I am scared of saying anything: SRK

This is some of what SRK says in the interview:

I told them that the God we pray to understands all languages. Hail Mary, Shabad Gurbani, Bismillah, Gayatri Mantra. We all believe in the oneness of God,and it doesn’t make a difference what language we pray in and that’s my religion. And that’s what I’ve been teaching my kids now…if they still don’t understand, then all you’ve got to say in normal philosophical goodness is that, My religion is hard work and to spread happiness.

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10 thoughts on “I am scared of saying anything: SRK

  1. bollyviewer!
    Sat sri akal! My inner Sikh should have know that. :) Thanks for answering my question about what I thought what SRK was saying Shabbat Qurbani I really couldn’t tell what word he says before what I thought was Qurbani, and it sounded like he said Shabbat.

    Right on! :)

  2. I like his views on religion. Although that cricket match comment was laughable. You go to a cricket match wearing an OSO shirt, you appear in an ESPN interview wearing that shirt, you go down to the playing field to shake every player’s hand, wearing that shirt. And you upset the Indian cricketers by going into their locker room wearing that shirt. That is hardly ‘just going to enjoy a cricket match’…seriously.

    It’s this populist attitude he subscribes to (which is fine and ‘smart’, since it works, by its very definition) and admits to (‘I’m scared of saying anything’), which never has and probably never will make me a fan, for whatever little it’s worth any way :D


  3. Adab theBollywoodFan!
    I wasn’t aware of the SRK OSO cricket scandal. I thought it was an odd comment for him to bring up during the interview, since it clearly was an event from last year. Perhaps it was his way of martyring himself? Thanks for the news (news to me anyway) on the whole cricket publicity thing. I now recall seeing lots of picture of Kareena and Saif, and Akshay, Katrina and Salmaan at matches. Now I see that these could be certainly be publicity opportunities. When I move to Bollywood and become an agent, I will send my clients to cricket matches around movie releases, sporting cool sunglasses, T-shirts with movie logos, and more: I will send my stars there with a small group of orphans, and a couple of blind widows too to amp. up their compassion star appeal. Think Brad Pitt in Haiti and building a housing development in the Gulf Port-Indian style! ;)

    Here’s some of the SRK cricket problem stuff I found:


    Here’s some blogging on the event that you may like:



    This reminds me of this last week’s 30 Rock episode, The Reunion. If you don’t already watch that show, you should. Jenna says “If there weren’t actors, how would people know who to vote for?”

    Thanks for your visit. You are correct.

  4. Adab Sita-ji: ROTFL at the quote from The Reuinon, and your master plan as an agent! The appearances at cricket matches, we are all used to. I remember even sitting next to Sangeeta Bijlani at Sharjah Cricket Stadium and showing up on TV all over the place :) With my marketer hat on, I think it’s perfectly fair too, when done right. But I think the bit at the World Twenty 20 final between India and Pakistan last year was slightly tasteless, and I’d prefer our celebrities to draw the line when it comes to the extent of their appearances. Of course, the cameras will find them (here’s an example from the Indian Premier League of cricket final), as they should. But I’m not sure I like *them* finding the cameras, especially with movie promo stuff, once they’re there! :)

    Having said that, there’s this other video in which, again, I completely agree with his approach. There’s a lot I can relate to in this, as a moderate Muslim. And I appreciate that several celebrities are risking their relationships with politicians because of their views on politics/religion.


  5. Adab TheBollywoodFan-ji,
    Glad I could make you laugh. That’s a great story about you and Sangeeta Bijlani at the match. I did have to look up who she is though, HERE and HERE. I see she dated Salman Kahn too. Wnen you were plastered all over the media seated next to her did people think you two were an item?

    Thanks for this other video too. :)

  6. Adab Sita-ji, That would’ve been so interesting, ref: the ‘item’ comment! I was only about 10 when that happened :(

    During the upcoming World Cup in 2011, if I end up in India, I have something to look forward to since I’m old enough to be considered ‘rumor mill’ material ;)


  7. Nawab theBollywoodFan, :D
    Sangeeta is listed in some places as being born in 1965, but if she won Miss India in 1980, that’s so young! It’s like those Chinese gymnasts in the Olympics. Then HERE she’s got and 1955 birthday, which is more consistent with what the photos look her to be. Now I must see her in a movie, you know since she’s your ex.. ;)

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