Parichay (1972) and Baby Pinky


Parichay (1972) is inspired by The Sound of Music (1963), except for it’s splendidly Bharaticized.

Jeetendra is sent to teach Pran’s five grandchildren, the eldest of whom is played by Jaya Bhaduri. Their father Sanjeev Kumar, a talented musician, died after his wife’s death, so the children were sent to live with their paternal grandfather. The children have driven away their previous tutors and in turn, get corporal punishment by their aunt. After Jeetendra comes, the children play tricks on him too, but his gentle manner and patient methods win them over. He and Jaya Bhaduri fall in love, and the end credits indicate that there will be a wedding between them. (source)

I found this Parichay poster pictured below in Karen’s gallery. I wanted to include it to ask you if you’ve noticed in a lot of Jaya’s earlier work how she sticks the tip of her thumb and finger to her teeth and lips in an attempt to look coy and bashful. I don’t think that’s too cute, and once I noticed it, I kept noticing it. Look! If I ever meet Jaya, I’m going to do that myself while looking at her and see how she likes it.


You get your Pran, Jeetendra, Jaya and cute kid fix with this film, but my favorite performer of all was Baby Pinky! parichay.munni.tongue


Jeetendra’s character is called in to straighten up and teach Rai Saheb’s (Pran) unruly and orphaned grandchildren.


I’ll go out on a limb and say the grandchildren may be acting up because their parents are DEAD and now that they live with grandpa, they’re treated like this:

parichay.pranand like this:


Enter Ravi, who meets the cute kids:

Look at the especially cute Sanjay (Master Raju) and Meeta (Baby Pinky):

Now let me indulge you with more of Baby Pinky. Good thing this is an old movie and I’m in the USA, because I’m telling you, if I were anywhere near Baby Pinky during the time this film was made, I would have kidnapped her! Who would you kidnap from the film?

Please note in the photo below that Jaya is holding Pinky:

She has to clamp Pinky down, because if she does not this is what happens:


I can’t get enough of Baby Pinky:


I know you’ll enjoy Sa Re Ke Sa Re with music by R. D. Burman, lyrics by Gulzar and playback singers Kishore Kumar & Asha Bhosle. Be sure to watch Baby Pinky’s super dance scene 2 minutes into this video.

Thanks to yuanyuanyuanyin for posting this video. Stop by her youtube channel for many Hindi treasures.


Extra credit:

Watch the Do Re Mi clip from Sound of Music to compare it with Sa Re Ke Sa Re.

You can watch all of Parichay online HERE.

Now go  see  Memsaab’s Parichay review.

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29 thoughts on “Parichay (1972) and Baby Pinky

  1. I totally *heart* Master Raju and would have kidnapped HIM (and I have to admit that I’m not really a rugrat kind of person). My dil just melts looking at his cuteness.

    And then he (now grown up of course) came and commented on my review of Parichay! I’m sorry to say that Baby Pinky annoyed me though (see “and I have to admit…” sentence above).

    • Memsaab-ji!
      VAY! I just amended my post and linked your blog’s Parichay review in at the end. How exciting that the master Raju commented on your post. He’s adorable. I don’t know Memsaab, did you see her at the 2 minute point of the video, better rewatch that and reassess. :)

      p.s. going pagal with wordpress today, since I noticed ALL my side bar links to other blogs and more aren’t showing up. Hopefully the glitch will pass.

      • Wait! My sidebar links have reappeared thanks to some wordpress tech help. Now maybe I could add a poll to this post: Master Raju vs. Baby Pinky…who would you kidnap given the chance? I’ll add that later. ;)

      • memsaab-ji,
        Yes, it’s a real Sophie’s Choice on that one. I deliberately made it too difficult. It’s really a win/win though.

  2. Wow i wasn’t aware of a bollywood type Sound of Music, the closest i thought to the sound of music was Mr India, i don’t have the patience of watching movies on youtube so i’ll probably just get it on dvd sometime

    • bollywooddeewana-ji,
      Yes, it’s a semi-influenced version of Sound of Music. You remind me that I’ve never seen Mr. India. I have to get around to that.

    • pitu-ji! Finally! A partner in crime! Chor! However, perhaps you did not vote in the poll within the post, since Master Raju is winning the “Who would you kidnap from Parichay?” contest at this point.

  3. How did I miss this utterly delightful post! I’m still in gales of laughter! I had to vote for Pran, the Pran-tastic one, but Baby Pinky is so sweet!

      • Baby Pinky’s last name is Sachdev. Her brother was my classmate. She was in the same school. Don’t remember her first name.

  4. AAAWWW, looks sooo cute!!

    Raju Chacha, with Ajay Devgan and wifey Kajol, is also inspired by Sound of Music. I really liked it. Now, this looks good too!

    • Nicki-ji,
      It’s worth a watch just fun and history of the film and of course for Pran and baby Pinky and master Raju :) , lekin, I’d really only give it a 6/10. I will have to see Raju Chacha now. And speaking of kids’ films, I jsut saw Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic which was very cute and Mary Poppins-esque.

  5. Pingback: Chatri na khol… « Harveypam's Blog

    • harveypam-ji,
      Umbrellas! You’ve rocked my world, I won’t ever quite look at things the same way, and I will be looking for those hidden umbrellas now too.

  6. Baby Pinky is Priyanka Sachdev or Priyanka Trivedi …she was the same woman in Udhaar Ka Zindagi (1994)…Ravi Kissen’s lover Suman and also in Laqshya (1994) opppsite Ronit Roy.

    Who agrees with me? :)

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