Amitabh Bachchan to leave hospital in few days!

A belated Happy Birthday to Amitabh Bachchan!

After heading over to his blog, I noticed it was rather quiet, but a quick internet search revealed that he’s been ill. I know it’s very upsetting to hear, but even though he’s ill, Amitabh wants you to calm down, see:

MUMBAI (Reuters) – Leading Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan will be discharged in a few days from a Mumbai hospital where he was admitted after complaints of abdominal pain, a hospital official said on Sunday. Bachchan, who turned 66 on Saturday, was rushed to the hospital where he had undergone surgery in 2005 for an intestinal condition, and was placed under observation. “He’s had a restful night and the tests do not show any abnormality,” said Dr. Narendra Trivedi, the vice president of the hospital. “He has responded well to our line of treatment and will be discharged in a few days,” he said. Dozens of fans and reporters kept an overnight vigil outside the hospital for Bachchan, who had been shooting for Hindi film “Teen Patti” till Friday. His actor son Abhishek, daughter-in-law Aishwarya and daughter Shweta were with him in the hospital. (Reuters)

Wishing Amitabh Bachchan all the best!

The reports say he’s responding well to treatment. In fact this is what he’ll be looking like soon, walking out of that hospital!

10/16/08 update: Read about Aamir Khan’s desire to visit Big B. HERE.

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17 thoughts on “Amitabh Bachchan to leave hospital in few days!

  1. AMEN!

    Thanks a lot for that, sitaji.

    I must also take the opportunity to let you know that having arrived here through Memsaab’s blog, I’ve marked you down too. Good work here.

  2. I always get nervous when one of them all-pros falls ill; Dilip Kumar was there at some point over the last couple of weeks, and now Amitabh. Wishing them all well! I think his passion to act/entertain gets the better of him, and do wish for his sake that he reduces some workload (meaning fewer films, but hopefully better health, especially over the long term).


  3. Mere dosto! (and no, do NOT hear John McCain bellowing that “angrez mein”)! Imagine my absolute delight and thrill when I checked in tonight and found Sita-ji’s magical handiwork: bahut bahut dhanyayad for making a very special page for Amitji, saheli!

    As you could well imagine, I have been going to his site several times a day since Saturday, and the comments on his last blog entry now number upwards of 3700. And you know it’s like what they say about cockroaches: if you see one, you have 100, so there are thousands of us not only writing to him with our loving and healing wishes, but think of the millions and millions of folks all over the world holding him in their hearts and prayers! Of course I am just a little biased (note the self-mocking tone of my admitted understatement!), but I truly think that he is a truly remarkable being, and my feelings in this way have increased exponentially especially since having become a citizen of Amitabh Nation; i.e., THE BIGBlog! So, Sita-ji, et al., I am so happy that you too are all sending hamara priy Amitji your very best wishes for a full and speedy recovery!

    It’s nuts here tonight: I’m cooking lasagna (from SCRATCH, whoa!), I’ve just eaten some Japanese curry for dinner, and I am presently listening to “The Golden Collection – Amitabh Bachchan” (gee, what a suprise – NOT!)! The UN resides in North Seattle!

    Again, saheli, you have outdone yourself with this fantastic entry tonight, and with this entire site: arrrrrrre VAH!!!

    All The Best to everyone! And see you SOON, tBF (will write to you soon) !!!!!!!

  4. uh, yeah, that would be “dhanyaVad” (guess I need better reading glasses to see that little thingy that hangs down on the Y!)! Where’s my proofreader?!

  5. @Jen: Thought you’d find this interesting:

    Ref: “if you see one, you have 100…”

    Did you know one of the most memorable bits of dialogue from an AB film (Hum — ~ 1990/91) says something very, very similar (including a reference to the insect)?! :)

    See you soon!

  6. Jen, dost, Namaste! When I first went to his blog I just saw that there was nothing new from him in a few days and then went and saw the google search and the hospitalization what right up top. Yes lots of well wishers on now. Incredible. And now I read that Aamir is set to visit him.

    “Aamir Khan was reportedly at loggerheads with Amitabh Bachchan thanks to criticism in his blog about Big B’s film Black and his acting in it. This was at the time when Aamir’s directorial debut Taare Zameen Par was about to be released. Much was later written in the media about each other’s comments to each other…Now Aamir has expressed his concern for the ageing superstar. He said, ‘I am in regular touch with Abhishek over Amitji’s health. I am SMSsing him at regular intervals to get his health update. I am happy to find out now that he is in stable condition and that he shall be discharged anytime soon. I have been really busy with my work that’s why I haven’t got a chance to go and visit him in the hospital. But I will definitely take some time out and visit him at his house.’…” Whole article is HERE.

    Speaking of Aamir Khan…Adab Nawab theBollywoodFan. Thanks for your visit friend. :)

    nitin karanwal,
    Thanks for your visit. :)

    Namaste and sukriya for your visit and prayers for Amitabh. Nice to see that you already know Gilga. The world wide web makes a small world. :)

  7. Very nice theBollywoodFan. I do see your indoctrinating ways, using Amitabh’s health to post this video, which is more about Aamir than Big B. ;)

    The parts of the video I especially liked were:

    the backbone of the industry


    icon hai

    And when they said “Mr. perfectionist,” who were they referring to , Amit-ji or Aamir? Wow about Aamir possibly doing a movie about Kishore Kumar. How interesting that would be.

  8. The ‘backbone of the industry’ is a good way to put it. I like what AB’s said before of his desire to see a more united Bollywood, and I hope he’s more vocal (using more avenues than his blog) in working toward that goal. He’s undoubtedly better positioned, and more trusted and respected than anyone else, to do that well!

    I do see your indoctrinating ways…

    Like those who restrict their TV viewing to one news channel, I restrict my YouTube-ing to just a couple (I’m kidding); LOL…my goodness, with that spin (esp. following comment #11), we should be out campaigning for November 4! ;)

  9. Yes theBollywoodFan, I agree! He is is a great position to unite Bollywood, and I would go on to say the entire Indian Film Industry, India and the entire duniya! Jai Bachchan! And Jai Aamir too! :)

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