My Bollywood Barbie & Gudiya Puja

I loved Barbies as a kid. I admit, I still will take a detour down the aisle at Target to spy the new Barbies, so understandably I was delighted to see some recent blog posts regarding dolls. Both MemsaabStory and atul’s bollywood song a day paid tribute to a cute doll song from Bhai Ho To Aisa titled Bol Meri Gudiya Gudde Ke Sang Jaayegi. I have yet to see the movie, but will after seeing what both their great blogs had to say about it. In the meantime, here’s my photographic puja to bloggers Memsaab and Atul, Barbies, and to dolls in general. I took these gudiya/Barbie pictures for this puja during my recent trip to India. You can watch the living doll song HERE.


india0809-8522 india0809-9221

I’ve posted a few other Barbie pictures here before and if you’d like to see those click HERE, HERE aur HERE. Bollywood is my adult version of playing Barbies.

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10 thoughts on “My Bollywood Barbie & Gudiya Puja

  1. Yo Nicki!
    Ya’ll bet not be trippin’ up in here dissin’ my Barbi gurl! ;)

    Adab! Chhota Akbar rocks!

    Thanks for the visit and the tip. That would be great and provides me with yet another reason to return to India.

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