Life imitates art: Tiwari does a Bollywood scene.

source: BBC news

No insult to my beloved Bollywood, but when I heard about the recent story of  86 year old Indian politician Narayan Dutt Tiwari being allegedly caught in bed with three (that’s THREE!) women, immediately scenes from movies popped into my head. A clear case of life imitating art, hai na?

Scenes like this on with Kadar Khan in Desh Premee (1982):

Or this one from Dayavan (1988) with Amrish Puri.

From NPR, January 4, 2010:

Narayan Dutt Tiwari does not have the look of a Lothario. He does not strut or swagger; he is not sleek or lean. Age has left its mark on his round, baggy face and crumpled frame. Yet accounts of his sexual escapades have stunned India: Tiwari is 86 years old. Few outside India had heard of Tiwari until recently, when a local TV channel aired a video that appears to show him in bed with three young women. The video astonished many Indians, partly because of Tiwari’s age but mostly because he happens to be governor of one of India’s largest states — Andhra Pradesh, in the south. Or rather, he was the governor. This week, as the scandal raged around him, he resigned. America has a long history of outing public figures who stray from the straight and narrow, be they presidents, talk show hosts, or — as Tiger Woods has discovered to his cost — golf champions. Not so in India. The country has more than 1.1 billion people. Many are still very poor, with far more to worry about than the sexual adventures of their leaders. (source)

NPR.ORG has more on the Tiwari incident that you can listen to HERE.

Indie Quill has posted on this and more filth HERE.

What is this world coming to?  These things should only take place in a nice Bollywood film, not in real life!  Tell me what Bollywood films you remember seeing that have included such lascivious scenes. Many thanks to Bollywooddeewana for supplying another image of corruption to add to the mix.  This is from the  1979 film Lahu Ke Do Rang.


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25 thoughts on “Life imitates art: Tiwari does a Bollywood scene.

  1. ROFLMAO! I wonder if he was also throwing wads of cash around and drinking straight from a VAT 69 bottle and singing a debauched song or two ;-D

    • pitu-ji,
      LOL, there are actually some videos of the alleged event on youtube. I didn’t look too hard to see them, but what I did find was a brief clip and he’s (or the alleged he) lying in the bed and one girl seems to be near his head, whispering in his ear maybe, and the other alleged 2 are toward the bottom of the screen, below the belt region of his body. I was disappointed to NOT see a bottle of VAT 69, and no evidence of singing. It looked rather sedate. The 3 did not appear to be gori extras either.

  2. Probably Sanjay Dutt in Vaastav, although I cannot be certain. Would “multiple-girl-item-songs” qualify ?, if yes I am sure there are several.
    I vaguely remember that scene from Dayavan, but have no recollection of the one from Desh Premee. Kadar Khan, no doubt, is ideal for such escapades; Amrish Puri, on the other hand, is probably better at ripping hearts out of chests (among other similar efforts.).
    ROFL at this post.

    • Samir-ji,
      I will have to watch Vaastav, for 2 reasons now: 1. because I haven’t seen it, 2. To look for that scene and screen cap it to add here. I love Kadar Khan playing a jerk. There has to be some Pran material like that out there as well as Prem Chopra, right? Prem plays an excellent jerk too. Thanks for ROFL at the post, that was my intention, so my work is done today. :)
      And as far as the multiple girl item numbers…that’s a tough call. I have to take time to think about how to rule on that.

  3. Awesome post Sitaji – LoL at your post and Pitu’s comments. Somebody told me that ND Tiwari resigned as Governer of AP – I thought the Central Govt in Delhi sought of manoeuvred to make him resign coz of the Telangan political trouble. I had no idea that this was the real reason! ND Tiwari indeed held many important ministerial positions under Indira Gandhi.The media in India has really become vociferous ion highlighting these. Earlier the attitude was that these things are common among the rich and politically powerful guys.

    • Filmbuff-ji,
      Seems like there may be multiple reasons over time that eventually added up to the forced resignation? Maybe the alleged Bollywood-style tryst was the straw that broke the camel’s back. If he worked under Indira Gandhi that may make him suspect of moral depravity, since I’ve never like much what I’ve read about Indira’s Emergency period, and my inner Sikh is still troubled over what went down at the Golden Temple in ’84, though I also did not support the extremist leading it to that event, I think it was too sad that the troops were ordered to shoot it up vs. waiting him out. I’m sure rioting had something to do with tacking action, but still, I think it was a sad state of affairs to destroy a sacred site. Have you read A Fine Balance? Another reason for me to have a cold response to Indira. Anyway, I agree, it seems worldwide that there was an attitude that such things were common among the powerful men, but I think technology as much as shifting morality may change things for the better. Although the technology spreads pornography and eases access for lurid contacts, it also serves to “catch” people in these activities. Hey wait, I’m getting way too serious here, someone, quick, bring me a Bollywood film as an antidote!.Thanks for commenting Filmbuff. :)

  4. Hehe. Love your post!

    A friend of mine had commented the other day that the task of getting all the facilities in place for the Commonwealth games should be delegated to ND Tiwari. He has the stamina of a 20-year old, plus what 3 men can do, he can do on his own!

    • Yes, thanks for alerting me. I linked it in above and that post is infinitely more disturbing. Awful and degrading and depressing. Hopefully things will improve. We are so lucky to have the freedoms we do here in the USA. I wonder about the sexual harassment laws there, and if they even exist, and if so to what extent. I’d rather think that such idiocy is only in the movies, but like it’s said, life is imitating “art” in these cases.

  5. Lol you’re too much i remember seeing this post on dlisted with Micheal k commenting the sex tape looked more like a

    Here’s one more villainry goodness that might have been included in your post, were it not for the blurry images

    (Tom Alter’s threesome in Allah Rakha)

    • bollywoodeewana-ji,
      Yes, really gross, but it made me smile only because it reminded me of a campy Bollywood film, but really very gross. THANKS for that screen cap, nothing is too blurry for this blog. I’ll amend it later and add that one. Excellent. I’m racking my brain trying to remember a similar scene that took place on a round bed, but can’t remember what film it was in. I’ll figure it out sooner or later.

  6. hahaha ND Tiwari goes in for 70s Bollywood, just when it becomes extinct! Now thats an excellent example of a man being “young at heart”. ;-)

    I cant recall other example of filmi debauchery, right away. But I think Madan Puri, Prem Chopra and sundry 70s villains indulged quite routinely in such sinful orgies.

    The Allah Rakha scene, by the way, is not Tom Alter. Its another villainous gora – Bob Christo.

    • bollyviewer-ji,
      Right there are so many scenes in the 70s and 80s Bollywood, but I can’t think of anymore off the top of my head, let alone ones I have great screen caps of. I will have to see Allah Rakha one day. :)

  7. It really did look like necrophilia! My dad was telling me how you’d never imagine this was going on behind the scenes if you ever met him, which Daddy did all the time. Funnily enough, he drew almost the same comparison except it was some other movie he’d caught on the TV the week before this story broke… he said art really does imitate life. Yech.

    • Amrita-ji,
      Yech is right. Interesting fact you bring here about your dad’s first hand knowledge of Tiwari, which goes to show, you just never really know what’s going on. Thanks for commenting, and again, I liked your insightful post on the subject too.

  8. ROTFLOL I love the looks on the gorii girls’ faces in the first screencap. You just know they’re thinking, “For Pete’s sake, all I wanted to do was smoke some hashish and play a tambourine; how did I end up here?” Except in Russian.

    • bollywoodeewana-ji,
      Thanks again, the more links the better. BTW, I hear Beth Loves Bollywood and you may be getting to meet very soon. Have a peg of Johnnie Walker in my honor please and have fun. :)

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