Anil Kapoor cooks with Martha Stewart.

anil martha.2

I posted about Hillary Clinton and Aamir Khan a couple days back and now I have yet another famous American gori hanging out with an Indian Film Industry super star to show you.  Anil Kapoor on the Martha Stewart Show!  How did I miss this? Well I suppose because the show is on while I’m working is the reason I missed it when it originally aired.  The other day I watching Martha Stewart and chef Suvir Saran was her guest and they were making some cauliflower dish. Then I hear Martha casually comment on how when Anil Kapoor was on her show he also used asafoetida in the black dal recipe he made.  SAY WHAT!?  The search was on!  Better late than never.

anil martha

I found that Anil Kapoor had been on  Martha’s show April 1, 2009.

Just look at Martha acting so coy around our beloved Anil!

She is looking just like a gori extra in a Bollywood film.

Lekin, how can I blame her?

Can anyone resist his charms?

anil martha.4

Martha becomes more aggressive and it looks like she’s trying to accidently touch his hand here.


How dare she!?

Back off Martha!


anil martha.3 anil martha.5

anil martha.6

You may watch the episode at THIS LINK.  In the clip you’ll see that Martha doesn’t know a whole lot about Bollywood, but she tries to talk about it, and Anil is very polite about her lack of knowledge.  Mention not! Ahh, if she only knew of his vast mega-star fame and cinematic accomplishments!

Anil Kapoor’s black dal recipe.

anil martha.1

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13 thoughts on “Anil Kapoor cooks with Martha Stewart.

  1. Ooh! I might have to follow suit and watch this too! I love Anil! How dare Martha try to touch our Anil! ::swats at her:: BTW – he’s been filming some episodes of 24 here – the only reason to watch it would be for him~! He got a lot of US publicity during award time that’s probably the reason he was on Martha.

    • kamalachan-ji,
      Yes do watch it, though it is a bit uncomfortable to watch, since he seems nervous and she wasn’t knowledgeable about Bollywood, nor his massive career. I’m so glad that you too can see Martha throwing herself at Anil here too. ;) Yes, you’re right I’m sure that was shot during award time. I also remember seeing SRK doing announcing at the Golden Globes and thinking that the majority of the audience had absolutely no idea about who he was and all his fame and films in India. Thanks for the 24 information too. Getting geared up for the “Explosion!” show?

      • I am! I’m making Sunidhi/Sonu/Hard Kaur mixes on my iPod for work. :D Can I come mix it up with Hard Kaur with you? If not, I’ll go harmonize with Sonu. . .

  2. It’s so funny when Martha is like “my belly dancing is not good enough” (or something like that). Oh so sad, she’s never seen an indian film before.

    • Stella_1-ji,
      I KNOW! That really was tough to hear. I hate that feeling of being embarassed for someone. That was mortifying when she said that. I liked how he just ignored it, and went on to something else. Very classy. Yeah, too bad she’s only see Slumdog, the non-Bollywood movie, that non Bollywood watchers think is Bollywood. Martha doesn’t know what she’s missing. Thanks for stopping in yaar.

  3. LOL at all your comments esp the gori extra in a bollywood movie! I hope you have not offended some Martha lovers.

    Thanks for posting this. Much appreciated.

    • Anonymous-ji,
      I like Martha, and I didn’t offend myself. :) I think Martha has a great sense of humor, and if she understood the ramifications of Bollywood and the role of the gori extra in the Indian film industry, she’d smile…I hope. I yearn to be a gori extra one day. Thanks for stopping in and commenting.

  4. kamalachan-ji!
    Cool! I can then ask you what song is this? Like I did at the Glassy event. Of course you can join Hard Kaur and me backstage. ;) It was you and DhoomFM that hipped me to her to begin with. I’m going to try and find some tickets in the next few days and please let me know if you’ve found any. I emailed the promoter and he just wrote they were “in stores” and that the $25 ones were sold out.

  5. Oh those gori extras drive me mad (although I would jump at the chance of being one). And now I know why – they all remind me of Martha Stewart! Doesn’t matter how slim, how tall, how blonde. They just look pig-ignorant about what they are doing and who they are appearing with. Worst offenders? The dancers in Darde Disco. Girls, do you not know who he is? Just back off, will you!

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