Oprah interviews Aishwarya Rai & Abhishek Bachchan, 9.28.09

A couple months back I caught Anil Kapoor on a rerun of Martha Stewart.  Anil-ji appeared on The Martha Stewart show early last year as did Aishwarya Rai. Dosto, dekh at the ladies get their craft on:


Here’s a clip from Aish’s 2/2009 Martha Stewart appearance:

Aish is set to be on US TV again, but this time I know about an appearance in time to see the first run of the show and to warn you, and this time she’s on Oprah.

Aishwarya Rai and her husband, Abhishek Bachchan, will  make their first interview appearance together in the US on Oprah this Monday, September 28, 2009.


For a  previes of the show, click HERE.  Aishwarya was also been on Oprah back in February of 2007, which you can see HERE.

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22 thoughts on “Oprah interviews Aishwarya Rai & Abhishek Bachchan, 9.28.09

    • Amrita-ji,
      Good point! These are painful to watch, like the Martha Stewart ones where she clearly demonstrates that she knows little to nothing about the Indian film industry, and then Aish tries to be polite, but comes off sounding a bit too cool. LOL on the “Groan”…maybe on second thought I should avoid…nah, I’m still going to watch. Thanks for your visit and comment. :)

  1. I must run home and watch Oprah tomorrow now! I’m sure it will be at least interesting to see how they are talked about. Oprah sometimes finds people from Asia and acts like they are a new find, whereas a great number of people are kind of like, yeah – well we’ve known about them for ages! It will be fun to watch I’m sure!

    • memsaab-ji,
      I did watch it, and here is a cut and pasted email exchange I had today with a friend regarding the appearance.

      My dost wrote:

      I just hope you watched Monday’s “most famous people in the world” show. I thought Abishek was very affable. And I liked Ash’s regal air of noblesse oblige to her peasants in the audience and dance troupe. She really is a princess, isn’t she? I can totally imagine her scowling at me and banishing me from the house. “Bloody American, get out!” I didn’t like the way Oprah kept looking them in the eyes. I was disappointed also by the Bollywood dance troupe’s failure to freak out more when the power couple surprised them. But still, it was nice to seem them. He really is great, though. Abishek conducts himself with such ease and good humor. He seems very normal. Obviously he was well-parented! The interview just confirms my long-held belief that I’d enjoy being Amitabh Bachchan’s son.

      I replied:
      Oprah did come across as a gawker and acted ignorant to the joint family system of India, which was a put on, since Oprah is savvy enough to know the deal of how families live together multi-generationally pretty much everywhere else in the world except for the US and Europe. Doih! It’s Oprah’s job to dumb it down for the masses and ask questions that maybe someone more ignorant may wonder. I thought Aish grasping at Abi’s hand twice made him obviously uncomfortable. Looked so tawaif-like by Indian standards, even for a married couple. A PDA is not OK, so it seemed she was trying to force herself to act “american normal style” and it looked off. Abishek was cool, laid back, no surprise, very reminicent of his radio performance on “Love Bollywood,” around the release time of Delhi 6 if you recall that podcast. It would have been fun for the troupe to freak out, but with that tight knit Indian community, I would think they got word of the fact that the stars were there in advance, so maybe less shock? Also, take off your American hat, since even you, being so Indian, would now understand that the Asian people hold their emotions in reserve, except for in the movies.
      All the best!
      Jai Hind!

      my dost worte:
      Good point about the PDA. I realize now that he did kind of grimace at the time. Good insight!

      I replied:
      Really, what does she have to prove? PDAs look very insecure and she’s too stately for that, but apparently not. I’m sure she was nervous. I don’t like when my people are forced to act like puppets dancing before the the Raj or the East India Company like zamindars! Acting like second class citizens because they’re on fancy US turf. Ridiculous! Can you imagine Madhuri clawing desperately at her American doctor husband’s hand like that? Khabbi nahi!

      • Ooh, very interesting. And no, Mads would never claw at anyone- she’s too secure for that. Anyway, guess I didn’t miss much by not tuning in. The 60 minutes and Letterman appearances had *really* left a bad taste in my mouth because of The Rai. How come no Amar Singh crouching behind the power couple? :-p

      • I think I will give it a pass. I don’t know what is more unbearable, the American “dumbing down” of EVERYTHING but especially of those strange and scary parts of the world where there’s dirt and poverty and stuff, or Aishwarya.

  2. Great exchange! I feel like your friend really saw the show as it was!

    One thing that irritated me about Oprah’s voiceover introduction of the couple was the way she glossed over Amitabh Bachchan’s status. She mentioned that Abishek grew up as the son of a famous actor , but I think it would have helped the audience to understand just how famous and revered Amitabh is because, really, that’s the foundation of their “world’s most famous couple” status.

    I also didn’t like the fact that they had to share the program with the Chinese Oprah and the Argentine polo player who’s on a mission to make polo accessible to the American masses. As Oprah said, AB and Ash have FIVE BILLION FANS. If that doesn’t warrant a full hour on Oprah, what does?

    Oh well, at least Oprah didn’t lead the audience in a chant to get them to kiss!

    • Brahmanadam-ji,
      The O did gloss over Amtabh’s status for real! It would be like someone mention in a show in India something like, “Oprah has a popular talk show in America.” It’s true, but we understand Oprah’s standing. They should have said, “Hey you know how popular Oprah is here? Well Amitabh is like that there.” Chinese Oprah was 1/2 bird, 1/2 woman and I won’t say anymore about her except of course 1000 bazillion crore lakh millions watch her, because that’s how many people live there, so it doesn’t count. And as a goti with a strong inner desi/freedom fighter, I was BAHUT offended that a polo player was on stage with Indian royalty, what with polo representing fully the elitism of the Brittish, and we all know the Brits didn’t treat our Hindustan very well, except for maybe helping with that rail system and judicial system. Wait, the Brittish did invent polo, right?

  3. I loved the show. Aish was sweet, as always, and AB did a great job too. Aish is my idol….Love her appearance and loved the sari she wore to the show. I’m happy that she got to go back on Oprah’s show.

    • Amanda-ji,
      Glad you loved it. Aish’s sari was lovely indeed. I think that his apperance on Oprah is better than her first performance, don’t you? She needs to relax more and then would come across better. Easier said than done. I’d be a nervous wreck in that situation.

  4. Abhishek’s quick wit saved the interview from being really boring. Even after these many years in the limelight, Ash hasn’t mastered the art of giving interviews. Ofcourse Oprah’s inane questions didn’t help. But overall i loved the interview this time, compared to the last ones.
    Btw, where is your Magadheera review?

    • Teja-ji,
      You’re right, Abhishek’s wry humor did show through and it saved the interview, and made it more authentic. Right about Oprah’s dumbed down questions not helping the situation either. Ahhhhhhh, I should attempt a review on Magadheera, though the ppcc’s review is hilariously perfect and is the ultimate review and would be hard to beat :) Have you seen the film? I loved that in the same way I loved Ghajini. Now you’ve put this song from Magadheera back in my brain!

      • Yes, i saw it last month and enjoyed every single moment. It was so grand – the settings, costumes and especially the music. Oh what a lovely soundtrack was that! Though i loved the dance in bangaru kodi, my favorite is Dheera Dheera. That picturisation was awesome.
        I have seen the hilarious review of ppcc. Don’t worry about it and put up your own review. Can’t wait to read your take on it!!

  5. Ugh, I saw this on youtube. Whatta drag!! The incessant giggling, clinging.. eww. And the blatant lying :-p To say that Ash makes 15 million per movie is such bullshit. 15 million dollars is approx 75 crores. Most Hindi MOVIES don’t have that kind of budget! One could argue she meant 15 million RUPEES but that doesn’t explain why the split screen showed Jolie and Roberts. Also, nice sneaky way to sidestep the ‘kissing onscreen’ issue. Guess the smooches in Dhoom 2, Kyun Ho Gaya Na and Shabd never happened. Such liars, I swear. BLECH!

    • pitu-ji,
      I know, right! It was hard to watch for all the reasons you describe, but I had to watch. Thanks for validating my perception regardign the clinging. Looks like some people on that stage needed some tight slaps to the face to snap out of their states of mine! :)

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