More Images from Sawan Bhadon (1970) Jayshree T.!


As promised in yesterday’s post, I present you with more lovely images from Sawan Bhadon (1970).

Enjoy these images of the luminous and lusciouss Jayshree T. .

How could I narrow down the choices?  I couldn’t, so I’m posting them all.

Here is Jayshre T.’s  first performance in the film at the den of sin, as evidenced by the bottle of Johnnie Walker, red label.  At this point she is under the impression that she is being admired just for her dancing.

sawanbhadonjayshreetjohnniewalkerIt’s really not Bollywood for me until I see that bottle of Johnnie Walker and see someone slapped in the face.






To listen to the song  that go with these images, as well as all the music from the film, check this download at Music From The Third Floor.


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9 thoughts on “More Images from Sawan Bhadon (1970) Jayshree T.!

  1. there is sequence in this movie where jayshree t wears a swimsuit and narendra nath( the guy with the johnie walker )lies next to her… she wears a weird sort of top though… *too racy of a comment, though I agreed with it, I had to delete this part to keep thing decent, so snip!*… check out some of her 80’s films!

  2. viveck,
    Your comment was correct, but I had to delete parts that may offend. I posted those bathing suit images you described HERE.

    Thanks for your visit and I will check out Jayshree T’s 80’s work. :)

  3. thanks sitaji,
    i too felt some of the comments were not appropriate…please cap her from 80’s note that she has done even marathi and gujju movies …she is really the poor man’s hema malini !

  4. Thanks viveck!
    I hope to eventually hunt down some of her Marathi and Gujarati films, good tip. LOL on your comment, “she is really the poor man’s hema malini!” I want to think of my self then as the really, really poor man’s Jayshree T. ;)

  5. oooh!…gad!.. sitaji to lady he!!!!!!!… right ma”am dont put yourself down so much!… you gotta great self deprecating sense of humour, and i will tell you not many women possess that!…i will apologise again, i tought sitaji as in sitaram etc…

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