Bollywood Insider: Latest reports from August & September, 2008


Back with the newest Bollywood chugli is Bollywood Insider’s Suzi Mann.

Here’s what I was able to search out for August up through today. 

Enjoy dosto!






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4 thoughts on “Bollywood Insider: Latest reports from August & September, 2008

  1. That’s true ajnabi! I haven’t seen any of the Harry Potter movies, and of course I’d prefer the Bollywood version, I’m sure. I have blind allegiance to my love, Bollywood. :D Which for some odd reason makes me think, I wonder if Bollywood ever remade Smokey and the Bandit. I remember being subjected to those films as a kid, and I somehow think I’d like a Bollywood re-crafting of that, though I don’t remember liking it as a kid.

  2. Good evening, Sita-ji! I’m on the “interval” (of my own making) for the night with my viewing of “Trishul” – the subtitles cover about 50% of the translation, so it’s kind of a stretch… But so far so good, it’s pretty much 1970s High Bollywood, which I love!

    And a couple nights ago I watched “The Legend of Bhagat Singh” and was extremely impressed: first off, I didn’t really know about this person (but wasn’t he referenced in a big way in “Rang De Basanti”?). It was quite challenging for me, as it brought up or pointed out some of Gandhiji’s less-than-strong points, and I wondered how much of that was artistic license and how much was pure history (I did read Gandhiji’s statement on the deaths of Bhagat Singh, et al, and the movie had it right on the money). It made me very sad, actually, especially in light of the bombings that took place in Delhi this weekend: both Gandhiji and Bhagat Singh wanted Hindu-Musilm unity, and will that ever be a reality?

    But the main reason I’m writing tonight is that your reference to “Smokey and the Bandit” reminded me of a Saturday Night Live sketch that had come out in late 1982 – early 1983, with Gandhiji and whoever that Smokey character was, and they were riding around in a cop car, I think, and the tag line was “Nobody Messes with the Mahatma!” Pagal hai pagal, na?!

    Shubh rat, saheli!

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