I spent Valentine’s Day with the Khans, Irfan & Shahrukh at Billu Barber.



Watch the Billu Barber Trailer HERE.

Today was Valentine’s Day. I had some options. I could either get started on preparing my income taxes or go and see Billu Barber (2009). I went to Billu Barber. This was really a cute and sweet movie. It was also very romantic for me since I could channel my imagination to play Lara Dutta’s part in the film and thus be Irfan Khan’s wife, whose part requires her to admire Shahrukh Khan’s character. That’s a win/win situation for me. SRK’s character had item numbers with Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, and Kareena Kapoor. Khan and the gals all looked fantastic, but the costume department must have had to make some concessions for the weak economy and only allowed Kareena to wear a full outfit, and put poor Priyanka and Deepika in small strips of cloth, which made me feel cold just watching.


Shahrukh Khan’s ending speech was shamelessly sentimental and I enjoyed crying through it. I feel it’s only right to cry along with SRK while he’s crying. To weep along with SRK is polite really, and the least I could do to show some respect to him and the industry, and to my Mother India. This speech had the following essential Bollywood ingredients: maudlin reminiscing about better times from childhood, even though those times were sorrowful (dead mother), and hard (hunger brought about by poverty), they were made better through the help of a friend. SRK delivering a message that the masses need to hear in these trying economic times: When I was really poor, my life was actually really rich. Which reminds me, I have to get to those taxes. SRK’s speech in Billu reminded me very much the speech Amitabh gives in Muqaddar Ka Sikandar just before the O Saathi Re tune. So this Valentine’s Day, dosto, I dedicate this nice song about friendship to you:

O saathie re, tera bina bhi kya jina…

Lyrics traslation by theBollywoodFan

I always enjoy watching these FIRST DAY FIRST SHOW videos. Watch it and picture me added in there; I would be the gori who says in my best Indian accent, “SRK was rocking hai! Supurb! Vay! Irfan was acting so excellent!”

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Happy Valentine’s Day Dosto! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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16 thoughts on “I spent Valentine’s Day with the Khans, Irfan & Shahrukh at Billu Barber.

  1. Haha, I’d take SRK over the IRS anyday! ;-) Yay for Billu–I agree that it’s practically a requirement to cry along with a weeping Shah Rukh. Really, he puts so.much.effort into it that you should reward that much hard work.

  2. I can’t believe it – my life has so many of its own worries at the moment that I didn’t even know there was a new SRK movie coming out!!! WEll, I knew BB was in the pipeline but not when it was coming out. I could really do with something like this at the moment, and shall check my local multiplex times immediately. Lovely write-up of the film, Sita. Good luck with the tax return.

  3. Banno-ji
    Agreed! :)

    I will do them in his honor.

    Yes it’s our duty to cry. And anytime for the recommendations and I welcome yours too. I will check that link.

    memsaab-ji, :)

    Thanks friend. :)

    Crazy on Bollywood-ji,
    Impossible! SRK does not over-act in that scene! How DARE YOU! ;) Maybe he does just a tiny bit.

    Sat Sri Akal! Thanks for the link and sympathy, yaar. :)

    sorry for your worries…just do as I do, avoid reality through movies. :)

  4. Namaste, meri saheli, (aur sab logon ko, namaste!), I LOVED how you could hit all the high points of this SRK’s new film AND include Amitji in your post! Bahut sukriya! In my Hindi lesson this morning I was able to say, in Hindi, “I want to see the new movie “Billu Barber'”, so I’m definitely learning the important stuff! All these movies make me cry, which is either an indication of their sheer sentimentality or my peri-menopausal emotional vulnerability, but either way, so WHAT! Better that than watch a bunch of testosterone-fuelled guys shoot up another bunch of testosterone-fuelled guys, and then go drink beer and pick up babes, right? ALL THE BEST!

  5. jen-ji!
    Namaste didi. Yes, it really all gets back to Big B, as he’s ground zero of the Indian Film Industry hai. Regarding the weeping, perhaps not hormone induced, because then I’d have to also consider that, so NAHIN! I like to think that the weeping to movies is Ayurvedic, hai na? Perhaps the salty tears easily coming through provocation of an SRK speech, a Rafi song, or music by A. R. Rahman work to bring up past situations for healing. For instance maybe someone threw a rock at you on the playground as a kid and you forgot all about it, never cried over it way back, but choti jen remembers it and needs to cry just a bit before moving on. Voila! The movie is watched, the tears flow, you feel better. These Bolly-culprits are working on a cellular memory level, healing the world from pain through their art ek person at a time hai. :) I think that Billu Barber could even make the Dalai Lama cry, he’d be laughing while crying, but still. :D

  6. I saw Billu Barber this evening. Loved it, of course. IK and SRK were fantastic; I especially liked the way Billu cooed his forgiveness to those prodigal kids of his — calling the little boy his hero…my heart melted. Had I been the dad, I would have joined SRK in reprimanding the children for failing to offer refreshment to a first-time visitor in their home. Jeez, it takes kids a long time to learn basic manners!! Maybe it’s because their mother was from one of the trashier castes — although she certainly seemed gracious most of the time, and she rightly smacked her son when he expressed a willingness to sacrifice his father in order to be one of the orphans invited to share lunch with Sahir Khan. One other thing I’d mention: WTFwDP? I barely recognized SRK’s Om Shanti Om co-star. She’s emaciated! In fact, I worried in one shot that Deepika might crumple from sudden exhaustion owing to her body’s inability to store energy. People like that run into a wall and then BOOM, they’re out. I know because, well, I just know. Why doesn’t Big B comment about THAT?

    Great movie nonetheless! IK is fast becoming one of my top three or four Indian filmstars.

  7. brahmanandam-ji,
    I am delighted you enjoyed the film. The points you bring up here are fantastic. I too loved Irfan’s Billu’s treatment of his kids.

    WTFwDP INDEED hai! I posted similar concerns on filmi girl’s blog post on Billu, stating that I could see Deepika’s uterus at one point during the song since her skin was so thin from her unfortunate weight loss. In fact, said uterus is probably barren at this point since her BMI appeared to be like 12 or something. She’s such a lovely girl, I don’t want her wasting away needlessly. I’ll watch Big B’s blog to see if he would talk about Deepika’s weight, but I doubt it. I think he reserves comment only for Jessica Simpson’s weight. ;)

    I recommend Irfan Khan in Life in a Metro. He was IMMENSELY appealing in that. H O T! I screen capped him in THIS POST.

  8. FYI, Netflix indicates that there’s a “very long wait” for Life in a Metro. It’s been at the top of my queue for a while, but it just hovers there. Maybe I can get a good price on it at H2B.com and just buy it…..okay, just checked: it’s $16.99. Way more than I paid for, say, Virasat ($6.99) or even Sholay ($10.99). In these tough economic times, I’m just going to have to keep waiting.

    Sitaji, you may want to do a little investigative work to see what’s up with Deepika. Maybe she’s in a bad relationship or has been sick. Do you think it’s possible that she’s somehow beholden to a gangster whose anorexic daughter has prevailed upon her father to force Deepika to conform to her distorted idea of beauty? We’ve heard of forced marriages; why not coerced diets? Honestly, what’s the deal with today’s actresses???? Does Lindsay Lohan think she’s atttractive now that she’s nothing more than a head and fake boobs (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/02/16/lindsay-lohan-defends-wei_n_167373.html)? Remember when actresses like, oh, Sridevi in Chandni had an appealing bit of baby fat that threatened (provocatively!) to spill over their waist?

  9. Brahmanadam-ji,
    hclib.org hai! 8 copies ZERO requests, bhai! When will you jump on the socialist train of the American library?

    Thanks for the link and memory of a hot Sridevi. I also thought about Deepika’s relationship with her father as a potential source of this weight problem, but as a star athlete,


    I’d think chances are whe was nurtured in a healthy environment for body image and fitness. It’s society gone haywire or possibly a breakup diet, which is always the positive side of a breakup if one needs to drop a few pounds, except she doesn’t.

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