Noor Jehan, Queen of Melody. Plus: murder by balloons!

Dosto! I’m working my way back from the world of Iranian cinema through Pakistan films, before I eventually land again in Bollywood. I have only seen two Pakistani (Lollywood)  films, one was Khuda Ke Liye (2007) and the other,  Dupatta (1952).  I read about Dupatta at Dances on the Footpath where Richard did a great write up HERE. I’d heard of singer/actress Noor Jehan, who of course I like to call  Mallika-e-Tarranum, the queen of melody.

noorjehan_bw noor1

Now that’s really and achievement to be a playback singer and actress all in one.  The song that sticks in my mind still months after viewing the film is Chandani Raatein:

Then I found a more recent version of the song and Noor Jehan is really the Queen of Melody in this rendition:

If you want a modern Bally Sagoo remix of the same tune, Darshit told me about this version.

Chandani Raatein is not all that stuck in my head from the film.  If you read this blog, you may have seen me fixate on the use of balloons in Bollywood films.  I love it!  Well this scene from Lollywood surpasses almost all balloon scenes I’ve seen in Bollywood, except for maybe this one from Hum Kisise Kum Nahin.  Enjoy this sweet little murder by balloons scene and keep it in mind in case you need to murder a small child, or anyone easily fascinated by balloons:

The entire film has been lovingly uploded with English subtitles by jimmynoor68 HERE. Now please, take these balloons…no, no, how about from here. Yes now step up here…yes! take them from here…


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12 thoughts on “Noor Jehan, Queen of Melody. Plus: murder by balloons!

  1. I am working on my balloon revenge. Do you think I could fill it with weed or hennesy and it would still float? HMMMMMMMMMMMM

    • Kim-ji,
      If you need to fill the balloons in order to lure your prey and they are vulnerable to said substances, then I suppose that would be the ticket. All the best! Though I’m not advocating murder per se, just enjoy that particular murder by balloon scene. :)

  2. Thank you for the reference, Sita-ji. There is nothing like the voice of Mallika-e-Tarannum, Madam Noor Jehan, my favorite filmi singer of all (as well as one of my favorite actresses from a long time ago).

    It was also fun to see the balloon scene from Dupatta here. And what a great picture you posted below it! It’s funny, because I recall seeing that drawing of Noor Jehan before, but I don’t recall seeing any balloons!

    • Richard-ji,
      You’re welcome, thanks for writing it. :) That balloon scene is really the limit! And I can’t believe that you missed the balloons when you saw that Noor Jehan drawing. How strange. ;)

    • Nicki-ji,
      I was so excited to see such a devilish scene in the film involving the balloons. Who would have thought they’d come up with such a plan? :)

  3. Murder by Balloon! So innovative! Brilliant! and indeed, Noor jehan was a legend. Not only she was a great performer, but her larger than life persona in Pakistanis’ mindset makes her legendary! She have a lot of brilliant songs from different genres, from sad urdu songs (like Chandni Raatein), to ghazals, to an impressive, impressive collection of Punjabi songs (some of them with double entendre.. and those are doubly enjoyable when coming from a legend!)

    • dishoomdishoom-ji ,
      I was glad to learn to the legendary Noor Jehan and hope to see/hear much more of her work. Thanks for stopping in to comment yaar. :)

      I’m glad you’ve been able to check out Richard’s blog, Dances on the Footpath, since it has a lot of Pakastani filum information.

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