“Explosion 2009!” Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan & Hard Kaur Tour the US

Friends in the US, are you going to go to the Explosion 2009 show?


Here’s the list of dates I found for the tour:

24th July 2009 – Washington DC/Fairfax

25th July 2009 – Dallas/Garland

26th July 2009 – Boston  – The promoter has cancelled this show

31st July 2009 – Chicago/Rosemont

1st August 2009 – Atlantic City

2nd August 2009 – Los Angeles

7th August 2009 – Houston

8th August 2009 – San Fransisco/Oakland

9th August 2009 – Denver

15th August 2009 – Orlando Canceled?  :(

16th August 2009 – Minneapolis Canceled? I’d like to hope postponed

23rd August 2009 – Minneapolis - NEW DATE - Sonu Niigaam LIVE in Concert

15th August 2009 – Phoenix - but not confirmed til now

16th August 2009 – Los Angeles – NEW DATE

25th September 2009 – Boston – NEW DATE but not confirmed til now

The main Explosion Information from Sonu bhai’s page keeps changing, so go HERE to keep updated.

exp.mspIt seems like there’s no centralized promotion of this tour and you’ll have to track down tickets via local promoters by clicking on the city of choice above or go through Localfiles.   I hope to make it to the Minneapolis show to see and hear Sonu Nigam.   Unfortunately the promotional flyer  for the August 16th show doesn’t list Hard Kaur or Sunidhi Chauhan, so who knows if they’ll be there.  If  Hard Kaur is at the Minneapolis show I’ll try to find her back stage so I can free style with her.  Once the tour has started and you’ve seen a show, please stop in with your comments to share.

Stop over to Filmi Girl’s blog, where she’s doing a daily countdown featuring each of the artists from the tour: Sunidhi Chauhan, Hard Kaur and Sonu Nigam. She’s also posted an excellent SHOW REVIEW with setlist and photos!

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34 thoughts on ““Explosion 2009!” Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan & Hard Kaur Tour the US

    • Bhargav Saikia,
      Thanks, and let’s hope the tour actually makes it here (seeing that Boston cancellation makes me wonder) and if so I’ll post some pix.

  1. What a combo! Of course the chances of a truly first-rate show like that making it up here to Aotearoa are about the same as the chances of SLB or KJo making a movie that isnt total sh*t or Himesh actually learning to sing, so I will restrain my raging envy and wish you great enjoyment! :)

  2. Ooo! Where did you find the tour dates? I might link to those tomorrow for people who are not in DC.

    It’s so strange to me that these tours go along with no centralized promotions. I asked my local promoter for a list of tour dates and he got really confused and then never got back to me.

    Actually, the promotions for these types of tours in general are very poor. I actually missed A.R. Rahman a couple of years ago because I had no idea he was coming through town! That shouldn’t happen!

    (And I’m totally going to freestyle with HK! Ek Glassy, Do Glassy, Tin Glassy CHAR!)

    • Filmi Girl-ji,
      Thanks for stopping in and hope you don’t mind my heavy linking to your page, but the posts were so cute and comprehensive, why try and duplicate, hai na?

      I found the dates by googling “explosion tour” and followed the Sonu link here:


      As my local link suggested, I emailed the address with a ticket request asking where to buy, and he just replied that tickets were available at the stores, not what stores, no addresses. I’ll track them down though at an Indian grocery soon.

      Too bad about the Rahman tour miss. The organization is really non existent and uncentralized for these tours. As an outsider gori, I am not on the inside track, you know hanging out at the mandir and Indian grocer regularly. I just happened to see the ad when I went to see Kambahht Ishq at the theater, so you see there was a point to sitting through it after all. ;)

      And yes about the free stylin’. LOL. Since I am a clearing house for tracking all incidents of Johnnie Walker (drink not the actor) in the movies, and now songs, this particular line in Glassy caught my ear:

      larger , larger , jonny walkaa
      weneva we strt we cant stop
      paa mix it up widda lil soada water

      (here are the rest of those Glassy lyrics)

      Hope you get back stage and meet her in DC. Flow on sista!

      • He was supposed to shoot his new movie in Boston, but changed his mind because there weren’t “enough Indians” here. His producer was not too happy since he had already spent a good amount of money for the location scouting trip :-)

  3. *dies of jealousy* The nearest one to me is D.C., and that’s almost six hours. :-( They’re wise not to come here, we have a very small desi population in this part of the country. I’m surprised Atlanta isn’t on the list though!

    • ajnabi-ji,
      Well I will bring you along in spirit! I did finally manage to get some tickets today, but I still won’t believe it will go through until I’m there! When they cover this one I’ll think of you:

      As close to Atlanta it gets is to Atlantic City.

      Jump over to Youtube, there are a lot of little clips of the shows, like this:

      I’m most looking forward to Sundihi’s cover of

      as was included in Filmi Girl’s setlist of the show.

      You know I’d go NUTS if it was Shreya Ghosal coming, but I’ll “settle” for Sundihi. :)

  4. “*dies of jealousy* The nearest one to me is D.C., and that’s almost six hours. The nearest to me is Los Angeles, a snip at over 13 hours to cover the 6508 miles of ocean.

  5. There’s some relevance, I think, to Johnny Walker the actor too… Because just like Johnny Walker, Hard Kaur made her big breakthrough playing a drunk… Assuming she was just playing one. :)

    I heard her hit(s) coming out of car radios in Jackson Heights about a year and a half to two years ago… You’d think they would have scheduled a New York City date. Or maybe they’re just waiting until they can make sure that the NYC date is a big deal because, you know, shows in New York always have to be some big deal.

  6. Assuming she was just playing one

    Im my small town of 55K there are 3K Panjabis, almost all of them Sikh, and I’d nearly bet that the number of kaurs among them who drink is in no more than double digits, much like the number of singhs who don’t.

    • stuartnz-ji,
      Perhaps they are doing it on the chupke chupke. ;) You know though Europe is the corrupting force, so maybe she does have an occasional glassy.

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  8. memsaab-ji,

    In response to “He was supposed to shoot his new movie in Boston, but changed his mind because there weren’t “enough Indians” here. His producer was not too happy since he had already spent a good amount of money for the location scouting trip :-)

    Doesn’t he realize that there may not be enough Indians for him, but what about the rich supply of gori extras? Duh!

  9. Yo Boston and memsaab-ji,
    Looks like your village has been added to the tour:

    25th September 2009 – Boston – NEW DATE – but not confirmed til now

  10. LA was cancelled today and was postponed to aug 16th so minneapolis must’ve been moved as well. in fact i think its going to move other dates.

    • Anarchivist-ji,
      I’m sorry about that! I hope it’s rescheduled and you can still get work off to see the show I am using my ESP to still get to Minneapolis. I commented on his site to please come to Minneapolis. It can’t hurt, right. Thanks for that link too, I like it better than the one I had here.

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  12. Minneapolis show moved to August 23. All August 16th tix will be honored. (No word on whether there will be reimbursements for those who can’t make the Aug. 23 show, though I imagine it won’t be hard to “get rid of” those :-)

    • Thanks rj-ji,

      I updated this post with another here:


      Also, here’s updated information that ticket holders were emailed:

      Date Changed for Sonu Nigam show Due to LA show being canceled and postpone to Aug 16th,
      NOW Mpls show is on Aug 23rd @ 7pm, MPLS Convention Center
      Aug 23rd is the final date. No more changes- I hope everyone would be able to make it. I am just trying my best to accommodate everyone possible. I hope everyone understands that all of these changes are not my fault. I am just trying my best to host the show in our town. I really appreciate everyone’s support.

      Sorry for inconvenience this may have caused to people who have all ready purchase the tickets.
      All tickets are valid that have been purchase before and now.

      “Special arrangement for people breaking Ramadan fasting.”

      Sonu Nigam
      August 23rd @ 7pm

      Dinner: 5:30pm – 6:30pm

      Minneapolis Convention Center
      1301 Second Ave South
      Minneapolis, MN 55403-2781


      Ticket Prices:
      $25, $37.00, $52.00, $75.00

      VIP $100

      VVIP $200.00
      Includes back stage pass

      Tickets are available at the following locations:



      For more information please contact

      Shashi Tiwari


      Please send us e-mail to reserve your tickets.
      Also click this link to view the seating arrangement


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