The Inner World of Shahrukh Khan (2005)

inneroutersrkinnersmoke The Inner World of Shahrukh Khan (2005) was sure a treat to watch.  If you haven’t already seen this documentary, I’m sure you’ve at least seen the many ads for it that run before you watch your Bollywood  DVDs, hai na?   It’s the first part of a set of documentaries, the second being The Outer World of Shahrukh Khan, which I’ll cover in my next post. The Inner World, by filmmaker Nasreen Munni Kabir, focuses on just that, SRK’s inner world, which is full of medical treatments for his back, spending time with his family at  Mannat, behind the scenes of Main Hoon Na, and lots and lots of smoking. I got second had smoke damage to my lungs from watching SRK in this film. King Khan has a true pyaar for his cigarettes!  He works hard.  He smokes hard.

The documentary titled: ‘The Inner Worldinneroutersrkinner1 of Shahrukh Khan’ is of 49 minutes duration and has tried to cover the snippets of star’s early struggling days to his reigning ones. The documentary starts with speaking of SRK born in a Delhi family in November 2, 1965. SRK was found be always an intelligent speaker and brought laurels to his college, Hansraj College. SRK completed his film television and Journalism degree from Jamia Milia Islamia. The film portrays struggling days in Mumbai, how he came to Barry John’s theatre classes, his mother’s death and then sister grew ill and the college romance with a Hindu girl, Gauri. Notwithstanding, Nasreen has done a wonderful job in keeping the viewers engrossed. Though Nasreen had earlier worked with Lata Mangeshkar, Javed Akhtar and Amitabh Bachchan, getting Shahrukh Khan to say ‘yes’ was quite an upheaval task. Firstly, SRK has a limited amount of time at his disposal and then SRK prefers privacy. But SRK ultimately gave in to Nasreen. Interestingly, Shahrukh later told that sometimes when he was clamoring for fame, he would have been anytime ready for a photo shoot or an interview. The documentary has been shot mostly on and off the sets of MAIN HOON NAA. Nasreen has traveled alongside SRK to his Delhi’s school days. The film traces moments of solitude as the king Khan prays for his back in his mother’s graveyard. Nasreen however ruled out any sparks of controversy to be any reason behind the documentary. She tried her level best to keep a clear picture of the person, but gave SRK enough time and privacy. SRK watched the film thrice before giving its approval and was in quite deep thoughts after watching it. SRK is a family-centric person and loves to be with his lovely wife and kids. The document comes to an end with Shahrukh’s birthday. Produced and directed the first television series on Indian cinema to be broadcast on UK channel 4; it surely is something that SRK’s fans would die for. (source)

There are some very sweet scenes with his family at their home, Mannat, celebrating diwali. Shahrukh explains that his son understands what he does for a living but jokes that his little daughter still thinks that he’s Aamir Khan.


In case you decide to stalk Mr. Khan, his driveway and front yard in Bandra look like this:





You can follow THIS LINK and as long as it lasts it will show SRK and his cute little beti and some scenes at Mannat that I’ve screen capped here.

inneroutersrkinnerson inneroutersrkinnerbeti1

Khan’s back problems and treatment methods are covered.  He sees a doctor and physical therapist.



He also sees an energy healer for his back pain. SRK even demonstrates his back massaging skills that he’s probably learned from his own treatments on his friend, director and choreographer, Farah Khan, behind the scenes of Main Hoon Na.

inneroutersrkinnerenergy1 inneroutersrkinnerfarah1

One of the sweetest scenes for me in the documentary is Shahrukh’s trip back to the school he attended as a kid in Delhi.   The brothers are so happy to see him and SRK states that he felt so touched to be back in a place where people knew him before he was famous.



The documentary did have one disturbing segment to me; Karan Johar fawning over SRK, giggling about how he would be so afraid to ever have Khan yell at him.  I recall Johar saying something like, “I just don’t know WHAT I’d do if he ever yelled at me.  I think I’d just start crying!  I’ve gotten a lot of help and advice from Gauri about how to handle Shahrukh and his moods.  When he’s angry, it’s best to stay away.  I would just never want him to yell at me!”  I wanted to get up and go through the TV screen and give Johar a tight slap to the face to snap him out of his fantasy.  I think he’d actually LOVE to have Shahrukh yell at him.  Then he could cry and hope that SRK would gently cradle him in his arms and stroke his hair.



Alright Dosto, thanks for reading and check back for the next post which will be on The Outer World of Shahrukh Khan.

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27 thoughts on “The Inner World of Shahrukh Khan (2005)

  1. Well, I have seen this many times on TV. And absolutely love SRK’s this approach. ‘being a celebrity, you should hide ‘nothing’ from your fans’. And your screencaps reminded my visit to his place. [well, not exactly, i was just standing on road of 'Mannat', wished I could see 'the' star, but he didn't come out :( ]

    Here are snaps I’ve taken. Hope you’ll like them.

    India’s most famous Address


    View from Mannat

  2. Lol… at your Karan johar comment, i once heard he said after Gauri he is Srk’s second wife and there has been loads of rumours surrounding the two of them

    I caught little parts if the innerworld on Tv and he came across as a bit of a diva at times, i hated the way he was yelling at his assistants in some segments

  3. Oh, that dog wasn’t starving. Actually [this may sound tacky but..]he was performing his ‘morning rituals’ [you know what I mean] :-D
    Thanks for your visit. And for link. Glad you like the pics.

  4. bollywooddeewana-ji,
    LOL, Yes I’ve heard about those rumors. Johar’s fawning behavior didn’t do a thing to stop me from thinking there could be some truth to the rumors., if only from his side. The man seems to have more of a crush on SRK than even I. ;) I like your blog and added it to the blogroll. I’ll be checking back. Thanks for your visit.

    OK, thanks for that information about the dog. For some reason that makes me feel better, even though it probably shouldn’t, but at least he’s not starving. :)

  5. Sitaji,

    I saw this DVD and loved it. Though I enjoyed ‘The Outer World’ more. Simply because I wanted more from ‘The Inner World’. What touched me was the moment in the car in Delhi when he admitted that he himself does not realize when he is acting and when he is not. And his difficulties with back.

    The sheer energy and hard work that comes across in ‘The Outer World’ really impressed me, specially given that you are aware that this man has an excruciatingly painful back problem.

  6. shweta-ji,
    Yes, I’d like to say more on Johar, but it’s against my manners policy. I’ve already said too much. ;)

    YES! Agreed about The Inner World and wanting more. The back pain looked excruciating and persistent. A very tough thing to handle day in and day out, but he seems to handle it well. I was also wanting to hear more about his sister. He did mention that she’s not well and the parents’ death impacted her mental state, but I would have loved a small interview with her too. I didn’t mention that I also liked the scenes where the author Anupama Chopra, who wrote King of Bollywood: Shah Rukh Khan and the Seductive World of Indian Cinema was filmed interviewing Khan. That was a nice touch; an interview within the documentary. I also really liked the entire Delhi segment, from the comments you referred to in the car to him visiting the school and his mother’s grave. Even there in the grave yard he was bothered due to his celebrity status, which was too bad. Thanks for your visit and comments.

  7. cant expect his sister to b interviewed too – its too private, shes nt a part of it i think there was a quick shot of her somewhere n she vehemently looked away n was v shy too…….

    neway im about 99% sure that karan johar is gay, n is enamoured by srk…considering the whole we respect gay ppl i duno y he doesnt come out wiht it

  8. axy-ji,
    Yes, you’re correct on all counts. Yes the whole thing on his sister is really private, though it would be fun to hear her interviewed. Karan should feel free to come out, but I wonder if his Hindustan would be so welcoming of that news vs. a place like the USA or Europe, hai na? thanks for your visit and comments mitr.

  9. Well, I too think Karan is gay. But he is afraid because of his status as a bigtime producer/director. Perhaps he fears negative responses from India if he declares it. Also perhaps his mother [remember Kirron Kher's character in Dostana?]. But I feel there is nothing wrong in it. He should come out.

    And hey, what about the rumours of him linking to Ekta Kapoor then?

  10. Darshit-ji,
    Right, right, it may diminish his status. Ultimately his business though, but in case he wants to come out, he can know that we’re cool with it. I did go and find some Ekta-Karan info. online too. Maybe she’s (as we say in the US) his beard, meaning a cover to make him look straight for the public.

    Renegade Eye-ji,
    YES! I read about the sale of Rubina online and also at your blog here. I’m working on getting some funding to adopt purchase her, so she will be local then, in the twin cities. You can meet us for lunch and a trip to como park perhaps? I’d be a great mom to her. I’d enroll her at Visitation Convent (or possibly Blake) and get her some ballet lessons and really let her relax and have fun. If she wanted to get into the industry at a later date I’d support that. I’d change her name so she’d be below the radar, but my closest friends would know that I adopted purchased her. Perhaps we could make a documentary on her. Rubina: Then and Now, from Mumbai to Minneapolis. OK, sorry for joking, I wish her all the best, poor sweet little thing. And to her scoundrel father, a tight slap to the face!

    You’re welcome. :)

  11. I heard SRK say in an interview, that included Gauri, that what what he most regrets is being thought to be gay. Well, I’m sure the fault for that lies with Karan, but I don’t want to criticise him because I think he must be in pain with this relationship that isn’t what he wants it to be.

    I loved the documentary too. The bit that stuck in my mind was at the end (or maybe at the end of the Outer World film) where he has just been hoisted up on that throne and crowned King Khan, and he says that maybe this is all going a bit far. I keep thinking that he should have realised that well before then, and what a shame he let it all go ahead anyway. The word ‘hubris’ springs to mind.

    I loved seeing behind the scenes of MHN as it is still my first favourite Bollywood film. Farah Khan with a megaphone in her hand is an awesome sight! And one I would not like to witness first hand, unlike all the other aspects of the documentary!

  12. This has been in my “saved” queue forever at Netflix. Your post may be the closest I ever come to watching it! LOL I remember KJo saying he wanted to have children; would he be able to do so in India without being married, or having admitted being gay, and would a woman marry him if he admitted being gay? If he wants kids I can see why he’d continue to leave the matter in ambiguity.

  13. Joss-ji!
    Namaste! Sounds like an interesting interview, and you’re probabably right about Johar perhaps being sad about the relationship not being what he wants, but you know, hota hai, welcome to the club. :) Yes, Farah with that megaphone was great, like a movie within a movie. :) ANd YES, yes, yes about “I keep thinking that he should have realised that well before then, and what a shame he let it all go ahead anyway. The word ‘hubris’ springs to mind.”
    Thanks for your visit and thoughtful comments.

    Well go ahead and move it up to the top of the queue girl! I will go ahead and sign up to marry Johar, as like a business type of arrangement. I think we’d have fun, you know adopt some kids, like the girl for sale by her dad from slumdog. The headlines would read, “Johar engaged to pagli gori auntie from USA!” When you read that know that Sita-ji is on her way to Mumbai, Sita Johar that is. :)

  14. I LOVE this. SRK is so adorable. Actually I love his whole family. His daughter is so funny when she’s looking at those Asoka stills and going “faTe faTe kapde” lol!

  15. SRK: Good actor, excellent but is Bi sexual…………. and he should really come out with this now as every insider in Bollywood knows this. There is even a reference to his gay life with Karan and Arjun given in another Hindi Film about Bollywood….. Come on SRK it is 2009, if you are gay or bi just say so….no big deal……Pretending to be all Hetero sexual man – IMAO – ………….that you are not!

    Karan is hiding this coz of fear for his mum, prob his dad had a heart attack finding Karan in a bedroom with some guys.. now he is playing the cool kid to prevent hurting his mum.
    She knows……………..definitely she does

    SRK stop playing the game, just admit it …your fan base will grow more

    • Timo-ji,
      Wow, I feel like Wendy Williams (US celebrity gossip media personality) with all this information. Ram jaane what the truth is. I just hope they’re all happy and continue to give us good filums. Certainly there is pressure within India to maintain what is expected in the community and family, and I assume being gay is not at all part of that. Thanks for stopping by. :)

  16. it irks me that ppl have said that SRK is gay. i truly feel it more gay by association. it cracks me up, that other ppl here can see that KJO is in love, or has been inlove with Srk. I do think its one sided, however but being the egotistical star that SRK is, i sure he likes the attention. KJO’s current beau is actually being launched in his film this year, a model. lol. kjo actually said on koffee with Karan, whilst interviewing Kareena and Saif ” well i wouldnt know, because i’m not in a relationship with a woman”. all he needs to do now is wear something with a rainbow on it and do a cha cha done a main street in Mumbai, singing ” I’m here and I’m queer, deal with it” i wish he would.
    i loved this docu, especially as SRK is my boyfriend, i felt that we cemented our relationship somewhat, as he shared his life with me. Cant wait for Ra One and Don 2. Its a date, Srk Hunni bun. Acha!

  17. this is the first time I have read what I think regarding SRK/Karan. Most of the fans love their relationship or so they say but Karan irritates me to no end. The gay rumours have lived because of their friendship and work association. I also feel that SRK has used karan’s devotion to his advantage. I Karan’s devotion has changed somewhat and a real love interest in karan’s life might be the reason why. I wish him well.

    • Anonymous-ji,
      Thanks for your comment, I agree with you that it seems that, “SRK has used karan’s devotion to his advantage,” I get the same impression. I don’t like the immature joking that I saw SRK and Karan do once on Koffee with Karan alluding to a mutual interest they had in each other, it was more like SRK mocking the rumors, but in dong so he i (perhaps inadvertently) mocked Johar.

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