It’s my birthday! “Today is February 7th, if U had come later U would’ve come too late.” from Aap Ki Kasam (1974)

Today is my birthday and it’s the ideal opportunity to post some images I found from Aap Ki Kasam (1974). This is a screen capture of Sanjeev Kumar and Rajesh Khanna:


When I saw these subtitles on the screen during Aap Ki Kasam I was happy to see the mentioned date since it’s my birthday, yet even more interesting is that they used U instead of you. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen you translated as U before in subtitles. Maybe some young hipster accustomed to texting did the subtitling here. At least they didn’t translate later as L8r. Here’s a little description of the film’s plot, in case you haven’t seen it:

aapkiskasamRajesh Khanna plays Mumtaz’s jealous husband who begins to doubt her fidelity when his best friend Sanjeev Kumar enters their lives. She is unable to convince Rajesh Khanna that she loves only him. He leaves her, not knowing that she is pregnant with his child. Depressed and confused, Rajesh Khanna becomes a homeless wanderer, while Mumtaz remarries to provide a secure home for her child…(wikipedia)

Head over to memsaabstory for a great write up on the film. OK, it’s my birthday, so back to ME! In my Bollywood colored imagination, I am having a whisky party with Ranjeet and Rajesh, just like in the movie, see:


Readers, you’re invited too! Speaking of birthdays, if you saw The Office on TV this week (Episode 5015 | Season 5 ), you’re sure to remember Kelly Kapoor’s (Mindy Kaling) fantastic tirade over people forgetting her birthday. I couldn’t find a precise link to the scene, but if you click HERE and watch from about 4:12-5:15 you can see it.

Thanks for celebrating my birthday with me blogosphere! Thanks to the balloon wallas of India for supplying balloons for my online party:


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18 thoughts on “It’s my birthday! “Today is February 7th, if U had come later U would’ve come too late.” from Aap Ki Kasam (1974)

  1. Meri priya saheli, I just couldn’t resist your blog today (even if I’ve just missed it by 4 minutes hai; was watching one of my many new DVDs from bhaarat), knowing it’s your SPECIAL day! And MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THEM, dost! So glad you liked mera card… and hum jaldi bolenge! HAI! ALL THE BEST! jen b-s

  2. Ajnabi-ji, theBollywoodFan-ji, bollyviewer-ji, Darshit-ji, jen-ji, Kailash-ji, iselldreams-ji, memsaab-ji, sparkle-ji, aur Stella_1-ji! Oh yes and thanks to the band, Ranjeet, Rajesh, Sanjeev and the balloon walla.

    Sukriya to all (et merci bien a la Mademoiselle Stella_1) for coming to my online birthday party and wishing me many returns of the day. I couldn’t have had it without you. :)

  3. shweta-ji!
    Thanks for the kind wishes! :D

    It’s never too late. Thanks for checking in and asking. Since I arranged my onlinbe blog party it was really fine. Low expectations are the key to happiness, hai na? ;)

    Sat Sri Akal! Ah, you are too kind. I haven’t met another with my birthday yet, though I know from reading the horoscopes that Charles Dickens, Chris Rock, Frederick Douglass, and Laura Ingalls Wilder are some of the famous people born on Feb. 7th too. I wonder if there are any Bollywood stars with that birthday?

  4. i am journlist. i dont want meet anybody. i have met every body. when i was child. i wanted to meet rajesh khanna. but tody he is no body. no one wants to meet him. otherwise i can meet him. old habits die hard. simply if i can meet him. as a true lover of him. his movies. i want to share his agoney. being superstar, how come he let down us. bollywood or no. he is the super star. he should behave like super star. today eveary body lisition songs. remember i only want to meet rajesh khanna. i am too old. still coise is the same.,

  5. this blog seems free. no body reads what we write. unless we know. it’ futile. we think, we conveyed. too many people are free. how can we judge. for god,s sake. for ordenary people he should say something. no akchay can match–rajesh. he must have been singing his films songs. this is the life. he is just invisvibile. my god, there are so many THAKEY-HAREY. who wants to share. OK you are not charming guy, what you you used to be. we accept. but at least show yourself. i can meet OBAMA but i do’n. i only want to meet rajesh khanna. no one else on earth.

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