The gori extras of “Kismat Konnection”


Sometimes there are those movies where you just have to look for the enjoyment, since it might not really happen to be there. Kismat Konnection (2008) was one of those movies where I just had to give up at the start and make my own fun.  Even super Shahid supporter, Ajnabi at Paisa Vasool–Or Not, was able to determine that Kismat Konnection perhaps wasn’t the greatest time pass as evidenced in her entertaining review of the film.

Before this unremarkable easy listening tune started in the movie, I had spied this very suspicious group in the background, and my Bollywood intuition told me that they were more than your typical gori extras.


ddljI thought Why are they standing in a group like that ? Why the mandolins? Well yes, I know Bollywood films have mandolins, but still, I wondered, why?  So check out this tune from the film, Is This Love (Kahin Na Laage) with playback singers Shreya Ghosal and Mohit Chauhan, picturized on Shahid Kapoor and Vidya Balan. Pay attention to the gori extras please.  And darn it if this song didn’t stick in my head, despite me trying to shut it out!

Playing a bit bigger role than is typical, this group of long blond haired, mandolin playing, acid washed shorts wearing gori extras (and one supposed to be Jamaican guy) really stole the show for me.


It’s the kind of extra work that I’d be proud to do!  Wouldn’t you?  Who are these gorii?


So the joy of Bollywood, as you already know since you’re here, is that even a weak movie has a few strengths, and sometimes I really have to reach for them, as is this case, where I found the subtitles unintentionally homoerotic:


I made some more fun for myself when I noticed that Boman Irani’s character in Kismat Konnection looked like a Hasidic Jew, minus the ear locks, so I just added some here to complete the picture.


kismiatKonnection.functionI also enjoyed the use of the word function in the film.  To many this may not seem so great, but I love it.  I noticed on my trip to India the liberal use of the term function for many different events.  Here in the US, we’d more likely just say what the actual event is, e.g. a party, a wedding, a concert, a lecture, etc., but it seems in India they just keep it simple and say function. I do like it though, and have been working steadily to use it as often as I can now.  It’s really a lot more mysterious to go to a function and just let people wonder what that function is.  There really are so many functions that we all have to attend each day.  In fact I have to wrap up this post since I’m going to a function. (function = I’m going to put a movie in the DVD player and watch it.)

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23 thoughts on “The gori extras of “Kismat Konnection”

  1. VCR? What’s that?
    Btw – I seem to be entirely too biased because wherever Shahid Kapoor is, I’m sure to like it. I have yet to see one where I wasn’t happy – especially when he dances. I like this soundtrack, I think I gave it a listen today. Although, the “Is This Love” track does get a bit on the annoying side of things. There’s a line in a song from Duplicate that I think of when you mention function. “Marriage kaho function…” lol Marriage function. To be fair, the gori girls in the background were completely distracting and somewhat bewildering to me as well. Where did they find them? Do they tell people they know “Yeah, I was in a movie once.” and then hide the fact it was as a random white girl dancing behind Shahid Kapoor? All too many things to contemplate while watching a movie… But they pass through my head too.

    • kamalachan-ji,
      OMG! I meant to write DVD, LOL, I fixed the post. :)
      Yes those gori extras were bahut distracting!
      re the gorii extras, “Where did they find them? Do they tell people they know ‘Yeah, I was in a movie once.’” FOR SURE they told people they were in a movie once. I’m hoping one of them will see this post and tell us about their experience. I wondered if they were already friends and signed up as extras together. Overall they were very compelling. Let’s go to the function this weekend hai, function meaning Love Aaj Kaal, perhaps Sunday? or Sat.? I will call you. :)

      • I know I’m a few years too late, but I am one of those girls. Trust me we know how random and out of place we were. haha

      • Meg-ji! THANKS so much for stopping in to comment! Which one are you? You all look so cute, and I always make not of the gori (white) extras in Bollywood films. I’d love to learn more about your expereince and will email you, and with your permission I’d love to do a post about your inside experience as an extra! :)

  2. I really liked this movie because I have a soft spot for Vidya and thought her pairing with Shahid worked well. Plus Boman looked like he was having a helluva lot of fun hamming it up in his bit part. However, “the gori girls in the background were completely distracting and somewhat bewildering to me as well.” WHY do so many NRI-filmed BW movies go overboard on the sheer “gori”ness of the gori extras? They all seem to go for girls SO gori as to make the average stereotypical Swedish girl look like a Zulu! It’s bizarre and VERY annoying. There are plenty of gorgeous redhead and brunette goris out there.

    • stuartnz-ji,
      I know, so funny on those gori extras, very distracting. Glow in the dark goris. I suppose blonde is supposed to represent America, except this was really Canada. LOL on the Zulu comment. I have a thing for tracking these extras, so of course these gals stood out, especially the super dated looking acid washed short shorts. Gori s are often used to represent the evil west, hai na, so the “more gori” the more corrupt, except in this film and this scene it didn’t make sense, since there was no “sin” to represent. I did like Vidya and Shahid and Boman, and even their performances, but the movie itself didn’t cut it at all for me.

  3. I LOVE the sidelocks! That would have made this film so much better. Yay for the desi Hasidic Jew! (Boman doesn’t look like any desi guy I ever met IRL so I might guess he was Jewish if I didn’t recognize him. LOL)

    What is UP with those blond girls? Where did they find them? “Vikings R Us?”

  4. Hee! I have yet to watch this film but I had a good time watching all the dorky white people used as background extras in the “club” scenes of “Brahmachari” – most looked like hippies rounded up and dumped into “fancy” clothes and I kept waiting to see a young Tom Alter cutting a rug!

    • Filmi Girl-ji,
      YES! I remember those extras in “Brahmachari” and they definately looked like some hippies rounded up on the way to an ashram, yet not quite as extreme as the hippie gorii in the “Hare Rama Hare Krishna” number “Dum Maro Dum.”

      If I had more time I’d start a side blog on the gori extra.

      LOL on the Tom Alter, I had to look him up, but now I remember. How would YOU like to be the Tom Alter of current Indian Cinema? :D

  5. Tom Alter acted in a very good hindi movie as a hero with Abha Dhulia as the heroine – can’t remember the name -set in the raj days- he spoke shudh hindi (he is known for his fluency) and did act well. Tom Alter wouldn’t be considered as a gora extra for sure coz lots of Indians liked him. Unfortunately he did not get enough roles for us to see more of his talent!

    BTW, very funny post – LOL at your comments on gori extras. would be good to see your blog on that.

    I second Stuartnz’s comments on gori extras!

    • Anonymous-ji,
      Thanks for stopping in to comment and I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Maybe that movie you speak of is Chamelee Memsaab? When I searched their names together that’s what came up. Yes a comprehensive data base and/or blog purely on gori extras is a niche waiting to be filled. If I lose my job and get more free time I’ll do it yaar!

  6. “Yes a comprehensive data base and/or blog purely on gori extras is a niche waiting to be filled” Given the number of countries around the world in which BW films have been shot, that would be quite a mammoth undertaking. :)

    • Stuart-ji
      Bhaisaab, yes, but I have the drive and spirit, lekin waqt nahin hai. Also in order are the following Bollywood Blog niches:

      Johnny Walker drinking or whiskey drinking in general

      tight slaps to the face

      the indistinguishable accent the gorii often have

      birthday parties and birthyday cakes and singing happy birthday


  7. Thank you – Chameli Memsaab indeed is the film. It had a very good story. I remember seeing it on national TV in India (Doordarshan) ages ago! I would recommend this movie if you have the time and interest.

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