan Gupta-ji,
      Yes too naturally talented is true. Dilip-ji has that “it” factor, an undeniable charisma that comes to his performances, at least all I’ve seen him in. I really liked him in Naya Daur too. I look forward to seeing them both (Pran/Dilip) in Dil Diya Dard Liya whihc I didn’t realize until looking up was based on Wuthering Heights, a book I loved as a teen.And again, Pran is a gem of a man and has really provided us all with much enjoyment through his talent. Thanks again for yor comments yaar!

    • Mister Naidu-ji,
      Bahur shukriya! I am glad you appreciate Pran aur Flask since it means my work was not in vain! :) Right about Vincent Price, for got all about him (and all American cinema for the most part) since Indian’s film industry cast its spell on me.

  9. Happy Belated Birthday Pran-Ji, i love your screencaps of him and i saw him in one of the films that relied entirely on his personality Dharma (1973) its quite hard to find but its a MUST FOR ALL PRAN FANS

  10. This is awesome. Love the post and love ‘Pran Aur Flask’! I wonder if Pran knows how many of us love him and appreciate his great performances. I think I will send him a card…

    • DG-ji,
      Yes, do send him a note. I hope he knows how many fans he has over in the USA! Go see my Mera Gaon Mera Desh post, I screen capped lots of Dhramendra photos for you. :)

  11. Love the MGMD post! You have a way with both words and pictures, Sita-ji! I just blogged about Dharmendra’s 70s films for Seventies week, and I linked to your MGMD post.

    • DG-ji,
      Ah you are too kind! thanks for the sweet compliment, but really, how can one go wrong with such great material to craft into a post? ;) Thanks for the link, much appreciated. Glad those extra Dharmendra photos were appreciated. :) Clicking over to your site now:)

  12. Hey, I just thought about this Pran post and the strange comments diversion into the Vancouver Olympics because tonight, a month and a half later, I just stumbled upon a bunch of clips from the Vancouver 2010 Bollywood Olympics! The following clip is my favorite from that set. I always think of this song as having been popularized by Lollywood and not Bollywood…but I guess we’re blurring a bunch of boundaries here anyway :)

    And speaking of Pran, last night I had the chance to enjoy some delicious PRAN mango juice. Did you know that “PRAN stands for Programme for Rural Advancement Nationally”? Yes, that’s a rather strange thought, but it says so right here.

    • Richard-ji, Sorry I am responding 3 days late to this, it got “lost” on the invisible page of comments off the sidebar. Wow, very cool. Seemed like the crowd was really sedate considering it was a nice performance and upbeat. Thanks for sharing this, I would like to see more from that show. And I didn’t know about Programme for Rural Advancement Nationally, bahut interesting bhai. Thanks for the eclectic comment. BTW, been checking into your blog lately, LOTS of great stuff, but I’ve got to back in and comment. :)

  13. Try Pran in Asha. He is a villian there, but way yummier than the lead Kishore Kumar. Had I been in Vyjayantimala’s shoes, I would have dumped KK and cavorted with Pran forever..

    • Ava-ji,
      I just watched Pran in Humjoli the other night which was very enjoyable. I’ll take your suggestion to see him in Asha. Cavoring with Pran forever, what a nice thought! Nice to read your Ishqiya post over at your blog. I still haven’t see that one and need to. Thanks for the visit.

  14. Hi Sir,

    I would like to first introduce about my self. My name is Pran and currently working as a hotelier in Lemon Tree Hotel, to take care of House keeping operation as a Housekeeping Manager in Chennai after completing my 3 years Diploma in hotel management and catering technology from JPIHM, Meerut in 2006 and I have done in B.Sc. with Bio group in 2003. Last four years, I am in same hotel and intially I joined here as a Associate through my campus sellection.

    I am feelinf very glad today to write you something about me as I heard once time you asked to media, really you want to know that in India, how many person having PRAN name, it;s very funny question but really is it true, some time myself realised that why my name is Pran, when I was in 5th and 6th standard but once joined the college and then i realised the value of my name from my one biology teacher and since that time I love my name too much till the time and feel very glad day to day that only by this name a man can easily get name and fame as I had, and will be continue and it’s lucky for me assigned this name from my father side to me.

    No doubt as a person you are fanastic and so idol actor in all way and in all face and sometime feel my face just eequal to you and realise some tallent within me also as my friend used to say.

    Currently I am very with my job but as a audience a lot of times, seen your movies and all time i love your all classic style, does’t matter, public role model face is very different.

    Mag god keep happy u. Take care and keep smile.

    Bye…………….!!!!!!!!!!!! Pls reply

  15. I know that I am very very late in commenting to this post but I couldn’t stop myself and I hope you wouldn’t mind.I fell for Pran when I watched Zanjeer and Dharma. When I saw Kashmir ki Kali and An Evening in Paris,I had said that “I dont like that man,he is very mean…”.But later I scolded myself for having thought like that and till today I wonder how could I have thought something like that for such a humble person.I am a teenager and while my contemporaries enjoy the latest Hindi movies and Hollywood movies,I prefer old Bollywood movies.Now since i am a die-hard fan of Pran now,i like all of his movies but my favourites are Halaku, Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai, Upkar,Ansoo Ban Gaye Phool,Victoria No. 203..and many more..

    • Sherya-ji! You’re never too late in commenting, especially when it comes to Pran. I loved him in Zanjeer, and especially like the look he rocked in that filum. I also love “discovering” and actor and then trying to work at watching their whole filmography. Thanks for coming in to comment, I enjoyed readin what you had to say and apoligize for my late response.

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