Bally Sagoo is a nice guy.


My blog dosto, I have missed you! I have been ignoring this blog since my last post about Bally Sagoo coming to Minneapolis. I attended the show with blog poster Brahmanadam, who was kind enough to purchase VIP tickets. With the fancy VIP tickets came a meet and greet with babuji Bally Sagoo. Since the picture was less than flattering of me and my friend, I had to do a little bit of subtle editing. Bally Sagoo looks cool, as expected.

So what does one say at a meet-n-greet? Well first off, we all had a drink of Johnnie Walker in celebration of the occasion, then I wasn’t sure what to say, so I said this:

Sita-ji: Sat Sri Akaal Bhai Sahib!

Bally Sagoo: Hi.

Sitai-ji: So you must really hate this part.

Bally Sagoo: No I love it, it’s great! (said with sincerity)

Sitai-ji: So do you have any questions about Minneapolis that I can answer?

Bally Sagoo: No.

Sitai-ji: Hey I saw on the internet that you and your wife do feng shui. That’s cool.

Then we moved on and the next people had their picture taken with Bally Sagoo, and so on, and so on. Now that I reflect on this awkward event, I think that maybe you’re supposed to be quiet and smile and have your picture taken. Next time I’ll do that if I ever have to participate in a celebrity to civilian meet and greet. Had I known that Bally Sagoo was in a movie, Sajna Ve Sajna, out now on DVD, I would have brought a copy to sign. Here’s how his website describes the film:

Bally (Bally Sagoo) lives the life as the spoiled Grandson of Multi-millionaire Kartar Singh (Dalip Tahil). His aspirations are to conquer the world with his band Desi Fever and marry his long-term girl friend Charlene (Zoë Szypillo) Will Charlene be able to fit in as a daughter-in-law within a respected Panjabi family? What about Manpreet who sacrificed her own love so that Bally could have his way? Can the two different cultures meet eye to eye?

Yes, two different cultures can meet eye to eye. The show was very melodious and funky and Bally had a sidekick Sikh hype man next to him all night. Who was this guy? Was he a friend? A relative? Bodyguard? Maybe he was all of those things, but whoever he was, he sure seemed to have fun and enjoyed Bally’s expert Djing, as did the hipster desi crowd. There even was the required groupie gracing the stage all evening.

You can see more images from Bally Sagoo’s 9.19.08 Minneapolis show HERE.

Now let’s check out a little bit of Bally Sagoo’s work.  Thanks to Richard over at Rough in Here for reminding me of Shree Sagoo’s remix of Reshmi Salwar Kurta Jaali Ka, that is titled Gori Gori Kudi, and performed by playback singer Shreya Ghosal in his movie Sajna Ve Sajna. The song was originally found in the 1957 film Naya Daur that you can’t help but love, and here it is reworked by Sagoo:

And here’s a bit more from Shree Sagoo:

Sorry for neglecting this blog, I got a bit sidetracked with work and with my new blog on swan towels, or should I say towel swans?

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8 thoughts on “Bally Sagoo is a nice guy.

  1. Sitaji, I haven’t seen Sajna ve Sajna, but the most interesting thing about that movie, to me, is that it contains that remix – or rehash – of “Reshmi Salwar…” from Naya Daur. (I mentioned this before, but it was a while back.)

    Check it out:

    Renegade Eye, Seeing you around this blog more often. We’ve “spoken” before, when I was doing a political blog where I expressed my fondness for Rosa Luxemburg. But my Bolly blogging friends don’t need to know about that. :)

  2. Namaste Renegade Eye!
    Well of course I find out about Bollywood events by keeping my ear to the ground. As a non-desi, I have to be extra vigilant! :)
    Go to:

    where you will out about movies, events, food and more. There’s also a movie link tab on this blog.

    Also,, who hosted the event has a mailing list.

    Richard! Sat Sri Akaal!
    Thanks for including that information in your comment. I’ve amended the post, and it’s much better now thanks to you. :)

    Richard and Renegade, glad you can meet on non-political ground here. Bollywood uniting the world in pyaar! ;)

  3. Nicki,
    Namaste and thanks for stopping in. It was fun, but certainly nothing to be jealous of. :)

    ajnabi, Namaste!
    Yes, my resemblance to Helen has been mentioned to me before. Bally Sagoo was very polite and tolerant of the masses.

    Adab theBollywoodFan aur Eid mubarak babu-ji!
    In the case you’d like to purchase your own cat shirt, now you can!

  4. Nice post.

    My own favourite of a Bally Saggoo remix is “laung gwacha”

    where he really does Re-Mix 2 very different songs!

    Sajna ve sajna is nice, although Shreya’s Punjabi accent is a bit awkward sometimes (am a great Shreya fan!) Reminded me of how good Lata and Asha were in mimicking a good punjabi accent as in

    or here

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