Images of Leela Naidu from Anuradha (1960) and Trikaal (1885)

She was known as one of the most beautiful women in the world:anuradha.leela.5

anuradha.leela.9 Last month while checking my blog dashboard, I noticed skyrocketing hits searching a post I’d done a while back on The Householder (1963). Closer inspection revealed to me that the  search engine term that referred people to the blog was Leela Naidu.  It was then I read the news that she had died on July 28, 2009. Since I posted a few pictures of Naidu in The Householder post, people were coming to look at her.  Then I went ahead to look for more images of Naidu online and  I noticed that there weren’t too many, though Pitu Sultan has a few great ones HERE.   So as a public service, I went ahead to take some screen caps of this lovely woman from two more of her films.  I saw Anuradha (1960) from the beginning of her career and Trikaal (1985) from the end of her career.  In each of these films she played the suffering wife and looked and acted equally beautiful in both.

Here are a few images of Leela Naidu from Anuradha.  She begins the film as a famous singer:




1960-f-AnuradhaAnuradha Roy (Leela Naidu), a noted radio singer and daughter of a rich man, falls in love with an idealistic doctor, Dr. Nirmal Chowdhary (Balraj Sahni), who serves the poor in the distant village Nanda gaon. After the marriage and a daughter, she realizes the gravity of the choice of living in a village, it is then she has to decide between her love and her love for city life. (source)

After marriage to a doctor (Balraj Sahni) assigned to work in a rural village, Anuradha (Naidu) loses here fame and stands around looking gorgeous, waiting for her husband to pay some attention to her:




Extra credit in Anuradha:

There’s  a brief apperance by David, who is looking very young here.anuradha.david

Twenty five years after making Arunadha (1960), Leela Naidu starred in Trikaal (1985) , where she continued to look glamorous.

1462_17_TrikaalTrikaal (1985) (Past, Present and Future) is an Indian movie written and directed by Shyam Benegal, setin Goa during the early 1960’s (pre liberation) Period. The film starred yester years actress, Leela Naidu, in a comeback role after many decades. Set in 1961 Goa, when colonial rule of Portuguese was on its last gasp,  the movie revolves around the life and tribulations of a fictional Goan Christian family called “Souza Soares”. (source)

trikalExtra credit in Trikaal: You get to see Naseeruddin Shahas well as Kunal Kapoor. No not that Kunal Kapoor, but the Kunal Kapoor who is Shashi Kapoor’s son, playing Captain Rebeiro.  Can you see a resemblance? I believe I can.

trikal.kunalKapoor trikal.kunalKapoor.2

There were also some great subtitles.  I like seeing the use of “paining”:


Anti European comments are always a pleasure:


And, best of all, the use of the term spinster always makes me smile, since I am a spinster myself! Jai spinsters!


Naidu is pictured here above with Neena Gupta and Anita Kanwar.  There was also an appearance by playback singer Alisha Chinai, who played a singer of all things.  trikal.alishaChinoy

The song performed was a nice love ballad in what I thought might be Portuguese, but is more likely in Konkani, but I couldn’t find it online, so allow me to substitute a completely unrelated Alisha Chinai song since I admit I love it, and I know you probably will too. So here’s the interval to this post:


Teekay, the interval is finished, back to Trikaal. Naidu’s Dona Maria Souza-Soares  raises Milagrenia as her own child, even though she’s the child her husband fathers in one of his many affairs.  Kuta! The classy Dona Maria shares both her grief and wisdom over the loss of her husband with Milagrenia.

trikal.leela.2 trikal.leela


The two women share seances and finally have a mystic vision leaving them at peace with their grief and confusion:

I was able to find some prophetic images from both films where we can imagine Naidu is speaking on the end of her own life on this earth:


And perhaps talking about what’s going on with her now:


And if you’d still like to see more of Leela Naidu…


Rest in peace Leela Naidu.

◊ ◊ ◊

For a more in depth look into Naidu’s life, read Leela: A Patchwork Life, by Naidu along with Jerry Pinto, reviewed here by G Sampath in his article The importance of being Leela Naidu for  DNA.

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22 thoughts on “Images of Leela Naidu from Anuradha (1960) and Trikaal (1885)

    • pitu-ji,
      YES! I remember that great post of yours and the pix. I’m going to link it into the post, in case people miss this in the comments. Thanks for reminding me about it. Did you get lots of referals on your blog on that post in the days following her death? Suddendly I had a ton of hits after her death. So few great photos of her online considering her extreme beauty, hai na?

      • Actually my blog is unpublished. Matlab, in settings, I have requested search engines to not crawl it. So I don’t get hits like that. Most of my readers are from blogs I comment at or friends in real life. This strategy prevents unnecessary spam type traffic and ensures quality readers even though my readership remains miniscule :-D

  1. Leela Naidu was fabulously beautiful. Couldnt understand her being the neglected wife in Anuradha at all! ;-)

    By the way, the guy next to Alisha Chinoy in the Trikaal screen cap looks like Remo Fernandez, the singer (he sang Humma humma in the Hindi version of Bombay).

    • bollyviewer-ji,
      Yes ignoring her made no sense. :) Thanks for telling me who Remo Fernandez is and that he did one of the Bombay songs. I love that film.

    • FiLMiNDiA-ji,
      Well I am not sure it was Portuguese, but it sounded similiar to me, but also much like the link you provided. Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll fix the post too with this updated information.

    • bollywooddeewana-ji,
      Glad to introduce you to the late Leela Naidu. Also, thanks to telling me I had the wrong Nasir Hussain. I fixed the post. Good lookin’ out! :)

  2. My jaw grew lax when i first noticed late Leela naidu through a link related to Maharani Gayatri Devi. Gosh! she surely was one of the most beautiful women the world has ever seen. A face that resembles the ethnic and dusky Indian beauty… fresh as moon light. Alas! she is no more. may her soul rest in peace.

    • Joss-ji,
      She did hold up very well. I bet the lashes were hers. I wonder when she starred with Shashi Kapoor in The Householder if she had to augment her lashes, since his are so, so thick in that film. :)

  3. A woman of ineffable grace, beauty, sensitivity and intelligece. Open to all around her, her only weakness was I believe, not trusting her own instincts and not following her dreams with singlemindedness.
    I saw her in Anuradha when I was 6 years old in 1961 – the movie made a powerful impact on me and I have carried that beautiful story in my heart since along with the subtle and graceful performances by both Leela and Balraj.
    I am glad she made a connection with Krishnamurthi and developed a strong spiritual core, recognising her presence and releasing the painful memories of her past.

    • idrani-ji,
      Thanks so much for stopping by to comment. Oh how I can imagine that Anuradha would make a great impression on a 6 year old! What a fantastic message it give to a young person to keep hold of what’s important and no to lose one’s own self through the course of life. Though Anuradha was flexible to her life’s changes, she managed to let go of her core identity in some way. I also liked how Balraj’s character did the same. The film was quite sympathetic to both perspectives and said so much, and did it so well! Here’s a nice article on her relationship with Krishnamurthi:

      I appreciate your insightful comments. :)

  4. My heart stopped and my mind was literally silenced by her unearthly beauty. It’s like looking at a beautiful flower for the first time – something divine and pure.

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