Mind your cleavage


Khabie khabie a subtitle appears that is worthy of its very own post. I mean how many times have you thought someone was showing too much cleavage, but never thought of actually telling them, let alone in those words? I’ve thought,  Hey you should really cover up, damn! I’ve never said that out loud.  Now after seeing this, I may just have to say, Mind your cleavage, love, fear the world.


The song where I found this subtitle is called Apun Ko Bas,  picturized on Anil Kapoor and Shilpa Shetty from Rishtey (2002). I’m minding my cleavage since I fear the world, now you please go do the same.

And speaking of minding one’s cleavage, thanks to Richard at Dances on the Footpath for alerting me to this woman who needs to mind her cleavage and her mujra.

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20 thoughts on “Mind your cleavage

  1. Sitaji, That’s what we should all be doing, as good women. Or be subjected to much grabbing. Fab. I know what I’m missing now by not watching Hindi films with subtitles.

  2. Dosto,
    I am proud of you all for minding your cleavage. Vay! If you are not minding it, do the needful!

    the post-punk cinema club-ji,
    Good work, no doubt you were indeed minding your cleavage.

    “That takes the cleavage.” LOL :D

    I suppose you may be OK with someone NOT minding their cleavage. ;)

    My pleasure. :)

    Switch them on for double fun!

    Crazy On Bollywood-ji,
    Yes, that’s because it’s well minded.

  3. I never thought my love of Bollywood would ever decrease for anything, but a ‘mind your cleavage’ revolution would do it. ROTFL. It’s funny the way it’s translated, because in the song, it’s directed specifically at what Shilpa Shetty’s wearing. :)

  4. theBollywoodFan-ji,
    Yes Shilpa did wear some revealing outfits in the film. I did really enjoy her scting a lot it this film and her character was cute, despite not minding her cleavage as needed. :)

    Thanks for your nice comments and your visit. NOw remember too, mind your cleavage. ;)

    Thanks for your visit, and nice blog you’ve got there yourself, I’ll have to check more of it out later. Minding my cleavage, Sita-ji

  5. I always have to mind my cleavage. I guess I’d better pay extra attention should I ever run into Anil on the streets. . . Thanks for the giggle.

  6. The translation should have been “mind your stole, love, fear the world”. Yes, I agree by not wearing the stole in a way it should be, she is showing excess/some cleavage. I guess the translators are adding their creativity to the mundane job of literal translation.

    • Amar Prem-ji,
      I appreciate the true translation, and while it’s also playful in nature, the more inaccurate “mind your cleavage” is my preference. ;) You may want to take a peek at PAAGAL SUBTITLE for some subtitle fun. Thanks for stopping in to comment dost.
      All the best!

    • Richardji! Thank you for posting this flagrant example of what happens when one fails to mind one’s cleavage. Her well fought struggle to contain her nipple is an inspiration to all women. She shows us it can be done! My favorite part is the, “Hey you, yeah you. Right here, get it?” at the 2:27 mark. Shukriya!

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