Bollywood Balloons.

balloonsHey Bollywood, and India in general, I’ve got a fascination with your balloons. I’ve seen lot of balloons in your films and noticed their oval shapes. As a kid growing up in the US of A, the only time I saw balloons sort of like your fancy balloons was when I went to the circus, but more often I just saw regular balloons like these in the first picture. I have been meaning to collect screen captures of Bollywood movie balloons, but haven’t gotten around to that just yet. In the meantime, here’s and image to show you what I mean.


Too bad about the advent of mylar balloons and balloon technology advances in general, because I prefer the festive look of these old fashioned rubber balloons, don’t you?

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7 thoughts on “Bollywood Balloons.

  1. Good observation Sita-ji. After reading your post I realised I havent seen those kind of balloons in a while. But thats the kind of balloons we had all the time when I was a kid. So I take them for granted in movies!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the reminder bollyviewer. :) I LOVE seeing them and they did have those too when I was a kid, but like I said, only for more fancy occasions, like the circus or Ice Capades. Those old style balloons were really more sturdy too. Ahh, the old days. :)

  3. Beth-ji,
    I know! Don’t they just say fun!? I promise if I get a box, I will send some to you dost. :)

    Hanz Klaus,
    You speak true wisdom! Thanks for your visit. :)

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