“Mujhe Rang De” A. R. Rahman + Asha + Tabu = Fantastic!



Sometimes there’s just one song that makes a movie for me and that’s the case with “Mujhe Rang De” from Thakshak (1999). I don’t want to seem like a Tabu fanatic, so I will try and be a bit discrete and post all the screen captures I took from the movie in the miniturized gallery form. If you want to indulge your own Tabusiasm (Tabu enthusiasm), please click on the smaller gallery pictures below to get a better look at them.

Here’s the fantastic, hypnotic “Mujhe Rang De” picturized on Tabu, dancing to the choreography of Ganesh Acharya, with playback singer Asha Bhosle, and music by A. R. Rahman. I wish I could also give credit to the wonderful back up dancers, and the set and costume designers. Enjoy!

And since I am a fan of Indian talent shows and contestant Anwesha Datta Gupta, check out her version here, with one of my favorites, Shreya Ghosal, on the judging panel:

Tabu speaks very well about our relationship with Bollywood here:


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9 thoughts on ““Mujhe Rang De” A. R. Rahman + Asha + Tabu = Fantastic!

  1. I AM a Tabu fanatic- and I love her in every movie, including here! She tends to be v toned down in Bollywood vs Southern movies, but here she was out in full glory :)

  2. Oh, I’ve been indulging in Tabusiasm (way to go coining a term!) since my teens! And I know it is not merely a phenomenon, because I *always* long for more ;) Tabulicious…I love this song. Thanks for those pictures, Sita-ji, brightened my Monday by a lot!

  3. Wow, that was great! Thanks Sitaji. I know the song, from a Rahman compilation disc I have, but I had never seen the dance. What fantastic choreography! I would have guessed it was Farah Khan’s work, but now I know it was by Ganesh Acharya I shall definitely look out for his name in the credits. This actually the first time I have seen Tabu dance, even though I would say she is my favourite heroine. I shall go and search for more of her films now. Cheers!

  4. shweta,
    Now you’ve got me thinking I need to see some of Tabu’s south Indian work. I must see her in her full glory

    The BollywoodFan-ji,
    I know you love the song, since I see you dedicated a post to it yourself during your Asha Bhosle week.

    I also heard the song first from possibly the same compilation album. I loved finally seeing in in the film, and loved even more knowing the tune already when I first saw the film. It does look like Khan’s choreography, I agree. I think of her stuff like something I’d make up as a kid in my basement, just really simple, really big, and fun to watch, more fun and silly than beautiful. This too is really more of a fun dance than anything. And ditto about it being the first time I saw Tabu dance. She does a nice job and looks like she was having fun, which is the best part. The entire ensemble looked like they were having fun too. The part she plays in the movie is of a dancer and there are a couple of other numbers. I’ll be looking for Ganesh Acharyas name now too.

  5. p.s. and I think that Tabu is hot hot HOT! “Cheeni Kum” was a feast for the eyes, etc., as I was just basking in the beauty and talent of, and chemistry between Amitji and Tabu! I’ll definitely check out “Thakshak” and “Kandukondain Kandkondain” (thanks, Ajnabi!). And adab mera dost tBF: “Tabulicious” indeed!

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