Bollywood Insider: Latest reports from October, 2008

Back with the newest Bollywood chugli is Bollywood Insider’s Suzi Mann. Here’s what I found going on in October, 2008.


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5 thoughts on “Bollywood Insider: Latest reports from October, 2008

  1. I’ve heard very good things of Heroes and Fashion! And EMI should be interesting too.

    Very disappointed with promos for Golmaal Returns. Kareena’s got a long way to go before her publicity efforts are compared to Aamir. For once, I’m not as biased here, because I am somewhat of a Kareena fan too. She’s been super-disappointing her last couple of outings. Tsk-tsk.

    And after listening to Ajay Devgan speak on the film, I think Bollywood has reached an all-time low when it comes to content ratings for children. *Sigh*

    Thanks for sharing these Sita-ji! Cheers!

  2. Hello Sitaji,

    Firstly thanks for posting our Bollywood Insider videos really appreciate the coverage given. Just to let you know we have contract terms of 30 days with youtube after this period the videos are removed. They are however available on MSN, Blinx, AOL, Bebo, My Space and a number of other sites independently.

    Many sites do still line them from youtube. BI is a weekly made for mobiles and online show therefore if you could kindly link it weekly that way you’re subscribers won’t miss out.

    Enjoying the comments.

    Kind regards


  3. theBollywoodFan-ji,
    Thanks for your visit friend and as always, your intelligent insight into all things Bollywood. :)

    Suzi Mann-ji!
    NAMASTE! I am absolutely thrilled by your visit, and am cyber touching your feet to show my high honor. I LOVE your work and your positive spunky delivery of chugli is so enjoyable. I am proud that we share the same name (shhhh! my real name is Suzy, different spelling, but still!). I wonder if Suzi is just your fame-name and that perhaps Sita is your real name, now THAT be a trip, hai na? Thanks for telling me about the linking problems via youtube. I will go through the blog in the coming days to repair the broken links. And readers, you see what Ms. Mann says, get your mobiles linked up too. I’ll be better about attaching workable links here that have more longevity. As you say, the Bebo site is a reliable source of Bollywood Insider. Again Suzi-ji, I’m so happy that you visited. Keep up the GREAT work in keeping Bollywood fans updated. You’re a real joy to watch. All the best! Sita (suzy) ji :)

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