Get well soon SRK-ji! With Love from, Amitabh, me and the readers!


“Shah Rukh’s surgery went off fine and he should be back home in two days. However, he will require some good rest for a long period and he has been advised not to do any strenuous work,” said Sanjay Desai, orthopaedic surgeon at Breach Candy Hospital here. (The Hindu)

This blog is all about cutting and pasting today friends. I mean it often is, but today more so than usual:

Prayers For Shahrukh Khan’s Speedy Recovery:  Prayers were performed at a hair-cutting saloon in Bhopal to wish a speedy recovery of Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan, who underwent a successful shoulder surgery on Monday.  Naresh Sen, a barber in the saloon said that Khan had inspired their community to become successful through his film Billu. “The havan(ritual) which I performed was for Shahrukh Khan to live a longer life. He will live much longer. I performed this ritual in my saloon because he has given us inspiration through his film Billuand an opportunity for the poor class to move forward.” said Naresh. The 43-year-old actor underwent an arthroscopic surgery on left shoulder, which kept nagging him for quite sometime. Doctors at the Mumbai’s Breach Candy Hospital said Khan was recovering well. The operation lasted for around one-and-a-half hours by a team of three doctors, a hospital official said.  Before he left for the hospital Khan said that getting injured was part of his job.   “I think when you working in a profession like this you ought to fall and jump. It is obvious you can get wounded like this. So I always believe this is a payment for all the goodness that I get,” said Khan. (Hindustan Times)

First off, could Amitabh be looking any cooler than in these photos of him posted on his blog recently?ab1

I think we all have to admit that he can even rock that cartoon bear sweater and not only get away with it, but somehow make it look cool.  Who can do that?!  Amitabh Bachchan can. More cut and paste, this time from Mr. Bachchan’s blog from day 300 in which he writes about ShahRukh Khan’s successful surgery:

ShahRukh has been in  hospital for a surgery. I had sent him a message for his speedy recovery. He calls back to thank and inform that he is home. Was getting depressed in hospital he says so came away. Oh ! I was planning on visiting you in hospital. Come home sir, we shall play some games. Do not take after surgery too lightly I warn him, take rest and do not get into any kind of activity. He sounds a little groggy. I shall visit him tomorrow. (



Great to think about Amitabh stopping over a Mannat for a few games.  Perhaps Parchisi? Or maybe Snakes and Ladders?

Speaking of, I recently read a good book with the same title, Snakes and Ladders, by Gita Mehta which you may like reading, since you are here in the first place. 

Or maybe they’d play some Texas hold em?  Or what about this game here which I’ve seen in the Indian films called carrom? Well probably carrom is out until his shoulder is fully healed.


I love imaging playing some table games with SRK and Amitabh at Mannat!  I spent an evening playing dominoes the other night, which I love to do.  Now, since reading the posting on Amitabh’s blog, I’m thinking how fun it would be to play dominoes with Amitabh and SRK.  Or spades or hearts!  My mind is spinning with the possibilities now that I know they’re both gamers. I also love a jigsaw puzzle. Can you imagine THAT?  “Hey Amit-ji, here’s another edge piece.”  I just know that Amitabh would have the sense to construct the edge of the puzzle first.  “Aur SRK, are you still working on the sky?  Here’s a couple blue pieces. Vay!”   We’d finish the puzzle whilst sipping on Johnnie Walker, black or perhaps even blue or green label since they are so fancy.  We’d discuss many things.  I would mind my tongue and casually say The Indian Film Industry and NEVER say Bollywood, as that may set off the stars.  I would ask even more fake casually if they wanted to play chess (which I can’t play) and say, “Oh by the way, Amit-ji, I remember when watching  The Chess Players, that I heard your voice narrating.  Do tell me what you remember about working with Satyajit Ray on that piece?”   His head would snap and look to me, thinking suddenly that I had some Bollywood, I mean Indian Film Industry street cred. The lovely Gauri Khan would slip in from time to time with some ladoos, maybe a paratha or two and some chai.  Not the help, but Guari, because she’s a hands on wife I’m sure. Finally, late into the evening, Gauri comes in and says, “Janeman ShahRukh, time to rest, remember you just had surgery! OK guys, Amitabh-ji, Sita-ji, thanks so much for stopping by. The flowers are lovely!  Do come tomorrow for a swim!”

On that note, like Amitabh, I say to SRK along with you all, “take rest and do not get into any kind of activity.”  Get well soon, we need more movies!


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21 thoughts on “Get well soon SRK-ji! With Love from, Amitabh, me and the readers!

  1. The idea of those two playing games while SRK is recovering! What fun to join in. If I were in that situation, I might suggest we dump a huge box of Legos on the table and build our next dream homes. Servants would bring us food items and juice, and maybe we’d have the TV on in the background. Amitabh could even sleep over.

  2. brahmanandam-ji,

    Yes! Too fun! Amit-ji would sleep over, and before I leave, I would tuck Amitabh’s pashmina around his neck hai and whisper “sweet dreams,” in his ear.

  3. Pingback: Get SRKji ben presto! Con amore da me e Amitabh i lettori! : cinextutti

  4. Look, I know technically cinextutti or whatever that ping back robot comment above is spam-ish, but since it’s in Italiano, I have to let it slide. Va Bene! Viva Italia!

    I wonder about that. Perhaps he would win, you’re right, but I think he’d play something with more strategy. I think he’d play monopoly with the kids, but with Amitabh, and me, and now you too, I think he’d play something more competitive. What do you think? :)

  5. Meri priy Sita-ji, my mind is absolutely reeling with all of the images you so generously share with all of us: I am in a state of sheer delight (or else it’s all the Kettle Korn, AKA CRACK I’ve just consumed while studying Hindi before reading your blog!)! And if you want to really impress Amitji, while you’re tucking in that pashmina scarf – actually, you can let me do that… – anyway, you could gently whisper “sweet dreams” to him, but in Hindi: “mittae sapne”! And then you further impress him with your Satyajit Ray knowledge, and FINALLY you say, “and could you please tell me where I can find your version of “March of the Penguins”, because I can’t find it anywhere!”

    And this is just so evocative: ”Aur SRK, are you still working on the sky? Here’s a couple blue pieces. Vay!” Shabash, saheli, shabash!

    Well, we all hung out with him in that hotel room in your subconscious, so the scenario with us playing games and doing puzzles together makes perfectly good sense to me! And since Amitji doesn’t drink, I guess we’d better order Thums Up all around! CHEERS!

  6. The only game I can play well is Scrabble. Do you think Amitabh and SRK might play Hindi Scrabble? Does Scrabble come in Indian languages? How does it work with a different alphabet?

    I guess if those kids in the picture from Hyderabad were playing Scrabble, it would be in Telugu.

    I’ve been watching a litle bit of an old Telugu film tonight. Now I’m having a fantasy about sitting with Jamuna and playing a game of Scrabble in Telugu.

  7. A game I would like to play more of would be Singstar Bollywood (only I don’t have the right microphone to go with my son’s Playstation). I wouldn’t, of course, want to play it with THEM! To hear their wonderful songs sung in their natural voices would spoil EVERYTHING! No, I would want to play Singstar with Sukhwinder Singh or Udit Narayan, or Lata and Asha, or best of all the maestro himself, ARR!

    With SRK? Well, I guess you wouldn’t let me play strip poker with him … and the doctors wouldn’t let me play Twister with him … so it would have to be Snap! He could still do that, with his good side. Think of the tangle of hands and playing cards that inevitably ensues. Those heavenly broad hands closing on mine? Anand!

  8. I hate to lord my trend-forwardness over everyone, but just this morning I discovered that we’re in the midst of a Lego revival. Here’s the proof:

    So while I don’t think it’s likely that AB and SRK would play Legos together, I’m correct in saying that it would be cool if they did so.

  9. Like Richard, the first thing that came to my mind was Scrabble. I’d actually cure SRK with my seven letter word for a double-triple: |A|C|E|K|H|A|N| :P

    @Brahmanadam: Thanks for the link to the Lego Revival. Lego rocks!

  10. jen-ji,
    Thank for the sweet dreams translation: “mittae sapne” along with the hint about mentioning The March of the Penguins. Very good pointers. :) Too bad I can’t toast Amit-ji if he indeed doesn’t drink the sharaab.

    Richard S-ji,
    Perfect! That’s exactly what they’d play, Scrabble. I wonder too about scrabble coming in Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu. Both the Devanagari and those other squiggly characters in the other Indian languages may or may not lend themselves to Scrabble. Tell us India, do you have Scrabble?

    Yes! That too, though the damage of hearing their own voice vs. Rafis or Udit’s could be a disappointment. Whatever makes SRK happy, makes me happy, so go right ahead. And I was also thinking how fun it would be to play Wii Fit with them. I’d bring my own remote with my Sita-ji profile. It exists. I even choose those dotted line eyebrows, since they can look sort of Bengali-bride-ish. Your description of the Snap! Game is very graphic and steamy. Bas!

    LOL Candy Hospital does sound nice, sort of like The Good Ship Lollypop. Here are some images of the place.

    Yes trend forward, but are you THIS trend forward? Watch it!

    Adab nawab. Great minds think alike, so you and Richard coming up with Scrabble is right on. Thanks for the chugli link, very garam: The awards came in contrast for Shah Rukh as he gave last year’s IIFA (International Indian Film Academy) awards ceremony a miss. Rumours were rife that he skipped the awards courtesy a cold war with Amitabh, who is the brand ambassador for IIFA. It appears that the enmity between the two has been replaced by a melodious relation. I thank Bollywood for bringing those 2 words to my attention: enmity and melodious.

  11. Another Kiran in NYC-ji,
    Thanks for your visit and kind words. Please invite me to all parties you have. :)

    Crazy on Bollywood-ji,
    Thanks for your visit. I wish the same.

    Of all people, you would be the perfect fly, since you’ve been to close to Mannat already. :)

  12. Sitaji that pic that you have put up of kids playing is I think from Pakistani Hyderabad not Indian Hyderabad not that it matters and the game they are playing is called carrom. It’s a great game, a lot of fun. You will have fun playing it with SRK and Amitji, LOL. And no I haven’t heard of hindi or any other Indian language scrabble. It might exist but I haven’t seen it.

  13. Hey Indian guy-ji,
    Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate the additional information on carrom. Report back if you find out about scrabble in Hindi. :)

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