Minneapolis: Bally Sagoo concert this Friday, 9.19.08

Maybe after today’s news you’re a little anxious. Are you worried about your 401K, your stocks, and the complete meltdown of the US finance system? Well worry not, at least those of you in Minneapolis, since this Friday you can see…



w/DJ Nittin, DJ Amit, DJ Raj
Friday September 19th, 2008
@ The Fine Line – Downtown Minneapolis


- Bhangra, Bollywood, Hip Hop…ALL NIGHT LONG!!

More information available at

Nasha Entertainment

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7 thoughts on “Minneapolis: Bally Sagoo concert this Friday, 9.19.08

  1. Nice recommendation… I know he was scheduled to play NYC too, but I decided to stay home due to my own financial crisis.

    That’s OK, though – I’ll just sit at home and watch my favorite Bally Sagoo remix video a few times:

    (short version)

    (long version)

  2. Namaste vivik!
    I’m honored to be on your blogroll, and I too have added yours to this one under the “related to India” section. I look forward to visiting your blog more and thanks againd for your visit and kind words. :)

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