Karen’s goldmine of Bollywood images. Images galore!

Back in June I posted about Karen’s Blog, Everything Bollywood, This is the Opium to the Masses. Having found the gold mine of Bollywood photos on her site and then reading Karen’s sad words: “Regarding anyone who has interest in my blog, if it hasn’t already become apparent, i have pretty much abandoned this blog. reason being that i thought that no one cared about this blog so i stopped doing stuff with it,” I was alarmed that maybe the blog would be removed. I also feared that I’d loose the link to her other source of the great photos, her picaweb albums. Thankfully Karen posted a few comments here and provided the links to her picaweb albums and also let the world know that most of the dead links on her blog were fixed. Her blog is also back up and running! Look what she had to say here:

Thanx to Sitaji, bollywoodfoodclub, memsaab, bollywoodblogger, nirmal loves nihangs, thebollywoodfan and Anonymous I have decided not to kill this blog! Instead of posting pics directly onto this blog I have uploaded them into Google web albums instead. All of the links are posted on the Left side of blog so you can view all of the pics there! I’m still shifting stuff around so i will change the links again! Please feel free to leave comments here or at web albums pics, I will reply as soon as possible! Enjoy the pics!

If Karen’s massive photo uploading efforts could be portrayed in a picture it would be this one: Karen (here taking the form of Helen) offering up the intoxicating images to us all, and we’re so cool, we’re Don!

Thanks to Karen I’d like to post those album links here. She’s done a fantastic job of gathering lakhs, maybe even crores, of dazzling images from our beloved Indian Film Industry, affectionately known to many as Bollywood. I’m warning you, there are thousands of images and you will end up spending more time than expected browsing. Beware dosto. Here are Karen’s 4 main galleries:

Actor Pictures can be found HERE! Like this one of a Zanjeer promotion, that I found in Mandy’s public gallery which contains 41 albums. The Groups album that contained this photo has 400 more photos!

Yesteryear Actresses and Couples Pictures can be found HERE! I found this in the Sadhana Album:

Actors and Actresses from the 90’s are HERE! Karen’s put together 76 albums, some containing hundreds of these pictures from the 1990s. If you like Maduri Dixit, then this is your place!

If you think it couldn’t possibly get any better, you’re wrong, it can! Karen’s last gallery contains 33 albums of Movie Posters, Albums, Pressbooks, Lobby Cards and everything else associated with the movies that you can find HERE!

Thanks to YOU again Karen!

Many will enjoy these images, and some like me may even risk losing their jobs if they continue to spend time looking at everything Karen’s posted.  Wait, there were 2 images that I found a little disturbing, which I shall leave you with links to, as I don’t want to startle anyone by boldly posting them here. I do want to be discreet afterall. This is one and this is the other.

All photos used in this post are of course courtesy of Karen.


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15 thoughts on “Karen’s goldmine of Bollywood images. Images galore!

  1. oh, what a gold mine of a site, good of you to point it out.

    I remember that Zanjeer poster.
    Amit & Jaya of course got married after that movie. Maybe thats why this scene/song from Zanjeer looks so real, they were (discreetly) in love at the time

  2. bawa, Namaste!
    Thanks for your visit and how fun that you remember that Zanjeer poster! I chose to post that image since I ADORE that movie, especially Pran’s performance and Jaya’s sassy knife sharpening performance! Thanks for that link too! Good point about their covert romance sneaking into the vibe.

    Glad you link it. Thanks goes to Karen-ji. :)

    Thanks for your visit, and of course the banner is from Karen’s site in her Helen gallery. Impossible to ever have too much Helen.

  3. Aaaaaaaah! Those last two are SO disturbing. My eyes!!!! Nobody—not even his wife, maybe especially his wife—needs to see that.

    Thanks for the update, so glad she’s continuing her philanthropic sharing!

  4. memsaab-ji,
    Sory about those last 2, it was one of those, “Don’t LOOK!” that I’ve forced you into. At least we now share the burden. It reminds me of what would be considered hot among gay Russian pornographers, though I know nothing of the sort, but that makes the most sense, hai na? I’m so glad Karen is back up and running, and notice in her quote above from her blog that she gives you credit. I’ve added her to my blogroll too. :)

    Ditto on your thoughts! Imagine all the time it took to upload and organize it all. A true labor of love that must be shared. :)

  5. I love Sadhana, I want to get bangs like hers. Anyway, for Geeta Mera Naam there is this site, that sells dvd\vcd really really cheap. It is worth it if you get a bundle of movies. The Usual price around 1-2$ (but can go up to around 9-10 dollars) , but the shipping is 14$ international + 1.5o$ each dvd. So that is why it is better to get more than just one here is the adress.


    Hope this helps.


  6. Hi All, and Sita-ji, I have barely skimmed this new posting of yours, as I can tell I’m going to completely lose myself in all of these AWESOME pictures! Karen’s collection is incredible and one day, when it’s not so crazy around here, I will take my time with it… but thank you SO much for putting this up! And as for those Shakti Kapoor shots: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! For whatever reason he kind of grossed me out in “Satte Pe Satta” (well, that entire movie really bugged me, save for Hema Malini – camping out with a bunch of Indian men in India for a few nights scarred me for life!) – and to see those shots? Main bimar hoon!

    Fantastic as always, saheli!

  7. Hi everyone! I just wanted to remind everyone that October 11 is Shri Amitabh Bachchan’s (66th) Birthday, so if you haven’t already sent him “many happy returns of the day” just yet (it’s early morning in Mumbai), get on over to his FAB blog and share the love!!!!!

  8. Wow, Sita-ji this is really fantastic! Thank you for sharing, you always post the most interesting stuff :) . Karen, if you’re reading this, you’re amazing!!

    I could browse through this stuff for hours…just chose a pic of Zeenat Aman from the 70s for my desktop and will change it weekly as there’s so much out there!

  9. Joss,
    Thanks for your visit and me too!

    Thanks for the birthday reminder. I agree, Shakti is pretty good at creeping out an audience. He was super creepy in Dance Dance. I have yet to see Satta, but it’s on my list, for Amitab’s sweater alone. You know that black and white one with the geometric zigzag design. You can see it in this VIDEO.
    Or here it is here: http://picasaweb.google.com/shift431/Groups#5217413494231036162
    I’m always happy to see your comments and thanks! I agree, Karen has amassed an amazing body of pictures. So glad you enjoy them too.

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