Sonu Nigaam rocked Minneapolis tonight!

sonu-nigam-concert25Well I’m up way to late for a school night and it’s all Sonu Nigam‘s fault!  Sonu Nigam’s concert in Minneapolis this evening was very enjoyable and I am still so thrilled from the show  that I can’t sleep and want to hear him sing some more.  I played the part of the gori extra in the audience.  Kya showman!  What a heavenly voice!  He put on an excellent show and was very jokey jokey.  Sorry I don’t have a set list from the show, but here are a couple of the numbers he did:

Mere Haath Main from Fanaa:

And a little something from Om Shanti Om, “Main Agar Kahoon”

He teased the crowd with Jodhaa Akbar’s “In Lamho Ke Daaman Mein,” but only did a few bars from the song.  I wanted to hear it all, so here it is:

After seeing Sonu bhai’s performance, this clip doesn’t seem quite that crazy:

I mean it is crazy, but I can sort of excuse her, after all, I’m crazy enough to be up late writing this post aren’t I?

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26 thoughts on “Sonu Nigaam rocked Minneapolis tonight!

  1. It sounds great fun. I would love to go to one of those big arena shows. I need to look into it as I’m sure these big names come to Manchester. I’d hate to find out I had recently missed Sukhwinder Singh, for example. Glad you enjoyed your evening. Were there many other gori extras there?

    • Joss-ji,
      Well it was in a theater within a convention center, so not too big of a venue, which was great. A few problems with them getting the sound levels correct, but a better venue than an arena for sure. I had 2 gori extras there with me and only saw one other in the audience. ;) They announced atthe end of the show that they expect to bring Sukhwinder Singh to Minneapolis in the next couple years, which or course made me go…

  2. Gotto agree with you 100% Sitaji. He ROCKED the concert. All the dancing and singing, just was too bad for a Friday night ! I am bearing the consequence today :)

      • MN Desi-ji,
        Hey! Thanks for visiting and making a comment. Where were your seats? I like that group to the right of the stage that kept getting up to dance. The ushers there were lame and didn’t seem to understand that it was OK to dance. Even with Sonu telling them a couple times they didn’t get it. Maybe they didn’t understand him? And yaar, it was too late for a Sunday night for sure. I think I would have enjoyed it more knowing I didn’t have work looming over my head the next morning. Glad we shared the same experience. :)

    • Anarchivist-ji,
      With all the rescheduling and changing line up of the show at it being on a Sunday night, I wasn’t too excited to go. I had a bad taste in my mouth with how the promoters handled the whole matter and felt like skipping it. Also, Hard Kaur and Sunidhi Chauhan were replaced with Shruti Pathak, which is not a comparable billing. But as most things, it all worked out and I enjoyed the show. Let’s hope next time there will be a show that will work out for your schedule, one that’s not changed several times. :)

  3. Sonu sang all my favourite slow songs. Sounds awesome. Read in an interview that he is cutting down his singing commitments in movies. Wish he would reconsider and sing more…a lot more.

    • Teja-ji,
      I wish he could have gone on singing all evening. One surprise was that he covered Beedi from Omkara and it too me a while to figure out that in the other US shows Sunidhi Chauhan was there, so the band was already set with that tune, so instead Sonu cover it. That was a fun surprise.

    • Filmi Girl-ji,
      I think that you got the better line up for sure, since we missed out on Hard Kaur and Sunidhi Chauhan here. :( Shruti Pathak was the substitute, and she had a nice voice, but they kept her mic down way too low to hear the subtleties of her smoothed out style. Here’s the hit of hers I was familiar with from Fashion, Mar Jawaan:

    • dustedoff-ji,
      You were there in my dil. :) Well old is sona gold. Sonu is marvelous, and gave me goose bumps during several songs, the mark of a great and souls touching performance. How do you say goose bumps in Hindi, or is that even said?

      • Yup, there is a Hindi phrase for goosebumps – ‘rongte khade hona’. Somehow I’ve always associated it with being terrified of something, not moved or just emotionally affected… but yes, it does mean getting gooseflesh.

        Am off to listen to all the Sonu Nigam songs I own!

    • theBollywoodFan-ji.
      Adab! Unfortunately Sunidhi was not there. :( But to be fair, thought not on the same level (yet?) Shruti did her thing and was enjoyable to listen to. Thanks for your visit, bhai.

  4. I saw his show 3 yrs ago in Chicago but honestly I was disappointed :-( He was awesome, but his dad Agam Kumar Nigam had hogged the stage for 25 minutes straight and sung the most painful numbers. Then some chick called Soumya Raoh had hogged the stage. All in all, I got a lot less Sonu considering the ticket price :-( Am glad you had fun though :)

    • pitu-ji,
      I hate a stage hog! At least we were just missing the previously planned warm up artists and weren’t forced to listen to stage hogs as you were, but like you it was less Sonu for the ticket price, which is why I seat hustled up to some $75 seats instead of my $38 ones. ;) These concerts can sure be iffy, never know what you’ll get. He was very professional and did a fantastic job. The band rocked! As a delightful bonus there were 4 back up dancers and the 2 guys were well fed and wore some leotards for some numbers. They also had outfits with large bat sing looking things sewn between body and arms. One of the guys looked like Richard Simmoms.

      Those dancers made it delightfully Bollywood! They were dancing closely behind Sonu at times only in silhouette, and one number totally reminded me of THIS:

      It’s was an example of the kind of extra credit tackiness that makes life better.

  5. Hello sita-ji!! Wonderful post on Sonu! I am madly in love with his music and voice! Probably my most favorite current singer for sure! I wish I lived in an area where I had the opportunity to go to stuff like that (alas, I’m far far away and even far away from a cinema). At least I can live vicariously through others, na?

    • Shell-ji,
      You’re in Canada, na? I just added you to my blog roll, and as your blog’s description I wrote: She’s in Canada, phir bhi dil hai Hindustani! You know I have to plug us northerners plagued by cold and long winters, since we make excellent Bollywood viewer. It’s perfect weather for digging into the wonderful genre, hai na? I spend much of my life living vicariously though everyone, so I welcome the rare occasion that I am the channel for someone else. Thanks for commenting and visiting yaar. :)

  6. That concert was AWESOME. I’m so glad we sucked up our pride against the lame concert organizers and went. We would have missed an amazing experience! My pictures turned out well – I don’t have them on my computer, I printed them though, I’ll post them on my blog soon. I’m back to random once a week internet connection thanks to the cold weather. My favorite thing about him was that he stood up for his audience and defended them when the ushers tried to kick them out or make them sit down. He made everything so effortless. I bet it was a once in a lifetime chance for us to see him and I’m so thankful we got to! Sukhwinder will be amazing if they manage to get him here!

    • Jenna-ji,
      Well said! I was a bit too prideful myself over all the rescheduling that I was ready to just give up and was even a little bitter going in, but that changed the moment the show started. Sonu seemed like he really enjoyed himself and like you say, he handled the ushers well, even though they were confused blockheads. :) I’m waiting for the Sukwinder show to appear in a year as promised. I’m there! Look forward to seeing your snaps of the show. :)

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