The Outer World of Shahrukh Khan (2005)


As promised in my post on The Inner World of Shahrukh Khan, I will now cover part 2 of Nasreen Munni Kabir’s documentary set: The Outer World of Shahrukh Khan (2005).  Kabir’s experience working with Kahn is nicely reviewed in  the article Shah Rukh bahut sharif aadmi hai by Aseem Chhabra.nasreen

Towards the middle of “The Outer World of Shah Rukh Khan — the second of the two reflective and moving documentaries directed by British Indian filmmaker and writer, Nasreen Munni Kabir — the Bollywood star states: ‘There are three people in me: A person, an actor and a star. I try to keep as much in touch with reality as I can. Try to remember what the star did, what the actor did and what I did. Most people I know become so schizophrenic, they forget.’ Kabir’s two films, The Inner World of Shah Rukh Khan (produced for Britain’s Channel 4) and The Outer World of Shah Rukh Khan (produced for Khan’s Red Chillies International), do exactly that — show how Khan lives in three worlds at all times, trying to keep a balance, his sanity and also staying rooted to reality. (source)

inneroutersrkout The Outer World shows SRK on the road with the Temptations Tour in 2004. Khan is filmed smoking cigarettes as much or even more than in his Inner World disc. Khan is shown both on stage and more interestingly behind the stage with his Bollywood buddies, Saif Ali Khan, Arjun Rampal, Rani Mukergee, Preity Zinta, and Priyanka Choprainneroutersrkoutarjunsaif inneroutersrkoutbackstagearjunpriety inneroutersrkoutbackstagerani2 Khan is so incredibally hardworking, that he seems nearly manic.  He’s shown as so dedicated, enthusiastic and putting so much effort into the tour that I wish I could have seen it!  Also, I’ve found many videos of Khan’s Tour Diary, which makes me want to get a hold of that to watch. In my other post on the Inner World, blogger Bollywood Deewana commented that SRK seemed like a diva in some of the footage.  At first I didn’t understand where this was shown in Kabir’s video’s, but when I found footage of  The Temptation Tour Diary, I was able to see SRK having a bit of a fit HERE.


Aamir Khan shows up back stage, rocking his Mangal Pandey (2005) look hard. Too bad I couldn’t get a clearer shot of the Khans on the big screen together,  (see that theBolloywoodFan?) well not in a movie, a documentary, but still:




In the clips I saw of the tour within the documentary, the number that I’d want to see most is the one with Rani and Preity doing some classical dancing.  They both look fantastic.  Here’s a video of that portion of the tour HERE.

One of the more touching scenes is SRK doing one of the many back stage meet and greets with a young girl with what looks like cerebral palsey.  I  seeing how comfortable and caring he was with the child, since often times people act so awkward when dealing with people who have physical and mental disabilities.


And of course there are lots of smoking scenes. Lots!


Super star!


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12 thoughts on “The Outer World of Shahrukh Khan (2005)

  1. Darshit-ji,
    Ahh, you must be refering to the screen cap of Johar and SRK in the post just before this one, right? LOL, if we’re speaking of the same on, yes, I did see the sparks and was waiting for someone else to notice that too. Thanks! :D

  2. Thanks for that screenshot of them two Khans, Sita-ji! See, I told you they were/are friends (as ‘people’ at least, maybe not as actors/stars, LOL).

    Aamir as Mangal Pandey was quite awesome! Had to be, what with waiting 18 months for that look :)


  3. Adab theBollywoodFan-ji,
    I had to stop the DVD and screen cap the 2 Khans together. I did it for you. I loved that he was in full Mangal appearance there. I’m sure it worked as a disguise of sorts. I can’t see Aamir Khan doing a super stage tour like that. Has he ever participated in such a tour? He seems too regal for that.

  4. This was a cool DVD! Of course I’m in love with Shahrukh Khan, so I’m biased, but it’s rare that you see such an insightful expose on an Indian film star. I especially liked that they didn’t edit out the scene where he yells at Saif and Arjun backstage for being late in helping him get ready, because it may have been rude to some, but these celebrities are normal people who get angry and fight sometimes. Good to see something that was not so one-dimensional!

  5. Adab theBollywoodFan-ji,
    Interesting. Thanks for answering. Do you recall the name of the tour? I like the lavish names they give the tours. Did you go? Yes, better put the energy into the films.

    Thanks for stopping in girl. Yes, I agree with your comments. About that back stage thing, it’s funny because another commenter on my post on the other DVD (the inner world of SRK) spoke of Shahrukh losing his temper, but I didn’t even really think it was out of order in that context. They’ll all amped up in event situations anyway. Then I saw some footage on youtube of his “diary of the tour” and there were some other little fits. I’d just suggest that next time on tour, to avoid such fits and outbursts, someone like you or maybe me would be stationed back stage with some cigarettes ready to light for him, some chai, or pepsi, or some Johnnie Walker (minimum black lable, preferably green or blue for someone of his status) to had to him JUST before he’s about to snap. We’d be trained to recongnize the signs and slowly move in, softly saying, “Oh Mr. Khan…” and hand him the stuff. No tension. ;)
    I see you have a blog and I’ll go and check that out. Stop back again.

  6. I’ve been wanting to watch the Inner & Outer World of SRK for awhile, but I’ve got a lot of actual movies to watch first! I’ll get to them eventually. Speaking of Shah Rukh – I bought some biscuts today at an Indian market with him on them. It made me laugh. Also, thanks for the link to the video of Rani & Preity it was fun to watch.

    • Jenna-ji,
      Yes, I’ve bought those SRK endorsed crackers/biscuits too! I love that video of Rani and Preity dancing, Rani is an especially great dancer in that one. I think my favorite Rani number is Main Vari Vari from Mangal Pandey.

      here’s another version in a live performance, and a better costume:

      Don’t you love it? Even thought she’s mostly on the ground in her dancing, it’s still marvelous. I should do a post on it one day. I love her!

      She’s also great in Saawariya’s Chhabeela

      Hey you can get the SRK one from the HCLIB.ORG, since you’re local. :) SO many movies, so little time.

  7. I agree on the “so many movies so little time.” If only I could somehow work magic and get PAID to watch movies and write reviews, my life would be perfect! I’ve seen Saawariya and I loved Rani in it. I hate that they say Preity, Rani and Aish are all “old” now and have started to fade them out in favor of Priyanka, Katrina and Kareena. The film makers just need to write movies about people who aren’t college students and they’ll all get along great. I think Mangal Pandey is in the next few to come from Netflix, so I’ll wait till then to see Rani dancing in Main Vari Vari. I’ll check out the other one though! Thanks for the tips. :)

  8. kamalachan-ji, Thanks for stopping in. Yes too many movies, too little time. When you find that dream job you described, hire me for your assistant. :) You’re so right about the fake “old” pushing some of my very favorites by the wayside. Enjoy Mangal Pandy, and for all things Amir Khan, head over to theBollywoodFan. :)

  9. The video link to YouTube marked as Here is not there. You said you’ve seen multiple videos online of what you call Temptation Tour Diary but under that name I find none on YouTube. I also tried khan tour diary and get zip. Can you give a real working link to any of these videos you said you saw?

    These 2 documentaies are great. I prefer this one that shows the backstage material. Put it together with the Temptation Concert DVD and it’s the best real life footage of Srk available on DVD.

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