Bachna Ae Haseeno (2008) Beware, O beautiful Ones!

In Bachna Ae Haseeno (2008), I enjoyed seeing Ranbir revise his baap Rishi Kapoor’s Bachna Ae Haseeno tune from Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahin (1977), with playback singer Kishore Kumar and music by R.D. Burman. Out of respect, let’s view the senior’s version first:

Now here’s a modern reworking of the tune with Rishi’s son, Ranbir:

Great job Ranbir, but sorry to tell you your dad wins this round, simply for the fact that he wore that great heart necklace. Old is gold. Which one do you prefer?   Now here’s a bit about the movie:

BachnaAeHaseeno.coverThe film follows the journey of Raj Sharma (Ranbir Kapoor) from the age of 18 to 30 and how he meets three girls at different stages of his life : Mahi (Minissha Lamba) – a small-town girl from Punjab, Radhika (Bipasha Basu) – a model from Mumbai and Gayatri (Deepika Padukone) – a NRI taxi driver and student from Australia. The film is about a boy who goes from one love affair to another, only to run into true love. (source)

Raj has had 2 girlfriends, Mahi and Radhika. He leaves them both without too much thought about their feelings and the consequences of his actions.  Then he finally falls for a girl who can’t commit to him, the taxi driving, convenience store working, college attending Gayatri.


So now the shoe is on the other foot.  (Is that also a saying in Hindi? The shoe is on the other foot?) Finally Raj  understands how Mahi and Radhika must have felt when he wouldn’t commit to them. To make amends for his playboy living and redeem himself for true love, he goes back to apologize to the 2 women he’s hurt years earlier.

WBachnaAeHaseeno.mahihen he first met Mahi, Raj played into her romantic  DDLJ inspired fantasies. Mahi overhears him talking crassly about her to his friends at the airport. She’d been tricked! She’s devistated  and looses her trust in love.

Years later we return to Mahi’s home in the Punjab, and to place us in Amritsar, there’s a requisite shot of the Golden Temple.  Her husband is the super hot  Kunal Kapoor, I mean Joginder Ahluwalia. Joginder is a proud Sikh man, who loves his wife.  Joginder is wealthy, and wears a Hermes scarf.



I must add that I was in Amritsar a few months back and saw nobody wearing a Hermes scarf, but I did see a guy wearing a shower cap covered in strawberries.  I drove by him so fast, but I wanted to shout to him, “Yaar, did you ever see Strawberry Shortcake?”  See the Strawberry Shortcake Sikh.

India_08_09 362

So Raj makes the trek to Amristar to apologize to Mahi, but encounters her husband first. Jogi has all the trappings of marriage from Mahi, but not her love, since Raj robbed her of her belief in romantic love years before. Joginder takes Raj out to the woods to so he can talk man to man, drink some Johnnie Walker (Black Label) and threaten him with a gun.

BachnaAeHaseeno.Johnnie Walker.BL


Raj finally gets his chance to apologize to Mahi who wears this smashing sari.  I LOVED that sari!


Look at her bangles, and all that gorgeous fabric in the sari:


The song I really loved from the film wasJogi Mahi.  Can you listen to  it and not move?  Impossible not to at least bob your head, or tap a toe to this. Vishal-Shekhar wrote the catchy tune and it’s picturised on Ranbir Kapoor, Minissha Lamba & Kunal Kapoor. The playback singers are Sukhwinder Singh, Shekhar Ravjiani & Himani Kapoor

The second woman Raj goes back to apologize to is Radhika (Bipasha Basu). They been shacking up in Mumbai are all set to get married.  Radhika and her pals plan on meeting Raj for a civil shaadi ceremony…


He leaves her waiting on the stop of city hall in Mumbai, and she never gets that marriage license.


Then he goes to Australia, just to make it clear he’s really gone.BachnaAeHaseeno.bipasha

Fast forward several years and Raj now wants to apologize to Rahdika, who has now become a huge diva with a new naam: Shreya!


In order to gain forgiveness, Raj agrees to be Shreya/Rahdika’s personal assistant. For days she treats him horribly and attempts to humiliate him. Raj’s rejection fueled Rahdika to fame, yet she’s bitter and afraid to love.


At last she breaks down and forgives him, only after telling him how she felt when he left her years before.

BachnaAeHaseeno.bipasha.Fast BachnaAeHaseeno.bipasha.Fast.2

BachnaAeHaseeno.bipasha.Fast.3 BachnaAeHaseeno.bipasha.Fast.4

As they say in India: Why buy the holy cow, if you can get the doud for free?

Let me know what you thought of the film, and as always my mitr, all the best!


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15 thoughts on “Bachna Ae Haseeno (2008) Beware, O beautiful Ones!

  1. I love this movie, its high on repetitive watch, i preferred a hundred times more to Jaane Tu ja jaane na. Gorgeous locations, great songs, fabulous costumes i totally loved it, why i do agree Jogi Mahi would get you moving, my favourite is Lucky Boy that song is wickedly catchy, i couldn’t get it off my head for months, the song annoys some people and for some reason it was the first recipient of ‘ the most atrocious lyrics award'(Whatever!!) at the Golden Kela awards (see below).I have heard worse, wrong choice Golden Kela

    • bollywooddeewana-ji,
      Yes, this movie was very fancy with all the locations wasn’t it? Yes, Lucky Boy was catchy, but I was thinking that that choreography was just so risque, you know when Bipasha keeps nearly touching her own breast! I had to try and stop that song from taking over my brain, like you it happened to you. :) LOL, thanks for that great link! It will be great time pass. :)

  2. Well, this one was a good cute movie by Yash uncle. A mish-mash of his own movies, plus storyline inspired by a Tamil movie []

    But still it was really fun watching it. Yet, I felt the ending was done in quite hurry.

    Music was so good and yeah, Bips was THE best among all. I was so moved in the marriage scene [the one you have made your header]. And similarly, clapping at her strong second avatar !!

    And no, as far as I know, I don’t think there is any saying about shoe in Hindi. :-)

    • Darshit-ji,
      Oh My! You know I’ve seen Autograph a few yeasr back and adored that film and it didn’t remember about Bachna Ae Haseeno being a remake of that film until you pointed it out. I even remembering Nicki’s great post that you linked here. I will have to amend my post and slip that in too. Have yous seen autograph! So lovely. It definitely outshines Bachna Ae Haseeno in my mind artistically. You know the Yash films are on such another level, so lavish and spendy that sometimes the beautiful messages are overshadowed by all that glitz. See! Even I, who have seen Autograph, forgot that it was the inspiration for it due to the Yash treatment. :) I’m so glad you stopped in to comment and remind me. I read your comments on Nicki’s post and saw your frustrating attempts to find Autograph. Any luck seeing that yet?

      You know I put up these posts and try to point out the parts I liked and/or thought were amusing, but really don’t review the films, but were I to make a suggestion for Bachna Ae Haseeno vs. Autograph, I’d give Autograph a 9 and Bachna Ae Haseeno about a 6. You’re right about the mish mash and the ending being rushed. Yet it’s definitely worth a view and the time since it was such a fun movie. I especially liked Mahi’s DDLJ inspired dream world. She was so cute! And Raj picking up on that and playing the mandolin. :D

      As always thanks for you visit and insightful comments. I’m almost through with Welcome to Sanjanpur, which you so nicely reviewed on your blog:
      I’m loving that film.

  3. No :-( I still have not seen Autograph But I loved Nicki’s review, so mentioned here. [so far I have got Bommarillu, but still the cd is lying in my box, unseen]

    And yes, I loved bubbly Mahi so much. And the story was filmed really well, their’s was my favorite track of the movie. I always love ‘girly’ girls in movies ! But Its just Bips’ performance that won me over.

    Thanks for the link and complements. I m honored. Looking forward what are your thoughts on lovely Welcome to Sajjanpur.

    • Darshit-ji,
      You’ll love Bommarillu. Yes Mahi was bubbly for sure, a lot like Genelia’s character in Bommarillu, btw. Bips did really have the most substantial part and did a fine job. I really like her in most everything I see her in, especially Corporate. Finished Welcom to Sagganpur, and loved it. I’ll stop over for a comment later yaar. :)

  4. This was a fun movie!! I loved your picture of Strawberry Shortcake Sikh!! LOL!

    The only thing I didn’t like from Bachna Ae Haseeno was how Gayatri changed her mind at the end – the plot didn’t give a reason and Deepika is not a good enough actress to make it seem genuine.

    Everything but that, I really loved – esp. “Jogi Mahi”!

    • Filmi Girl-ji,
      So glad that you liked the Strawberry Shortcake Sikh! If only one other person enjoys that photo, it’s worth the post. :)

      Agreed about the ending, like Darshit mentioned, it seemed hurried. I’m sure Deepika evantually changed her mind upon reflecting on all those pricy pillar candles Raj had placed around the fountain when he proposed. That msut have cost him a fortune. That scene distracted me, I wanted to count the candles, wondered how many people it took to set them up and light them. Were the real or electric? Did they follow a blueprint to place them? :D So clearly Gayatri started thinking the same and took him back. Thanks for your visit mitr.

  5. I’m right there with you — a very satisfying movie, despite its too-tidy ending. Loved Mahi the best, although I have to say: Raj hurt her far less than her hurt Radhika. I mean, he and Mahi had little more than a flirtation. They never even engaged in any hanky-panky (although they did perhaps kiss), whereas he actually lived in sin with poor Radhika, an aspiring young thing he turned into a whore! (It’s a wonder she mustered the self-esteem to become a diva, albeit a self-hating one). Nevertheless, Mahi was shattered by the experience. Not even a hot husband and two cute kids could undo the damage. At some point, Joginder is going to look at his wife and wonder why he put up with her dourness for so long. And those poor boys, to have endured her iciness during their formative years! I wish they’d been little monsters when Raj met them. But whatever: the music was great and Deepika Padukone was exquisite. I give this movie a very solid 6, maybe even a 6.5, although not the kind of 6.5 you’d round up to a 7.

  6. Brahmanadam-ji,
    You are so correct that Radhika really had more reason for her bitterness. Mahi’s was not in proportion to Raj’s offense. It was really nothing so bad that Raj did, I mean who wouldn’t ride Mahi’s wave of DDLJ obsession and play it to his advantage? I mean they WERE in Europe, and he DID have a mandolin at his disposal, hai na? I would certainly think that a Kunal Kapoor husband would take away all of her sorrow, I know it would for me. And remember Joginder didn’t have to put out with Mahi’s dourness after the Jogi Mahi number, since the song and dance healed her bitterness. I guess Mahi is more complex and perhaps suffered from repetition compulsion, trying to recreate traumatic events to work them out: rejection, rejection, rejection. Look Mahi! He’s HOT! He has a nice merino wool sweater, a Hermes scarf and drinks Johnnie Walker black label from Waterford crystal AND he’s a good roti winner, and father. Love him! I completely agree with the un-roundable 6.5 rating. Shukriya yaar.

  7. OMG you are exactly right — I forgot about her DDLJ obsession! All he did was help her out with it!

    One more thing about Joginder: Based on his reaction to Raj’s showing up at the house, we know that Mahi talked to him about her aborted first love. She was self-aware enough to identify the cause of her disillusionment and apparently all too willing to talk about it, but STILL she agreed to marry Joginder and still HE agreed to marry HER.

    “I will never belief in love,” Mahi says. “I don’t believe in it.”

    “That’s okay, I’ll marry you anyway.”

    “Fine, but it’s not going to be any fun.”

    Time passes. They have kids.

    “Isn’t our family great?” he says. “Maybe now you can love me as a man (as good looking as I am) deserves to be loved.”

    “No, I can’t. Raj really hurt me. You don’t understand. He really, really hurt me. You should have HEARD him talking to his friends about me in the train station. It was so, so….offhand of him!!! He acted like it wasn’t that big a deal. Really, it was the limit!”

    More time passes. The kids are now, like, eight years old. Still Joginder pines for his wife.

    Joginder says, “Pretty great life we have, don’t you think, Mahi? gorgeous, well-adjusted kids. Nice house. Beautiful clothes. We like our families and our in-laws. Everyone’s healthy. I guess things have worked out pretty well.”

    “No, they haven’t, Joginder. Raj stole something from me and I’ll never have it back. I’m empty. You and the kids are fine, but come on! You don’t understand: I no longer believe in love!”

    “Well, maybe YOU don’t, but I’m just going to keep on loving you, and eventually win you over with my devotion and dazzling good looks.”

    “No, you won’t. Raj inflicted what is essentially a traumatic brain injury on me. Don’t you understand? I’m broken,” she explains. “I’m just hollow and apathetic, like a robot. There was nothing I could do. Raj did this to me. Let me dig up a picture of him from my photo album. Or ask my parents about him because they met him in Europe. His name was Raj. I mean, we had such a nice time together, and then he just told his friends that he wasn’t serious about me. He just TOLD THEM, out loud, in public. He SAID IT. Don’t you understand? He destroyed a part of me. Raj might as well have raped me and thrown me on the train tracks. It was the LIMIT!”

    “Yes, but that was so long ago. And here I am, with you, not going anywhere, loving and adoring you even though I’m so handsome I could have anyone I wanted. Come on, just look at me!!! But that’s not happening, Mahi. What was it Randy Travis sang: ‘Truth is I’m gonna be here for a long long time. I’ll stay forever or ’til you say goodbye…If you need some lovin’ proof, just reach out: the truth is lyin’ next to you.'” Well, how much more proof do you need? How could this guy Raj, in a span of 48 hours, rob you of your faith in love, while I, over years and years, don’t have a chance at restoring your lost ideals? Maybe now, finally, still, even, maybe yet I, even now, can be your true love, Mahi.”

    “No, you can’t, Joginder. Go get my fancy sari for me. No, not that one. THAT one. Can’t you see? Raj, for all his faults, would have known which one I’m talking about. Anyway, you don’t understand….” and on and on and on.

    I mean, can you imagine how MUCH they would have had to talk about Raj for him to be so top of mind that the moment Joginder meets him, he reacts that way?

    It’s irritating reading my long-winded imagined conversations between the two of them, isn’t it? But the ones they’d ACTUALLY have to have would have been a million times more boring, repetitive and pathetic.

    How could any decent woman agree to marry a man whose love she knew she’d never reciprocate? Worse yet, why would she tell him that? And of course why would he be okay with it? You saw what a cold fish she was in the sack.

    That movie lost probably 2 full stars because of Mahi’s self-centered intransigence and Joginder’s unaccountable willingness to put up with it.

    But still I loved the reconciliation song, the clothes and the choreography.

    • Brahmanadam-ji!
      Vay! To take us into Joginder’s personal hell is torture! And remember, it was probably even WORSE than that since I don’t think she ever told him. I believe her friends told him why she might be so distant, due to her prior betrayal by Raj. Either way, it was too much. It sort of reminded me of Kajol’s performance in Hum Aapke Dil Mein Rehte Hain.

      Remember how she just would NOT forgive Anil’s character, even after he was remorseful. She just wouldn’t give up her grudge.

  8. Bips was the best thing in the film! I really wished that Raj ended with none of them! Haha. I didn’t think Manissa was that great, her character Mahi was annoying to me. Deepika was just a pretty face. Hated her character. Wait, I did blogged about it here.

    I see Darshit and your convo here. Autograph is an awesome movie. I absolutely love it!! Still think it’s the best Tamil intro film!

    I have Teen Deeyian at home now but don’t want to see it…just yet.

    • Nicki-ji,
      Bipasha really did the bulk of the acting in this one for sure. She carried the film in my opinion. Agree with you on Deepika’s role too. I’ll check your post now too. Now I did like Mahi as the ditsy young girl, but her anger as an adult was puzzling and too extreme considering the situation. Yes I too agree that Autograph is awesome. I must re watch that one.

      I have never see Teen Deeyian, but I will want to I’m sure. Thanks for your visit yaar.

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